Moving your car

International move and car

One of the solutions that comes naturally to you is to sell your car and buy another one in your new city. But fortunately this radical solution is not the only one possible and movers can take care of your car if you want to keep it:

Option # 1: move your car by train.

This service is not always very economical but the we offer the service “auto-train”, here is its method of operation:

  • 1- You drop your car, motorcycle or scooter at the Auto Train station
  • 2- Your vehicle traveling at night
  • 3- Anyone can pick up your car as long as it has been designated by your own care.

Option 2: move your car by calling a specialist.

Some companies are specialized to move your vehicles. There are several models of trucks that can be used, closed-trailer trucks, or open-trailer trucks of the same type as those used to deliver cars to the dealership.

Different factors will intervene in the price of transport fixed by the specialists of the sector:

  • The distance
  • The model
  • The operating state
  • Weight / size
  • The services offered
  • Insurance coverage

Option # 3: Move your car with all your other belongings.

Sometimes your mover provides this type of service. But you should inquire about the price of this benefit because they will charge you according to weight and volume.

A last option exists and can be more economical

Door-to-door can sometimes be expensive but this is not the case of a terminal-to-terminal service that will be more economical. The terminal will be the place where all cars will be loaded, unloaded and transferred to other terminals. The terminal terminal solution will be more economical since a terminal-home route will not be counted.

Contact the rental provider of the nearest terminal in your area to consider this option and see any savings you may make.