Is it necessary to move lights ?

Should the lights be moved ?

When you move, you sometimes have a hard time knowing what to leave behind and what to take with you in your new home. Lights are usually part of these objects on which one wonders.

Not the lamps obviously, they are easy to disconnect and carry. On the other hand, wall sconces and ceiling lights will require much more effort if you wish to take them with you. If you hesitate, ask yourself these three questions :

Is my light beautiful ?
Will he find his place in my new housing ?
Has it a sentimental value ?

Question 1: I like, I dislike !

If you answered NO to the first question, then do not waste time ! Leave your light to the next occupant. If you take it with you, chances are it will never come out of the cardboard box in which you put it. If it has a market value, you can possibly try to sell it on internet.

If you answered YES to the first question, do not decide right away. Answer the second question before.

Question 2: here but not there?

The wall light you carefully selected to illuminate the corridor leading to your room may no longer be coordinated with the style of your new home. What is perfect here, is not necessarily there. Nothing is irreplaceable except things that have a sentimental value … go to question 3.

Question 3: the question that kills !

If you answered yes to the first two questions,but you still hesitate, ask yourself the question of the sentimental value you attach to your light. If it’s a reminder of your grandparents, you might later regret you got rid of it.

One final piece of advice, this time of a legal nature : if you pick up one of your light, you must at least replace it by a lamp socket and a bulb.

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