How to not get hurt during a move ?

How not to get hurt when we carry packing boxes?

Wearing boxes can be a very painful experience. And it is not because you are careful and healthy that you will necessarily escape the lumbago.

Know your limits

If by lifting a cardboard, you say “it’s heavy” then it is probably too much. Do not insist and ask a friend or your mover for help. There is no need to go into insurmountable challenges: some furniture, appliances or boxes can only be transported by superheroes. If you have already carried a washing machine or a carton filled with books, you are probably part of the community of those who say, “never again a move.”

Lift the cartons closer to the body

The closer the carton will be to your body, the easier it will be to lift. To keep it as close as possible to you, use the diagonal method: put one foot on the side of the carton, the other behind the carton, then lift it gently. This technique will allow you to relieve your back and neck.

Bend your knees and use your abdominals

No doubt you have heard this advice before, but it is good to repeat it: to lift something heavy … bend your knees and block your abs. It is they who must make the most effort. Otherwise, you will painfully cause your lumbar pain.

If you must rotate, turn with your feet, not your hips.

Think before acting

Before you get started, you need to know where you are going. Do not lift furniture or boxes until you have recognized the passage and cleared the ground.

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