Packing my move by myself

Can you pack your move by yourself ?

To prepare for a move, there is so much to do that hiring a professional packing service may make your job easier. Be aware that there are many services available, from packing all your personal belongings to packaging the selected goods only.

If price is not a problem for you, consider hiring professionals for packaging, but also for unloading & unpacking. There are a lot of companies that offer these benefits.

But before hiring or even making the decision to do so, we advise you to take your time and think about the energy you will involve in relation to the budget invested in paying mover’s expert to handle all your furniture.

Evaluation of the house

First, the company will send you a surveyor to evaluate the details of your move. They will list every piece of furniture and although you want to wrap it, including the contents of the closet and the kitchen drawers. This is not only a way to reduce the time of your move but it will also help you determine what is fragile or valuable and may require additional care.

Valuable items, including books, artwork and jewelry, will be negotiated during the survey with family members to determine how these items will be handled. Usually, items that can accompany you on the day of travel, instead of being loaded into a truck, will be packed separately and set aside to travel with you.


Packers will ensure that all furniture is safely disassembled and properly packaged with padding and protective packaging.

The pictures and frames will be removed from the walls and the carpets wrapped and ready to be loaded. The boxes are labeled and sorted according to the room of the house and their contents.

The packing company will also provide you with an estimate of the time as well as the time needed to carry your goods and the cost involved.

Depending on your schedule and the quantity of your goods, the price will be determined. If your move is urgent, more staff will be needed to get all your goods packed quickly. Also make sure to find babysitters to ensure that children are busy during packing.

So, should you resort to a full service? As we wrote above, you should base your choice to on your deadlines and cost. A packing service could add several hundred dollars extra to your moving budget. However, if you must take two weeks off to get your goods packed, it can be worth the price. Packaging takes a long time, and you need to add the purchase of packaging supplies, as well as the entire organization before your packaging. Remember that when you get wrapped up, you first need to replace the items you will not need over the next few weeks, it’s long to prepare everything and the inconvenience of living without some goods can also be onerous.

Most packing services can pack all your belonging within one day. It allows to save money because the concern to live without cardboard at home.

Packaging of special items

If you are planning a budget or want to save on your move, many packaging services offer packaging of specialized items, especially fragile items, artwork, mirrors or other fragile or valuable items only.

The company will come to you to do an evaluation and then will provide you with an estimate.

Other items may require intervention a professional packer, such as chandeliers, antiques, porcelain, vases, precious art objects. It is often worth it to pay extra fees to ensure that the safe arrival of your goods.


Electronic devices often must be handled by specially trained movers. Many moving companies advisee to pay expert to handle this task and pack big volume such as home appliance or fragile item such old furniture. If personal effects are not properly packed, the removal company will not take any responsibility and may refuse to transport them.

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