Pain and international move

How to avoid a painful move ?

Top athlete or novice in efforts? The fight will be the same: moving is to be considered as a sports activity if you want to avoid aches and other physical problems. This includes warm-ups and stretches.

Before the move …warm-ups!

Some parts of your body are to be pampered if you do not want to hurt yourself! Start by warming up. Wake your neck, then move on to your arms, move your fingers, wrists, elbows to finish by the shoulders. The back is also a sensitive and fragile area for many people: so be sure to warm it with some exercises. Your legs will also need to be unlocked: ankles, calves, knees, thighs, nothing is to be omitted if you do not want to be bedridden the following days.

During the move

You will have to lift, move and put heavy loads, limit unnecessary efforts or at least painful ones. Indeed, whatever the effort, always keep your back straight. The weight of the load to wear will vary but the technique remains the same, you will have to keep the cardboard as close to your body as possible, legs firmly anchored in the ground when taking off. Finally, to go from point A to point B with your arms loaded, make sure that the path is clear, unobstructed and find out in advance where you should put the load.

Take breaks during the move!

Do not hesitate to blow! Muscle fatigue may not be felt immediately, but they still deserve some rest. Do not make the most difficult efforts and prefer to alternate with modest efforts. Take breaks and remember to hydrate yourself.

After the move

The warm-ups will limit the pain but will not be enough to avoid aches. Some stretching will be necessary: ​​again stretch your neck, back, arms, legs. Relax your spine and your muscles to recover. Do not force, take the time to do things quietly. End up relaxing with a hot bath and maybe even a massage?