Pictures of belongings before a move

Should you take pictures of your personal effect before moving?

Organizing a move is stressful enough that you do not have to worry about whether your favorite business will arrive intact. To guard against a nasty surprise, some photograph their furniture and precious objects before packing them. This process takes time and does not guarantee that in case of breakage, the insurance will be more lenient.

The most effective solution is to make a complete inventory of everything you are going to carry. Provide a quick description and, most importantly, note the financial value of each item and the date of purchase. If you have kept the invoices, attach them to your file.

If you appeal to a mover, let it pack your most precious items. They are more used to it than you and will protect them more effectively. And if you are very attached to an object, ask them to take even more precaution.

If you are moving alone, do not entrust the packaging to your friends. They may not multiply the number of layers of bubble wrap where necessary and will not necessarily identify the business you hold the most. If you need advice to make your boxes, check out this article.
Note that there are certain documents (passport, diplomas, jewels …) that it is better, whatever happens, to keep with oneself.

When it comes to insurance, take the time to read the details of your moving company or if you are moving alone, contact the company from which you contracted your home insurance.

Finally, if it can calm you, take pictures


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