Post moving damage

How to avoid damage during your move ?

If furniture, objects, appliances are damaged after your move, you may in some cases get compensation. This is not guaranteed, and it depends on the contracts you have taken out.

Common parts of the building, furniture, private property, losses, know that you are not systematically protected.

Choose your mover well

It is possible that your home multi-risk policy covers the damage in case of moving. If this is not the case, when the moving company sends you an estimate, it will offer you various insurance or guarantee formulas.

The basic formula (its subscription is mandatory) makes the mover responsible for the damage caused except in the following two cases:

– You have badly packed an object, or your furniture was defective and did not support the move

– The moving truck was stolen or had an accident ….

Additional insurance will certainly be offered. So, think before choosing your formula, it is the most suitable to your expectations.

During the move

D-Day is unfortunately not always possible, but the ideal to avoid further disputes would be to check the condition of the furniture as unloading with the team leader.

Check the furniture and objects carefully

You are in a hurry to recover your goods but do not rush the verification step; Once the delivery is completed, remember to check that your furniture is in good condition and that nothing is missing. If you notice damage or loss, mention it on the delivery note. Be specific and detailed because it must prove that the damage is truly related to the move.

Communal areas

If the common parts have been degraded, it is the tenant who is responsible towards his lessor, even if it is the movers who caused the damage. Nothing, however, prevents you from having recourse against the mover, because as for the furniture, its responsibility can be presumed.

After the move

Whether on your furniture, on your items or on communal areas, you will have to confirm any reservations made at the time of delivery by sending a complaint to the moving company. The legal period is 10 days and you must send it in the form of registered mail.

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