Preparation of the meal during the moving day

How to prepare your meal during your international move ?

When you move, you must have a meal, and you may have many mouths to feed what is more work that you want to avoid. In order to make you satisfied and to have the mind focused on the essentials we offer you some tips as follows:

The day before the move

To avoid having to take out your kitchen utensils on D-Day, prepare cold dishes the day before the move: terrines, tabbouleh, salads, chips, quiches, cheeses, fruits, vary the pleasures. Other items to add without fail on your shopping list: coffee and drinks, essential throughout the day.

To avoid having to take out your kitchen utensils on D-Day, first prepare cold dishes on the eve of the move: such as terrines, salads, quiches, cheese, fruit, chips or ink. tabbouleh. Also, be sure not to miss some coffees and drinks that will be useful during this operation.

The morning of the move

Bread will be useful for the morning but also for all other meals. A coffee at the beginning of the day or a sweet drink and toast or biscuits will allow you to be in good shape all day. The latter may be long, you will have to take some time to nibble and regain strength to hold until the evening.


You will obviously be very hungry and dream of a good dish in sauce and a dessert “greedy”. Unfortunately, it will be more advisable to opt for a buffet: it is convenient, fast and allows everyone to eat his fill. Another solution, the delivery of pizzas: place an order, wait about an hour, and it’s ready to eat.

Drinks for a successful move!

Water: Will allow you to stay hydrated all day, it is naturally the drink to be preferred during an effort, however its low energy contributions.

Coffee: Here is the ideal drink for energy so you do not run out of it all day, by providing enough thermos you will be good all day long.

Sweet drinks such as fruit juice or sodas will delight the greediest of you.

Alcoholic beverages: must be prohibited because of the effects provoked such as the tiredness or the effect of “legs cut”

Eating during the move: be efficient and practical

For your meal, be practical do not clutter the silverware, a simple tablecloth and disposable cutlery and paper towels will do the trick, you can then throw them directly in the trash bag. Bring aluminum or plastic wrapping to keep leftovers and take them to your new home. also think about watching your watch: we ring the bell and we go back!

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