Prepare your children for moving

Preparing your children for moving

Moving can be a real challenge for a child. Before, during, after, it’s up to you to help them understand the difficulties they will face.

Explain everything before the move

He knows that he will find himself far from his friends, his school and his habits, and that he will have to recreate a universe and rebuild himself elsewhere. For starters, it’s about communicating with your child so that he really understands the reasons for this turmoil.

Make him discover his new city before moving

You will obviously have to sort through while you put your life in a box, however, avoid getting rid of your children’s objects, which will make the connection with their past and help them to find themselves once in the new home. In order not to let him imagine the worst, you can help him accept the change by making him discover his future city, his next “home”, the school that will be his.

Find out about the extra activities offered and about the airy center near your future home. Discuss with him what he would like to do, it will allow him to project himself more positively.

The day of the move

The child must feel fully concerned and must therefore be involved in the tasks that can be accomplished according to his age. See our moving tips according to the age of the children.

After moving

Your child may go through a painful and lacking phase: to help him get over this, make sure he keeps in touch with his old friends, invite them to the new home, go back to your old home.

Why not keep in touch via the family dialogue space of to exchange photos and messages … To make him feel good after the course of the installation, he will have to establish new Friendships in this brand-new environment: canteen, sports, extra-curricular activities will increase opportunities to meet new friends.

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