Preparing your international move

How to prepare your international move ?

As the move approaches attention to the panic crisis, everything is accelerating and you do not have time for much. Get ready to have plenty to manage at the same time.

Stand ready before the move

Once the movers on the landing of your door and the truck in front of your house more choices possible, you must be ready for the big departure. Write down everything you think is essential before leaving so that you do not forget anything.

Do not leave without leaving an address

If your change of address is already done it is already a good thing, but remember to warn all your relatives who will probably need your address to land unexpectedly in your new home.

Ride, get off, load his moving boxes

It is of course possible to make several trips between the truck and the house but reserving a place for the truck in front of the entrance is a much better solution. Try to get signposts if needed, it is not sure that your friend who came to help you in your move enjoys securing the place all day. Reserve a place if needed. Hopefully you have a lift, tell the concierge of the move or put a note in the mailboxes of your new neighbors.

Cash … do not move without!

Your friends have come in large numbers to help thank you for ordering a meal, it is always better to have some money on it, especially if you can not miss some money can help!

Limit the risks of a painful move

A move is not without risk for the body especially if you are not used to carrying heavy loads. Watch out for fatigue that can also make you hurt faster. Learn about the actions and postures to follow in order to minimize the risk of injury.

preparing international move