Read well the quotation from the mover

Reread the bill of his mover

It is never very pleasant and yet you will have to adjust the bill according to the services provided by the moving company. To get as well prepared as possible, you will find some tips that will help you know what to expect!

Invoice removal: the information concerning you

On the invoice, you will be able to read your details as well as the references of the signed order or quote number written. The mover must also indicate the details and nature of the services and their location and amount. It may happen that there is over-billing on certain items so be careful Normally, the mover must have informed you of any overruns. If they were consistent, he surely made you sign additional quotes.

The indications concerning the mover

With regard to the moving company, the invoice must include the mandatory information, ie the identity of the company, its address, its registration number in the commercial register, its NAF or APE code, and finally its Siret number. This information is essential because it could be useful to you in case of recourse or litigation.

Moving: Unexpected amounts

If you find additional invoiced amounts, make sure to check their origin and if these amounts correspond to a real benefit. It can be insurance, parking authorization or services included in the main estimate.

How to pay for a move

As a general rule, it should be known that the settlement of a move is made by the payment of a deposit upon signature of the estimate and the balance of the settlement immediately the move completed. These deposits generally represent 30% of the amount of the move. Their payment commits you to the choice of the mover and their amount is not usually returned to you in case you change your mind. You can then ask the company for a paid invoice and recover it after the payment.

You can give a financial reward to the movers if you feel that the service provided was up to your expectations.

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