Reassemble your furnitures

Tips – How to reassemble your furnitures after an international move

Relocations are often long and exhausting, but this is only one step in the process of moving house. Then you have to put all your furniture back together. Some moving companies offer this service, but does it really interesting?

And if we talked a little about dismantling furniture

It may be that you yourself bear the costs of dismantling furniture that will reduce your bill to the mover. In the following article you will find some tips.

The smaller pieces of furniture do not have to be disassembled on when you can make them go through the door or that you can carry them easily.

If you have to dismantle the furniture, reassembly will be simpler if you indicate the respective positions of each element. A reconstruction plan can also be an idea. But during a move you must remove all the doors of your house or apartment, the furniture will pass better. When dismantling a piece of furniture you must start with the drawers otherwise you may end up with a pile of wood from this piece of furniture!

When your furniture is finally removed, do not forget to keep and group the screws in a small bag. One bag per piece of furniture is essential to not be mistaken and to reverse everything. Mix your screws and it’s certain that you end up with furniture impossible to mount!

In which situations entrusted the disassembly and reassembly of its furniture

If you move abroad the movers will not necessarily be the same at the beginning and the end. That’s why we advise you to put the furniture up yourself. Indeed, for the simplest furniture they will have no particular problems, but for the most “complicated” furniture they will give up quickly and force things by breaking even some furniture.

If you have the same movers at the beginning and at the end of the moving process, you can very well entrust them with this task. The price of your move will be impacted but do not hesitate to request a quote for this service. It is also possible to request this service on only some furniture, the heaviest and most delicate. Moreover with the insurance of movers you are covered on the possible breakage of your furniture.

Some tips for reassembly

If you followed our previous advice then you must have a plan for reassembling your furniture. Consult it and get all the necessary material. Begin the reassembly by following the steps:

  • we start with the structure while remaining on the ground,
  • we insert the shelves always on the ground,
  • we put the furniture back up,
  • we reinstate the doors and drawers.

Finally, if you have a small handyman skill and a little time it will not be a problem, if it is not the case, entrust this task to the movers.