Sorting items before the move

How to sort items before the move ?

You no longer need it, you will not have the place, you want to change … So many reasons that can push you to get rid of some of your furniture and personal effects Objects, clothing and furniture useless to move.

If you have objects or furniture to throw, it is not a question of giving up on the spot because they will not necessarily appreciated by the future inhabitants and it is certainly not for them to get rid of it! So, either you offer them to some of your loved ones, or you think the poorest by taking the time to bring them to a charity (as Emmaus for example). You can also organize a sale type storage, you just need to inquire with your municipality for permits and terms. You also have the possibility to organize an auction. Your first step will be to use a notary. More information on the website of the Chambre des Notaires.

Built-in furniture: difficult to move.Most of the time, houses are sold or rented with built-in furniture. If you are a tenant, they do not appeal to you, so you have to give them back. If you are an owner, you are obviously free to go with them but they will certainly be difficult to pick up. In addition, you risk damaging them and making them unusable. Perhaps it would be better to propose to the future occupant of your home to buy them back. Make sure that you take care of the disconnections because the movers are not required to take care of them. As for bulbs or small luminaries, it is rare that they are transported to their new home.

Before your arrival

If you move into rented accommodation, you must check whether furniture or appliances are included or not. Leaving the premises, you will see what are the equipment already on site and those to bring with you. If you change the lighting, be sure to keep the original fixtures and put them back in place when you leave the area. Check what you really care to keep, sentimental attachment can sometimes outweigh the utility!

Upon your arrival

As you move in, you risk falling on books, games or other objects that are not yours; put them aside and then return them to their owners