International move and stress

How to manage the stress during a move ?

The day of the move has finally arrived. Your little troop is in the starting blocks since 5 am But the movers are late and panic begins to invade you.

Keep smiling

Organizing a move is not easy. You will surely be overwhelmed at one time or another. What’s more normal: even if we have everything planned, everything organized, we are not immune to imponderable events. The move is considered one of the 10 most stressful events in life.

Here are some tips that will help you keep smiling throughout this long day.

Accept the feeling of stress

Start by thinking that there is no stress free move. Be mentally prepared to accept the imponderables that will surely happen. Do not panic and you will find the solutions that will allow you to bounce back.
Give yourself realistic goals.

There is nothing worse than stating that one is behind his goals, running constantly behind the goal that one has set without hope of reaching it. Be humble and realistic.

Show the example

If you start feeling depressed or angry, you risk contaminating your whole family. It is up to you to set an example by keeping calm regardless of the circumstances.

Eat outside

A break away from the chaos of the move will give you and your family much needed respite. Take advantage of this moment of tranquility to revive you mentally.
Pay special attention to children.

If you have not been able to trust them to your friends or family, involve them a minimum in the process of moving. Give them simple tasks: serve drinks, pick up empty boxes, sweep …

Sympathize with the movers

Take 10 minutes regularly to chat with the movers. They will be more effective and the day will be more enjoyable than if you behave like a dictator. Have enough cold drinks. Give them a break every two hours.

Take your time

Do not get into a big unpacking the day of arrival in your new home. Take care of cartons for the bathroom and bedrooms. Everything else can wait a day or two.

Think of sleeping!

Be sure to rest the night before and the night of the move.

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