Could Thailand become the next startup capital in Asia ?

Thailand – Startup capital in Asia

There is a buzz in Thailand these days which was not all around it ya a few years. Of course, there was always an excitement which makes that more than 60 million people live and work in close collaboration, but this kind of humming comes from a completely new ecosystem, and it is about to explode. With the succession of the era of the information which invades the planet at the moment, the agitation in Thailand is pulled by a ” revolution Start-up Asia ” massive and it seems that the Thai migration of starting up is not a strength with which it is necessary to count.

Never previously it was so easy to live in a country while working for companies at the other end of the world. And the Thailand is the ideal opportunity for hundreds of thousand people to do it.

The number of start-ups which create an affair in Thailand is exploding. In 2014, there were approximately 300 companies in starting up of diverse industries to be taken out of the country. With regard to 2015, we considered that the growth was about 900 % in 2500 with regard to  the previous year, the main markets of growth of the Thai start-up being mainly based on the technology, the financial technology and the journey, the real estate and the logistics. And 2016 sees the same typeof exponential growth.

There is always a perfect climate which surrounds the facilitation of such a revolutionary growth. A number of factors work all together as we saw him  in last years with cities as San Francisco, New York and Palo Alto.

Location and profile of the country

The Thailand is strategically situated, at the heart of the South-East Asia, has the second biggest economy of Asia after Indonesia and is rich in natural resources.

Furthermore, the Thailand was desired for a long time as the ideal tourist destination (2nd bigger region of the South-East Asia), with its magnificent beaches its hot climate and its exotic natural beauty attracting more than 29 million international travelers every year. The potential of economic explosion of the country with a foreigners’ constant influx was inevitable. With 6 international airports in Thailand and the air traffic becoming much more accessible and the big airline companies maintaining regularly in the capital, the connection to the big external consumer markets for start-ups is incredibly simple and allowed affordable solutions of transport.

The Thai business community is very welcoming for the foreign investments and the companies which try to become established in the country. The governments emphasized the fast development of ready for use infrastructures to support the exponential growth, as well as on the high-level Technological and internet breakthroughs.

Affordable life and work

Bootstrapping start-ups found the costs of life and work of the extremely beneficial Thailand by helping to develop and to throw. For a Thai start-up, she offers the best report cost / life expectancy with regard to most of the other countries of the world.

Chang Mai is becoming a moving plate for the digital nomads and seems to be the most popular option for those who arrive in the country. With only 1,6 million people, the agitation is a little easier for the foreigners than Bangkok, and to escape the mountain is a good option for those who need some time.

The rent of offices for the putting on the scale of a start-up is also affordable as the rent of housing. For those who are still in the phase of incubation, the spaces of coworking and the coffees with fast Internet facilitated easy and cheap options to work, put itself in network and communicate with the rest of the world from a laptop computer. The putting in the scale can be made much more quickly, and the products of test have a captive audience in a nation so open and so curious with a population so massive.

Venture capital

While the Thailand offers affordable working and living conditions to start start-up, the outside financing is the mainspring of the dynamics of the Thai start-up. In 2015, two big companies

Professionals’ constant flow

The community of the entrepreneurs feeds on herself and with an ideal frame of cheap life, opening to the foreigners and good weather, the Thailand saw an increasing flow of digital nomads and highly qualified professionals circulating regularly in the country. The business travelers and the digital nomads (these last years) brought a big variety of skills and ideas of companies in a country which was ripe for the growth.

The moose does not seem to want to slow down of anytime soon, with spaces of co-working set up in all the country, the conferences of technological start-up centred on the education of the enthusiasts of starting up, as well as numerous educational programs were centred on the government.

Transition to the Thailand

The Thailand is considered the 17th place the easiest for the world to settle down and to make affairs. It includes everything, bureaucratic procedures in the involved costs of application. The tax system is also very reasonable.

Our company, helps facilitate the transition to live and work in Thailand. We concentrate on the help to the transition and to the development of start-ups in Thailand, employing a team of people to help in the relocation and the documentation allowing the newcomers to concentrate on the starting up or the development of the affairs and to settle down in their new life.

With people of origins, skills, experiences of life and educational levels so different, the entrepreneurs want to live and to work in a place livened up of creativity and inspiration to feed their inquiring minds. The scene Thai start-up is alive and offers an explosive combination for new ideas and the collaboration of professional skills.

To find of the talent was considered as one of the challenges for the putting on the scale of a start-up quickly in Thailand.

The good mixture for a Thai start-up

An ecosystem of rapidly growing starting up results from a unique mixture of creative collaboration, from communities of open and welcoming people, from governmental, educational and private programs of facilitation targeted and progressive, from infrastructures ready for the employment and evolutionary, from places, from financial factors.

You can also have a look on startup Bangkok website to have a non exhaustive list of startup in Bangkok.

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