Tips for corporate move

Top 10 Corporate relocation tips

Corporate relocation can be challenging, regardless of the situation in which you are: a relocating professional, a department, a business moving an employee. While moving, you can encounter many difficulties such as, time, budget, regulations and local laws. But don’t worry, here are some tips to help you during the whole process which can be quite tiring. 

  1. Have a Plan

No corporate relocation will go smoothly, so have a fixed schedule. Be organized before the move date (at least one month in advance).

  1. Compare Relocation Companies

Beforehand, do some research about the relocation companies. Choose those proposing mixed services, with a good price, and of course a good reputation.

  1. Travel Documents

If the relocation involves international travel for your company’s employees, you should be sure that all travel documents are in hand. This includes passports, visas, and any other paperwork necessary to leave the host country and return home when the job is done.

  1. Ongoing Reporting

Moving organizers should ensure that managers and decision-makers are kept in the loop throughout the relocation via ongoing reporting.

  1. Relocation Assistance

If you’re a relocating professional, don’t hesitate to ask your employer for assistance. They can propose some relocating package to you, additional time off, funding for your move, assistance for housing, and more.

  1. New Employee Assistance

If you hire a new employee who is moving to the area of the company, it would be best to work with a partner who can offer you guidance services, management-related solutions, expense management, but also help your employee to be.

  1. Temporary Housing

If you are a traveling professional, or a business with employees who travel for business needs, accommodation and housing becomes a priority. Therefore it is in your best interest to work with a company that can give you temporary assistance or corporate housing for your staff.

  1. Document Management

Take advantage of your move to get rid of all unnecessary documents and files. Lighten up!

  1. Tax Deduction

For professionals who are traveling or moving, you can save some money thanks to the expenses related to the move that can be tax-deductible.

  1. International Relocation

In case you’re sending employees abroad, it will be better to work with a corporate relocation company with years of experience in international relocation.

Corporate relocation can be challenging, but with a good partner, this is something that will be easier.

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