Tips for a “friendly” move

How to make an easy international move ?

If you are within a few days of your move, you should already have accomplished much of the things to do. If you are afraid of having forgotten something, read these tips:

– Contact your mover or your friends to ensure their arrival time. It would be a shame to find yourself alone with your boxes.

– Prepare a bag with the bare necessities to spend the first night in your new home: sheets, blanket, towels …

– Put a handful of coffee or bicarbonate of soda in a sock and place it in your refrigerator. This will keep a fresh smell.

– Remember to record the phone numbers of your relatives and friends on your mobile phone.

– For cardboard, apply the following rule: heavy objects in small cartons, light objects in large cartons.

– Keep your reminders and photos with you. Do not entrust them to the mover, they are irreplaceable. If you decide to pack them, place them in sheets or blankets to improve their protection.

– If you still have vinyl records, put them on the side in cartons …. Especially not flat.

– Prepare a “food” survival kit: toilet paper, mobile phone, water, coffee thermos, soap, flashlight, cutlery and paper plates, a saucepan and some cleaning products. Put it all in a carton and have it unloaded first.

– Unscrew the bulbs before packing your lamps.

– Give your children a mission so that they feel involved in the move. For example, ask them to write their new address on the boxes for their new room. Another interest of this mission: by writing several times the address, they should remember.

– Entrust your pet to a neighbor.

– Be nice with your indoor plants. Move them carefully: put them in your car and try not to leave the foliage against the windows, otherwise the leaves may burn with the sun.

– When you arrive, do not connect your new computer right away. Allow it to “acclimate” to room temperature before starting.

– Make sure you have a good night’s sleep before the moving truck arrives.