Unexpected expenses

Unforeseen removal expenses

In terms of management, the key to saving money or not having a cash problem is to schedule the amount of its expenses. If you are moving, here are 5 purchases that will surely cost you more than expected unless …

Packing materials

Cartons and packing materials can be expensive if you go at the last minute. To reduce your budget, anticipate as much as possible their collection and hunt for bargains in specialized stores or on the internet.

Address change

Post, gas, electricity, water, insurance, bank, landlord … some of your suppliers will charge you a fee to effect your change of address or change your contract. In some cases, the sum can reach several tens of euros.Take advantage of your move to make you compete … your former suppliers will certainly be more generous. Inform the public services of its change of addresses.


As a general rule, food expenditures will be underestimated. Restaurant, home delivery, frozen foods or already cooked dishes … you will certainly prefer these more expensive feeding methods the first few days after your installation. There is a good chance that you are too tired or too busy to get into shopping and cooking.

Essential products

Even for the most organized of you, it is inevitable that once in your new home you will quickly have a list of useful items to buy: double keys, light bulbs, household products, hangers, garbage bags … One by one they won’t probably be very expensive but the addition will not be negligible.

Temporary housing

Are you sure you can spend the first night in your new home? It might be wise to book a hotel and dinner night at the restaurant. An additional expense that would be better foreseen in case !