Why working in Thailand ?

Why working in Thailand could be the best decision of your life ?

In the past, people choose more and more the way of the independent work. Thanks to the power of the Internet. More and more Web developers, programmers and graphic designers choose to move completely and to make a new house in their dream location. For many, the Thailand, with its hot climate, its white sand beaches and its relaxed culture, is a paradisiac house. Here is some of the main reasons why to work in Thailand can be the best decision to take.

Go out of the cold

Let us face things: the winters in the North of Europe and in the numerous regions of the United States can be downright rough. The cold and the snow can be bad, but what is even more depressing, it is a long morning route evening and in total darkness. As tropical country, the coldest day in Thailand is probably the equivalent of a soft autumn or spring day where from you come. In addition, a position closer to the equator pulls(entails) a less variable variation of the hours of day. The seasonal depression due to the lack of sunlight is a real problem for the people living in numerous countries worldwide, but not for whoever lives in Thailand.

Live a healthier lifestyle

Of restaurants in America do not encourage a healthy diet. Besides, the diets of a lot of people are heavy in carbohydrates, fats and sugars. The television due to the lack of nothing better to make.

On the other hand, a regime of most of the Thai cooking can be rather delicious. Fresh vegetables are used in the preparation of numerous dishes, and they tend to be a good balance of interest – especially if you like the spicy food. The Thailand also has an abundance of cheap fresh fruit to take advantage, so that you will never miss vitamins. If you like the organic cooking, the vegetarian or the vegan, you will find numerous markets and local restaurants for products or very affordable meals.

The hot weather also contributes to encourage a more active lifestyle. For example, you can find an apartment with an outside swimming pool to be used all year long.

Reduce your stress

The tourists stream in Thailand in large numbers to take advantage of relaxing sunny holidays with the a few days of holidays which they are authorized to use every year. Why not to take advantage of advantages of a slow rhythm of life all the time by working in Thailand and by making of your house?

You want to cross  your holidays with walks in motorcycle of leisure activities through the green hills or to be lazy under coconut palms by the sea? It is easy to make if you live in Thailand.

Obtain more for your money

One of the best aspects of the lifestyle independent from the place is the géoarbitrage. Fundamentally, it means taking advantage of differences of currencies and of cost of living in various countries to take advantage or take advantage of a better quality of life. When you work for customers in the United States or in Europe, charge the price list  in dollars or in euros for your services then spend him in Thai Thai. You can make much more with your money that you would make him at your home All these advantages and more make that the cost of living in Thailand is rather low when you cross figures with regard to the western lifestyle.

Travel in fascinating places

The life is short and the world is a big place with many surprising things to be seen and to be experimented. To live and to work in Thailand puts you in an excellent position to explore all that the South-East Asia has to offer. The vast complex of temples of Angkor Wat, the best beaches of surfing of Bali and the regional financial centers of Hong-Kong and Singapore are all accessible with fast local flights. Why to spend all the holidays of summer summer in the even old hut in wood while you could make of the dive with coral reefs or explore the antique ruins in the jungle?

Be made of new friends

The Thailand is a destination of choice for people of all around the world. By living in Thailand, you will be lucky enough to widen your horizons and to make new friends with people of all the continents and all the horizons of the life. The local Thais are very welcoming and interested to meet foreigners. A lot of people which crossed a long period in Thailand continued to build long-lasting friendships with the inhabitants, some even found love of their life.

Make work in Thailand?

At the moment, you could say ” the Thailand rings well! Register me! ” Then, how you do go to re-be located to work in Thailand? It allows you to remain quiet by knowing that you work in Thailand 100 % legally. It also places you in the heart of individuals’ community sharing the same ideas and coming from two dozens different countries which came to live and to work in Thailand for similar reasons on yourself.

Thai “work permit”

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