International move & personal effects

The removal of his personal belongings

We still fear not to find his belongings after his move … So, you think to keep them with you. But what is the best solution?

Take them with you

You can choose not to pack them with the rest of your belongings and keep them with you. At least you are sure to find them intact after the move. However, you need to be careful if it’s about valuables. You move out by car, so be careful to hide them, where you risk finding your broken car and stolen items. Be careful, especially if your trip involves a stopover, at the hotel for example.

Pack them like the rest of your stuff

If you choose to make a box for your personal belongings, avoid putting the list on the cardboard, especially if it is about valuables. If you decide to pack your electronics, take care to protect them and report to the movers that it is a fragile carton. And most importantly, be sure to fill it completely, to avoid the risk of sagging when loaded.

Make an inventory

If you want to place your belongings with the rest of your business, you are strongly advised to make an inventory. Thus, you will know exactly what you entrust to the movers. For your valuables, you can also ask to insure certain items, separately from the rest.

Taking pictures is also useful. Take pictures of only one item at a time and from different angles if the features of the item warrant it.

Finally, for each object, note its characteristics in a notebook:

  • The model
  • The brand
  • The serial number
  • The general description
  • The date of purchase
  • The purchase price
  • The general value of the property
  • Distinctive marks

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