Siam Relocation has proven experience in the management of every step of the logistics (The Door to Door move): Packing service, pick up at your place, export process, international freight, customs clearance and delivery.

Our network of agent located worldwide and our team in Bangkok are dedicated to  ensure you a safe and smooth relocation from/to Thailand. We follow the whole process up from beginning to the end. Our clients appreciate having French/English speaking partners, even in Thailand.

Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, Koh Samui or wherever you need to move in Thailand, Siam Relocation is the ideal partner for a successful move.
Siam Relocation has the flexibility to offer various packages to better serve your needs. Handle the packing, load the truck and save money!

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When receiving the quote for your international or domestic move, it is not always easy to understand how such a shipment is organized. Here is a summary of the main steps involved in the logistics chain to move your belongings:

Step 1 - Packing and Pick up

Packing and Pick up at your home

This is the preliminary step, necessary before the departure of your cargo. Our experts will come to your home, pack all your belongings as if it was our own.

SIAM Tips: The packing is probably one of the most important step of your international move. Indeed, it will guarantee the safety of the whole process until the arrival.


Delivery to the port of loading

Once your personal belongings are packed and palletized if necessary, it is necessary to deliver them to the port of departure, to proceed to the customs clearance before departure.

SIAM Tips: Please note that for a high safety, our team will be able to pack your personal effects into a wooden crate. If necessary, our crew can also add shock-absorbing rubber border strip in order to optimize the security.

Freight: Air, Sea or Road

This is a key step in the logistics chain. The selected transportation method will affect several points you should consider: the delay, the safety and mainly the price. Our moving consultant will review your needs and determine the most suitable solution.

SIAM Tips: Your SIAM moving consultant will advise you the best way to ship your personal effects according to the delay, the volume and price. For further information about methods of transports, feel free to contact our experts or check our dedicated article: Sea freight, Air freight and Trucking.

Customs clearance

This is a key step in the logistics chain. When the cargo is approved and released by the local customs, it is officially ready to be shipped to its final destination.

SIAM Tips: Your SIAM moving consultant will submit all related documents to our customs broker for double check and approval. It is important to anticipate every needs in order to avoid bad surprise.


Delivery, unloading and unpacking

SIAM Relocation is strongly committed to adapt to your needs. If you just require a delivery service, we will ship it by truck from “port-to-door”. Otherwise, we can also unload your goods, bring them to your new home, and take charge of the unpacking process.

SIAM Tips: SIAM Relocation offers the possibility to its customers to handle this step by themselves. This will make an important save in your moving budget. You can contact our moving consultant to know more about our package: Eco, Medium and Premium.

Moving to Bangkok

Bangkok is at the same time an international city, heart of the political and economic life of the country, and an ancient city still linked to its historical roots. Our packing teams is based in Bangkok, ready to ensure a professional and quick packing for your relocation in 48h maximum. Our office in Bangkok accounts for almost 50% of our activity.


Phuket is a mountainous island in the south of the country. A lot of expatriate live in Phuket, as it has been for many years a main spot of tourism and expatriation. We implemented our staff and some warehouses in Phuket to cover this island.


Operations in Pattaya and its neighbouring cities such as Rayong or Jomtien are handled by our office in Bangkok, because of the proximity of these cities. We can even send some of our staff to these cities for specific needs.


This island is connected to the country through a ferry boat. Thus, we have to take into consideration the cost to deliver your items to the mainland (mainly Bangkok). Thanks to our experience in Thailand, we have been able to negotiate special rates for this service. Our office in Samui is ready to offer you high quality service in compliance with international shipping regulations.


Chiang Mai, located in the north part of the country, is a popular destination for digital nomads and retired people. The city is mainly known for its more temperate climate, its nature, and its chilled-out lifestyle. We can ensure a survey within 48 hours following your request.


Krabi is a coastal town in the region of Thailand, located west of the Malay Peninsula, in the Andaman Sea. Phi Phi is the capital of Krabi province. The city is about 820 kilometers from the country’s capital, Bangkok.


Hua Hin is a district in the province of Prachuap Khiri Khan. It is located in the south of the central region of Thailand (Bangkok). Hua Hin is also a famous seaside resort in Thailand, the king Rama IX has chosen it as a secondary place of residence after Bangkok.


Our main objective is to ensure high quality services for every customer, located in any parts of the country. Our various offices can handle relocations from everywhere in Thailand: Northern Thailand, Isan region (eastern part), Southern part, etc. Siam Relocation is dedicated to a full coverage of the Thai territory.


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Due to our attractive pricing, many customers trust our services and we thanks them. Stop to overpay the services and save money with our tailored package matching will all type of removals, from small volume to full house, let us find the best and cost-effective option.

Communication is important, that's why we strive to discuss through the most suitable way for you !


Make a request and you will be contacted within 24 hours maximum

Dedicated customs service

Do not hesitate to contact us for customs or administratives information

Tailored service

Small or big shipment, we can manage every request


We guarantee very competitive price, ask us and compare !

Multilingual team

We speak English, French and Thaï to avoid any communication issues


We ensure and secure all our shipments, safety is our priority !

Our partners

As an experienced mover, SIAM Relocation offers state-of-the-art moving services, driven by expertise and a special focus on customer satisfaction. We can rely on infrastructures capable of meeting any requirement, but above all, on a foolproof professionalism to provide very high-quality services in terms of packaging, transport, delivery … We provide for every single relocation a personalized follow-up, putting at your disposal a Siam advisor responsible for the smooth running of the operations from the beginning to the end of the process.

SIAM Tips: At SIAM Relocation, we can adapt our offer to any type of customer and budget, offering 3 different packages: EcoMediumPremium.

Siam Relocation has specialized in intra-Asean relocations. It means that we can organize your move throughout Southeast Asia: Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, etc. through trucking services. We provide door-to-door services, ensuring a hassle-free relocation in full compliance with all applicable regulations.

SIAM Tips: Do not hesitate to contact SIAM Relocation to learn more about our prices and services. To contact us, click HERE

Thanks to its strong experience, Siam Relocation has acquired a unique expertise in the international moving market. We can take care of your door-to-door relocation from your current home to your new one. We have a strong and reliable global network, covering any destination. We also collaborate closely with the main customs authorities to ensure a high quality and smooth intercontinental service.

SIAM Tips: We, at SIAM Relocation, aim to provide an all-inclusive service to make sure we will satisfy your needs.

The quality of our services is also reflected in the packing service we provide. We rely on the strictest packaging standards in order to better protect your belongings. We have a wide range of materials to pack your valuables, depending on their size and nature: small or large cardboard packaging, bubble wrap, wooden crate, etc.

SIAM Tips: The packing is probably one of the most important step of your international move. Indeed, it will guarantee the safety of the whole process until the arrival.

We are proud to offer a moving service that extends from packing in the country of origin to unpacking in your new home. Our global network allows us to deploy a team of professionals ready to unpack your furniture, tableware, paintings, or any other personal effects in your new residence. These moving professionals are also able to reassemble your furniture that had to be dismantled for transport.

Remark SIAM: As your satisfaction is our main mission, we will adapt to your needs and requirements!

Shipping to the country of destination can be done either in FCL (20 or 40 feet full container) or LCL (shared cargo) for smaller volumes. In the first case, your personal effects will be loaded in the 20 ‘or 40’ container and shipped directly to the destination port. In the second case, the shipping of smaller volumes in LCL will be possible after palletizing and loading it on the ship. Please note that in case of urgency or very small volume, we are able to ship your belongings through Air freight.In all cases, we take care of all the paperwork that must be done beforehand, to ensure a smooth move.

SIAM Tips: Your SIAM moving consultant will advise you the best way to ship your personal effects according to the delay, the volume and price. For further information about methods of transports, feel free to contact our experts or check our dedicated article: Sea freightAir freight and Trucking.

Customs clearance is undoubtfully one of the most complicated aspects to handle when moving internationally. It is necessary to ensure the compliance with all documents necessary to a smooth customs procedure. In order to avoid bad surprises, which will end up making you lose a lot of time and money, SIAM Relocation takes care of all the administrative part for you. It is our job to check the necessary documents for each country, and you can rely on our strong experience in this specific aspect to handle it with the best care.

SIAM Tips: Your SIAM moving consultant will submit all related documents to our customs broker for double check and approval. It is important to anticipate every needs in order to avoid bad surprise.

Siam Relocation offers an express shipping service for your extra luggage. We provide door-to-door service, arranging pick-up directly to your home, and delivery to your destination. Thus, you will travel with full peace of mind, without having to check-in an extra luggage at the airport. You will also save a lot of energy, since you will not need to carry your heavy belongings to the airport on departure, and to your home upon arrival. Your Siam Relocation advisor will also keep you informed of the status of the shipment throughout the whole process.

SIAM Tips: Do not wait any longer, contact us and pack light! To contact us, click HERE

When we talk about moving, we often talk about furniture, art objects, clothes … But we rarely talk about our pets. Your dog, your cat, or any other pet deserves the greatest care during an international move. In general, your pet will travel by plane, so that it can benefit from the maximum comfort, speed, and a less-stressful trip. We work in strict compliance with the standards set by the IATA (International Air Transport Association) to ensure maximum comfort and safety for your pets.

Remark SIAM: At SIAM Relocation, we understand that your pet deserves to be treated in the best way possible. We will act as it’s ours

For many years, we have been offering vehicle shipping services to any destination. We carry all types of vehicles: cars, motorcycles, scooters, quads, to or from Thailand. We ensure before each shipment that the customer is in possession of all the necessary documents to ensure a smooth clearance of the vehicle(s).

SIAM Tips: Contact us now if you are willing to ship your vehicle. A Siam advisor will answer your questions and estimate with you the tax rates that applies to your shipment. To contact us, click HERE

As mentioned above, an international move is divided into several crucial stages: packaging, delivery to the port, freight, delivery to destination, unpacking … Each step of the supply chain is accompanied by a risk, which we strive to minimize. Whether it is damage, breakage, theft, or loss, SiamCare is the perfect solution to ship your belongings with peace of mind. The price of this insurance varies according to each move.

SIAM Tips:We charge our SiamCare insurance 3% of the declared value. Do not hesitate to contact us to find out more about our insurance services.

To provide a personalized quote to every single customer, SIAM Relocation has chosen to quote each move on a case-by-case basis. After gathering some information about the volume, the weight, or the delivery location, your SIAM Relocation advisor will provide you with a price estimate that will include all the steps necessary to complete your move. Our quotation system is 100% transparent, so that you can have a complete overview of the costs involved at each key step.

SIAM Tips: Contact us now if you are willing to move abroad. A Siam advisor will answer your questions and estimate with you what will be your packing and transport needs. To get your FREE quote within 48h, click HERE

In order to avoid any delays or administrative issues, we make sure to always be up-to-date with new regulations and standards in the country of destination. Indeed, in a context of increasing international exchanges, these regulations evolve on a continuous basis and it is necessary to be constantly informed. We work closely with customs authorities to ensure the full compliance of the shipments we are in charge of.

SIAM Tips: Your SIAM moving consultant will submit all related documents to our customs broker for double check and approval. It is important to anticipate every needs in order to avoid bad surprise.


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