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SIAM Relocation’s air cargo services are designed to give you fast, smooth and competitive service. Our long-standing relationships with major airlines allow us to manage the transfer of your goods by air in an efficient and professional manner.

Volumetric Weight / Actual Weight

To give you an exact estimate, it is necessary to calculate the ratio real weight / volumetric weight, and to take into account the greater weight.
The calculation of the taxable weight is calculated on the basis of the volumetric weight and the actual weight. The most important weight will be taken into account for the estimate. For information, here is the basis of calculation:

SIAM Remark: Volumetric weight (average freight) = Volume (CBM) x 167

From the dimensions of your shipment, you can also compute your volumetric weight automatically with this free tool brought by DHL: Volumetric weight calculator DHL

gross weight and volumetric weight

classic air freight volumetric weight

calculate gross weight

Your personal belongings will be brought to the airport, weighed, monitored and checked.

In order to comply with current air cargo security measures, your goods will be placed in an X-ray machine or decompression chamber (a necessary measure that has no impact on your goods).

Air freight container

Your personal effects will then be transmitted to airlines. Before that, your items will have been containerized in an air container and put on giant pallets. Upon presentation of the export documents the necessary customs formalities will be completed and a customs examination for export will take place. Before leaving, we will allocate unique numbers to each cartons / boxes that will allow us to track your shipment throughout the day.

SIAM Info: By working in partnership with the best airlines, SIAM Relocation is able to offer you a service to and from all major international airports, as well as many regional airports in Southeast Asia, including Thailand.

Excess luggage

Although small packages can be sent individually, it is often necessary to put them in modular packages designed for maximum safety. Nowadays, travelers often send their excess baggage using SIAM Relocation, which is often more competitive than airlines.

For excess luggage, we are used to ship them through our Express service. This service is perfect for small volume, generally below 1 CBM / 200 Kgs depending on the destination. 

Note that this method of shipment answers to different method of calculation. Here is how to calculate your volumetric weight by Express Air Freight:

SINO Remark: Volumetric weight (Express freight) = Volume (CBM) x 200

You can find further information about this specific service on our dedicated page: Express Shipping

Services in Bangkok

We are expert of Thai legislation in air transport, so we strongly recommend door-to-door services or all stages of the move are included, including customs clearance. Our team is present at the airport of Suvarnabhumi but also in the main airport of Thailand.

SIAM Tips: Feel free to contact our team for further information: price, transit time, regulation… Our SIAM Sales are here to help and determine (with you) the best logistics solution according to your budget and logistics needs. Don’t waste time, contact us !


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Understanding Air Freight

Our large international network has the capacity to accompany business growth – based on our many years of experience and influence for the needs of our customers who are constantly changing.

Good service

For all our flights, even those who are not looking, innovation is at the heart of our mission. Our experts provide fully customized transportation services around the world. We divide our airfreight into different levels of service: these are services offered different delivery schedules, itineraries, maintenance procedures, which facilitates the correspondence with the different projects of our customers.

The real difference

Experience has shown us that the most important –and critical- step during an air freight is all the process on the ground in departure and arrival. We provide you not only to the best staff, but also to processes and technology optimized for quality and assurance and various acceleration processes. We are still able to provide a more efficient and cheaper air cargo service for you.

New Horizons

We are based in Bangkok, in the middle of the earth, the more we are specialized to guide your company to the most distant places of the world. We use our influence and our network to make improvements that benefit everyone: today, tomorrow and for years to come, we, assembled, realize all your projects.

SIAM Tips: To know more about basics regulation of Air industry, visit the following website : IATA (International Air Transport Association)

air transport

Advantages and disadvantages of air transport

Advantages of air transport

1. Speed

It is the fastest method to ship. Belongings are shipped through known airlines company or specialized charter.

2. Minimum cost

There is no need to take out the wallet for the construction of a road or a road unlike the railways and road transport, demand for the construction of airports.

3. Strategic Importance

Strategically, an airway is very important. It can be useful for both internal and external security.

4. Easy Transport of Dimensioned and Lightweight Goods

Indeed, as far as air transport is concerned, expensive, light and perishable goods are very convenient to send.

5. Free of physical barriers

Air transport is not subject to natural barriers such as mountains, valleys or rivers that can have a temporal impact on trends.

6. Useful for agriculture

Air transport can be directly applied by spraying for any pests and insects that are harmful to crops.

7. Useful in natural disasters

During earthquakes, floods, accidents, or famine for example.

Disadvantages of air transport

1. High Costs

Air transport is a significant cost because its operational costs are too high. The middle class as well as the poor people can’t enjoy a service such as this one.

2. More risks

Air transport is sometimes conducive to accidents. Indeed, the slightest error can prove very dangerous for the passengers. Also, hijacking is something that can happen.

3. Huge sites

Considerable investment must be made to create aeronautical facilities. Indeed, airplanes, the construction and maintenance of aerodromes and the entire control mechanism represent a considerable cost.

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