Preparation for international relocation to Thailand

  • Certificate of change of residence, available at the mayor’s office, this document certifies that you change your principal residence and is mandatory for customs.
  • Certificate of non-assignment (provided by SIAM RELOCATION) indicates that it’s a personal effect and not to sell goods. This document is also mandatory for customs.
  • Valuated packing list (document provided by SIAM RELOCATION). This document lists the contents of your personal belongings. This document must be very precise, and indicate a value for each good. It will be used in case of a dispute with the insurance.
  • A proof of residence in Thailand/destination country, proving that you have a fixed address in Thailand/destination country.
  • A copy of the passport, in order to prepare the customs formalities.
  1. The procedure is quite simple, we agree a date for the positioning of the container or truck, that day you will have 3 hours to load the truck/container.
  2. The container is not placed on the ground (except on request), it is at 1.40 meters from the ground.
  3. The container is sealed, ready for departure.

You will save money if you pack and load your belongings by yourself. To know more about how to pack your goods, follow the link, click here 

Yes of course. Indeed we have team of professional packers whose mission is to pack and load. Packaging is made with care in order to avoid any issues during your shipment.

For people who live in cities, an exceptional parking authorization must be made at the town hall. In the interests of customer satisfaction, SIAM RELOCATION will take care of this step.

Yes. We accept simple boxes to complete houses. Textiles, dishes, furniture, automobiles two wheels, do not hesitate to ask us some advices.

Yes, there is a list of objects prohibited or subject to a maximum quantity:

  • Alcohol (you have the right to import 3 bottles, but we do not advise you to take alcohol because the license takes a long time to get)
  • food (requires import license)
  • plants (requires an import license)
  • animals (requires an entry permit)
  • religious figures
  • weapons and ammunition
  • drugs
  • books, videos, pornographic

This case is very specific, thank you to contact us for a through study. Indeed this case requires a special procedure with the administrations of the departure country.

We are a specialist in international vehicle transport. Siam Relocation agrees to transport vehicles if all necessary documents are provided. For each type of vehicle, customs require specific documents. Contact us and ask for further information. Learn more.

Click here for further information

The volume must be evaluated in M3 (Cubic Meter). We will check all this information with you before departure. To help calculate the volume, click on the following link : Evaluate my volume


  1. The first step is assessing the volume of your personal belongings. You need to make a detailed inventory of all your items, from the smallest to the largest. To facilitate this important step we provide you a pre-filled valuated packing list, and then you just have to indicate the number of objects and the declared value.
  2. Determine packaging requirements to secure your personal belongings during transportation.
  3. Agree on a desired departure and/or arrival date

For large volumes, transportation will be by sea. Bangkok is 45 days from the French port. It is also necessary to plan the previous steps, such as packaging, positioning of the container, removal at your home, customs clearance, and delivery. For smaller volume or if you want to save time, we can offer air freight. The transit time is around 10 days. The key to a successful move is anticipation, so contact us as soon as possible.

Yes, we will provide you a tracking number of the container, you will be able to follow it in real time. We will contact you about 1 week before arrival, to prepare the import formalities.

Yes, of course, Siam relocation offers a flexible daycare service on departure and arrival. We know that delays are sometimes necessary to find accommodation, obtain a visa or any other formalities related to expatriation. Our warehouse in Bangkok will store your belongings according to your needs. Learn more here

Arrival in Thailand

The answer is yes. Indeed, Thailand taxes personal effects according to the type of object. There are tax exemptions for individual cases, we will analyze your case because taxes depend on your situation and your expatriation conditions.

Learn more here

We will take care of all our removals, in case of dispute you will be refunded to the value of the deteriorated object, the value indicated on the packing list.

Learn more about insurance

A team of professionals according to international moving standards unload and unpack personal belongings in your new home.

SIAM Relocation

Our move mainly concerns Thailand. Whether it’s import or export. However, our presence in South Asia has allowed us to develop a successful network in the following countries: Malaysia, Burma, Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia

Note: Since 2019, SIAM Shipping is part of DocShipper Group which operate in more than 40 countries !

Of course !

We are always happy to receive our customers in our offices.

Here’s the address: 123/9 ถนน นนทรี Khwaeng Chong Nonsi, Bangkok 10120, Thailand

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