You are enjoying your western life … but the Monday morning freeze is hovering to a barren office that has you, blue singing. What should you do next? Introduce a fresh breath of air into your life by moving to Thailand. For a short or long stay, for work or for vacation, in this article we will cover all the details you need to know before going to Thailand.

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11 reasons to move and live in Thailand

Some people are attracted to the country's warm climate and beautiful beaches, while others are drawn by the low cost of living and friendly locals. Thailand has also a rich culture and history, and there are many opportunities to explore temples, markets, and other cultural attractions. The country also offers a wide range of outdoor activities, such as hiking, diving, and rock climbing, and the food is delicious and varied. Thailand can be a great place to live for those who enjoy a laid-back lifestyle and appreciate the opportunity to experience a new culture.

moving and living in thailand

1. Warm Weather

With the summer beginning to show in Europe and America, you maybe you forgot the relatively cold already. Before you know this, though, you will bring your sweaters from the toilet and a snow blower from the garage.

Isn't this going to be good if you are able to do it in the last summer to generations? You can move simple to Thailand. In time, that the western world is deep buried under snow, Thailand is northern experiences the cold thin season.

For the month of January, the brows of the day in Chiang Mai average 30 ° C with an average suddenly low relative to “cold” 15 ° c. If this sounds still very too cold to your tastes, you can try Thailand South instead. The January heights in Phuket are average 32 ° c, with tonight Stuffs dunk to a fragrant 22 ° c.

2. Beaches and Islands

Many people save hard money that smears them to be able to take one vacation of the year to half a decent beach. To live in Thailand, you are the ability to lead to the shore every weekend, if you truly wanted to. Phuket has around 30 shores of it, not that figure in all the comprehensive islands.

If you are moving to Phuket, you – have the ability to easily go through half a year exploring a different shore every week. Bangkok is not yet offshore or a trip through a short beret you Hua Hin or Pattaya. Long weekends (and Thailand many with more than a dozen nationalism leave), more absolute to travel longer for a few threatened beloved Koh Samed and Koh Chang.

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The northern city of Chiang Mai, admittedly, is nowhere near the sea. But a short 2-hour flight is what you are Krabi, Phuket, or Koh Samui.

Thailand is also not in because of the lack of closed idyllic to light up your imagination. Outside already, who receive a reminder they many threatened a small big, pleasant between the Hot points of the side to soothe cheapness. Somewhat, like Koh Phangan, might be either quiet or hustling to hang, in which the closed site you are visiting. Koh Phi Phi, Koh Lanta, Koh Lipe, and Koh Tao. They are somewhat different, these usually turn ten lists of seniority Thai.

3. Buddhist Culture

If you believe that you were a religious person or not, you cannot help but admire the spirituality of the path from penetration to the life of two days in Thailand. Almost every house and business will have a slight position of the image of the Buddha in the shrine appropriated on the wall. Outdoor, they are believed to be the owner of the wind, where donated daily and given to non-human owners.

If you ever railed on in a Bangkok taxi, then you are not the provider who saw most of them have a miniature shrine on the dashboard, with donated from jasmine garland hanging from the rearview mirror.

If you happen to be up at 6 am in the entire Thai city or town, you will show barefooted monks in orange robes continuing to bring the balloons of the tip to collect their food by the day. Colorful temples, with golden spires shining under serving a tropical, in all places you watch. Chiang Mai was believed to have been her husband of more than 300 temples, with more than three arranged in a dozen in the square’s postal old town one.

When Thai purchases a new car or motorcycle, the first thing they take is to the temple to have make-up that is kneeled by a monk. It is also normal to order monks to bless the premises when opening a new business or earlier moving into a new home. The store owner of the offer adheres will be angry every morning to local winds earlier to open the warehouse. Even if you do not believe in these things yourself, it is certainly more interesting to live in a land where magic still exists.

4. Easygoing People

You will not get much Thai meditation in the middle of the forest, and still, their Buddhist background will show to give people a character not strict. Thai culture suggests the importance of losing the cold. Giving small life disturbances to get under your skin and explode in the public break down on.

In most areas of life, do not click to be politically right. People can simply say what it is in their brains. For example, if you are dead in a few extra weights, your Thai friends will not be afraid to tell you that you will be watching thicker. There is no damage intended, that they simply cleanse the voters. Colleagues can laugh around with each other without fear of persecution blames. Thai people, in general, do not simply make reactors excessively to things.

5. Thai Food

If you have included all the weight after to move to Thailand, this is likely to be at the expense of Thai local food, although their mail is good to put down. Thai well-known cuisine properly throughout the world, but successes did not serve in Thaï restaurants from the country ever very competition with the real thing. Known as the flavoring, well-prepared Thai food in a hit of balance reality between acid salty and sweet, and spicy flavors.

Several dishes of this keyboard are Pad Thai and Tom Yum Kung may already be a seller to you, but you will get in the Thai cuisine there is a wonder of diversity. For example, did the owner / having you ever have a palm tree with a coconut curry or stir-fried jackfruit? Both are excellent. If you want to learn many Thai dishes, we have an application for this.

Eat moderate portions, Thai food could be very healthy. A wide variety of herbs and vegetables add not only taste but also many micro-nutrients as well. If you are earning weight gain after moving to Thailand – this is either eating too much white rice, drinking too many beers, or from too much sweet liquor and snacks. The Thai average person is smaller than the average American or Australian. Only in the new years have a generation of younger students become more obese because of too many liquor drinks. The portions eat in the logical leave of restaurants you are no hungrier but did not push or T. Unlike the amounts of Ginormous to its gas on the successes of American diners. Thailand has a culture of junk food. People eat between meals throughout today, but not many at the same time.

Remark SIAM: Thai good is famous to be good…and healthy! If you want further information, check this out: The world’s fattest countries: how do you compare?

6. Fresh Tropical Fruit

One of the best parts of the feeding in Thailand is the immense variety of fresh tropical fruits available at any moment. With just alone bananas, you will find an enormous choice. Appear the largest banana Cavendish what you are used, you will see other as “bananas in the eggs”, short and thick and “bananas with the women’s” nails, well and elegant. They are enough full of flavor, having been chosen in the great moment and not for weeks to pass in the expedition.


Other Thai fruits that you know are probably the mango, the pineapple, the papaya, the guava and the Mandarin. Coconut, you also know, but to be capable to drink the juice of a recently-torn coconut and cooled when he/she wants, he will become a new pleasure source.

Durian is known by his/her fort smell. The fruits of thorny stone are not authorized in most of the hotels or in the public transportation. When you exceeded the initial smell, you will see that the durian can be tasty; He has a thick and creamy texture and it is incredibly soft.

It is certified of eating his durian with moderation, because he can increase his tax of sugar in the blood. He also exists a myth thoroughly known (still scientifically no proven), because the durian consumption and alcohol together can be a mortal combination THE mangoustan, the English apple, the pink apple, to fruit-of-dragon, the jacquier, the ramboutan, the litchi and the pomelo are some other Thai fruits that you need to try. Certain fruits as the banana, the guava and the papaya are always abundant during the whole year, while other seasonal Thai fruits arrive at the different moments.

Info SIAM: You want further information about fruits season in Thailand? Feel free to check this dedicated infography: Seasonal Thai fruits

7. Asian Hub

One of the fascinating aspects of the life in Thailand is to see how an encounter place is between several cultures and Asian people. In any place, it is not more obvious than in Bangkok, where you have one of largest Chinatowns of the world, two Little Índias, Little Tokyo, Korea Town and Arab Street.

The Thai culture in itself is largely a mixture of Indian and Chinese influences. In the old times, the Asian Southeast was the medium point of the marine trips among the Indian and Chinese civilizations. Buddhism and a writing system came from India. The ceramic, the tea, and the noodles resulted of China. The Thai language, with its tonal aspect, has its origin in China, but a great part of the vocabulary is lent in India.

In modern times, Bangkok is a center of international aerial day and a destination for vacations for people everyone. To live in Thailand, you put places like Angkor Wat, I Bleated, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Peking, Seoul, Tokyo and Katmandu.

Chiang Mai and Phuket are very connected with international airports. When I go back home, a lot of times I leave Chiang Mai for Seoul, where I change for an airplane to return to the United States. By-pass Bangkok allows saving a long time and money.

8. Cost of living

We wrote a lot on the low cost of the life in Thailand. In matter, the crowd digital nomad flooded InterWeb with articles about the life in Chiang Mai in USD 500 a month. Technically, it is possible to do. After all, the medium Thai employee in Chiang Mai wins less than 500 $ for his monthly wage. But they also have a net of support of the family and of the friends, they have some knowledge on the life way at a lower cost, just coma three meals a day and it should not spend some money in things as seen. It is irresponsible to promote the idea that 500 $ a month it is a budget of realistic life for the foreigners that migrate to Thailand.

To live in Chiang Mai for 1 000 USD (35 000 baht) a month, on the other hand, it is certainly possible, and it can be quite comfortable, since you don’t have expensive pastime for the golf or the wine. When you increase his budget of the life in 1500-2000 USD (52 000-70 000 baht) a month, you enter in the fork where you don’t really need to follow their daily expenses. It is also the reach in that him if it turns easier to live in areas more faces of Thailand as Banguecoque and Phuket. To spend US$ 3000 (105 000 baht) a month in Chiang Mai, you probably have to drink a lot of wine of Bordeaux or Johnnie Walker Gold Label, to buy new clothes all of the weeks or to eat sushi all of the nightsof.

Fore more details: Moving to Bangkok: cost of living, pros and cons

9. Affordable health care

If you come from a country endowed with a national sensible system of health care, it is not maybe a big selling point. If you are American, however, you know that the health system over there is a complete disaster. You can obtain a high-quality treatment, of course, but it could cost your house to do it. On the other hand, if you fall ill in Thailand, you can meet a doctor and receive prescriptions directly to the hospital or to a private hospital for a very affordable price. Even if you have no insurance and even if you pay off your pocket, all which is not surgical is not going to break the bank. If you work and pay taxes here, however, you can join the Thai social security system to obtain free care at the hospital of your choice.

10. Great Internet speed

For the modern professionals of the digital technology, a good Internet speed is essential. You do not go to be very productive if you have to wait infinitely for every page to be loaded. Bali is one of the places the most pleasant to live, but the common complaint of the freelance journalists based there is the Internet as a snail. The Thailand is not completely equally with the world leader in South Korea, but she can again boast to have the fastest average speed in South-East Asia.

We would not recommend it according to the shared Internet used by everybody in your building. The dedicated lines are rather affordable. For approximately 900 baht a month (26 USD), you can obtain a plan of fiber 100/30 Mbps. And if you just pay a little more, even faster plans are available.

Note: Moving abroad doesn't have to be stressful and time consuming when you rely on experts. SIAM Relocation has been helping expatriates for over 10 years. Contact us to receive a free quote.

11. It’s just a great place to live

Maybe the best reason for moving in Thailand is simply that it is a funny place. People from all around the world are tributary here for their holidays for a reason. You can bet that whoever will come here during the week will be jealous of those who can find a way to stay all the time. There are several manners to have fun in Thailand, it depends simply on what interests you.

  • Have dinner in the smart restaurants of Bangkok
  • Beers and live music with friends
  • trendy club and bars on the roof
  • Swimming, dive and snorkeling
  • Walks in motorcycle through mountains
  • Rafting, climbing and Tyrolean
  • Training of Thai boxing
  • Yoga and massage
  • Waterfalls and thermal springs
  • Temples and historic sites
  • Festivals and markets of street
  • Shopping, shopping and shopping!

Settle down in Thailand is an important stage. Should I go today?

It is not every day that you pack your suitcases at the other end of the world. You naturally go to have many questions. Your first month in Thailand will be full of new experiences, and you will be also occupied with taking care of practical questions. So that the transition is the most harmonious possible, make sure to read our guides on the Thai culture and the first 30 days in Thailand.

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Where to live in Thailand?

The location has its advantages, according to your preferences and your lifestyle. If you are in big cities with the night-life, Bangkok is the obvious choice. Chiang Mai is a medium-sized city easy to navigate, close to the nature, with a unique identity of the North of the Thailand. Phuket places you in the middle of white sand beaches and of the best diving spots of the world.

As regards the climate, Phuket has the most stable temperatures all year long. The hot season is not so hot, and the fresh season is not so cool. In Chiang Mai, the fresh season from November to February is significant.

Bangkok is where the strongest concentration of  “the elite” of Thailand lives. Most big politicians, the leaders of firms, and celebrities have houses in Bangkok. It has as well an enormous working class, in which there is a lot of driver’s taxi and other workers who arrive from the north-east and other parts of the country. Ex-stalemates in Bangkok happens in different types: to find everything that is possible, from the teachers of the English language of recently chosen universities to the leaders of Japanese firms. It is an enormous city with an official population of more than 8 million persons, although the real number of 10 million can be nearer if all are included without an official domicile.

It endures big oscillations between high and low journey seasons. With the high season in February and November not only the population is spread out by the island with a lot of foreign tourists, but also there are still? From other parts of the country who come to work in the domain of services. During the season of rain from May to October, everything is much quieter. Nevertheless, in this time it, still many sunny days rains down which does before his fitting time for pleasure by emptier beaches.

If you are not completely sure where you want to rely on themselves in Thailand, I would recommend arriving first as a tourist to see every place and to think that you may prefer.

What’s it Like to Work in Thailand?

Their working experience in Thailand will completely depend on the place where you treat. For example, if you worked like teacher in a Thai school, you will follow clothes concerning code and should participate in numerous formalities like the meeting of morning. One expects that you congratulate politely the Thai staff and the department chiefs. And of course, you should respect awkwardly just the calendar.

When programmer or developer if web worked in Thailand, your experience would be very different. The offices have a relaxing environment. There give people of the different countries which work all about his own projects. Each can do his work without suffocating formality. Their working hours depend on you and on their customers. If you have the slats or the cappuccino gladly, the engine is free in expresso to use, every time when you need a blow of thumb in caffeine.

Do I Need to Speak Thai to Live in Thailand?

They can go in Thailand lightly, English language only using. Thailand has a tourist large-scale industry, and the majority of the foreign tourists cannot speak naturally Thai. If you itself distinguish tourists want and a deeper experience to have, in Thailand living, it is advantageous of course Thai a little. Of the Thai can to know to you help to get less high prices, to do to you friends with the inhabitant’s lighter and to estimate numerous sights of the daily life in the country.

This can completely seem to be foreign to you the first time that you hear speaking the Thai, and the writing can to a heap insecure rough sheet are similar, but this is not so difficult (to inform to learn. Metric tons of means give more Thai grammar all around. The videos and the hours audio are particularly good to take the single sounds of the Thai language. The books are more useful than you get the establishments in the first one.

How Can I Meet People in Thailand?

There is a heap of ways to meet people and to come new friends in Thailand.

SIAM info: Much give online means to meet people who divide similar interests. If you identify with the amount of the Normandy digital colleges of technology, you will want to join perhaps one of the groups on Facebook of the place which you have chosen.

You can also browse the Meetup groups for BangkokChiang Mai, or Phuket.

If you are interested by the meetings, many applications and specific give it in your country for Thailand. They can do a search Google – I do not become it particularly to recommend. Just to meet a means, the lightly people, however, is difficult to say you become Mr. or Measure Right on one under him think. They can also try the old-fashioned way and simply with the people speak that you hit in the daily life. They will wish to store the application of post LINE on their smartphone. This is far away the platform of the most popular post in Thailand. The stickers of style, that is emoji, with the application supplied, all are very expressive and return the funny cat. If you meet somebody and begin, him to hit, is, they the way ID. to ask the line, to run through certainly.

What If I Get Tired of Eating Thai Food?

They will have a desire for another thing, certainly, that of the Thai kitchen. If you have no fear – the choice of international courts in Bangkok, Chiang May and Phuket is enormous. Japanese restaurants are extremely popular. They will also find many places more Italian and Indian restoration. The other kitchens than you will have to find no trouble French German, average-eastern, are Scandinavian, Vietnamese Korean and Mexican are Vietnamese. If you cook for yourselves gladly, the international supermarkets store many essential Bestraddle which you will need. For the establishments like the vegetables and the meat, you will find a big part of what you need on the fresh local markets.

Will I Get Homesick When Living in Thailand?

Culture shock is a common phenomenon experienced by that which move in the new country. The first stage is a period of “honeymoon” where everything which concerns the new culture, is new and grippingly. This can be followed by a repulsion stage in the course of which you, on the negative sights of the new culture more attentively, will be. In this stage, you feel numerous comparisons under your new house and your old people going. Then comes an adaptation stage in which you begin to feel more in the ease and in the ease in your electoral house. To do an effort, can help you to reach this adaptation stage earlier. Finally, one reaches an acceptance stage where one can simply admit that a culture is not better than others but are simply different as them.

They will have homesickness at a given moment certainly, but it is very light these days to remain in connection with somebody, not so importantly where you are in the world. They can search certain food which you remind at home, and he should not be too difficult to remain in connection with sporting teams or with return in the house to preferred television programs via the Internet.

When the homesickness becomes very much, the best solution simply consists in doing a journey with returning in the house for a visit. This is pleasant to visit friends and family once per year. They can also speak to their friends or to your family on a journey to Thailand to visit you. If the winter goes around you, you will not have to try perhaps too strongly to convince them, to come, to do a break in sunny Thailand.

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Leave with the peace of mind – A simple guide for expatriation

Whether you have decided to leave by adventure, to take advantage of an employment opportunity or for the love of your country of destination, you will have to take many steps before you leave. We have found it particularly essential.

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Find a job

If you save enough money to finance your stay, go directly to Tip # 2. If not, pay attention to the bad surprises. Depending on the country in which you are going to move, job opportunities and salaries may be very different from those offered or practiced in France.

Inquire before you leave. There are many expat blogs. You can also consult the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Here you will find advice and information on employment legislation. In some countries, for example, a work permit or visa is required. In others, you will only be able to settle down after finding a job.

The best advice: connect with expats before you leave. This will allow you to build a first relational network on which you can rely on your arrival. This will increase your chances of success.

Open a bank account

It is often thought that having a bank account in a foreign country is easy to do. Think again, this is not always the case. Before you leave, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Can I open an account in advance?
  • How to close the account if you finally decide to return to your country of origin?
  • What are the bank charges related to the management of the account? How much costs for example a transfer.

One last tip: do not go with too much cash on you …

Where to pay taxes

While in France taxation often seems complicated, it is equally so in many other countries. Do not wait until you have moved before you figure out how you are going to have to pay your taxes once you’re abroad.

Contract a very good health insurance

Who is worse than going to a hospital abroad? Being hospitalized abroad without health insurance!!

Your mutual insurance company does not necessarily pay for medical expenses paid abroad … do not ignore the fact that you have a good insurance policy that will cover you and your family in case of illness or hospitalization. This is often taken care of by employers in the case of a professional expatriation.

Registering your children at school

If you are traveling with young children or teenagers, you should ideally enroll them in school before you leave. In every major capital, there are colleges in which they can attend their schooling. If they are fluent in the language of the country in which you are settling in, you may want to choose a local school, but be aware of the psychological risks for your child.

Moving with your children

Your children! When you had the feeling of thinking while filling your boxes and reserving your truck, you were about to forget the essential: the change of life of your little one.

Live a move with a child

It is better to avoid that the routine of the child is jostled before the move, it will have enough changes to support. For a baby, comfort, stability and safety are the watchwords. He must feel surrounded by people he knows, objects he is used to.

18 months – 3 years: Talk to him about leaving before moving

He is now old enough to realize what is happening, he will want to understand, and we must not hesitate to explain the situation to him. There are many fewer questions than you, it is just to reassure him about his toys, his blanket, and his room, which should also be arranged first in your new “home”.

3 – 5 years: help him feel at home after the move

You cross a course, it is his case too: he will be delighted to visit the place, discover his new room and will be able to feel concerned in this change of life. To help him find his marks, he can organize his space and decorate his room. By creating a universe, he will accept and assimilate better what is going on.

5 – 7 years: make him participate in the move

He grows up and even if you do not see him, he would be delighted to participate in the move, “like the big ones”. To make him feel involved, suggest to him a list of tasks to follow, which he can achieve if ideas come to him.

7 years +: make him feel that he is indispensable

It is difficult for your child because he leaves his school, his friends, his habits. For him to get better, he must feel indispensable and take part in the activities. Try to make her imagination work by challenging her with plans for her room, color for her walls, or organizations for her games.


How to become a Digital Nomad?

Dream life – Become a digital nomad in Thailand

Recently, one question always appears on social medias “How do I get started as a digital nomad?”. Maybe it’s because of all the blogs telling that it is so easy to quit a job and be able to travel around the world without money being a problem.

First you should know that a digital nomad is not a job description, it is more a term for people who are able to work remotely.

Some people make money by selling online courses of how to become a digital nomad, but there is no need to pay for that, and we can summed it up in two steps.

How to become a digital nomad in 2 steps

  1. Have a skill
  2. Do it from anywhere

Have a skill

If you want to earn money in that area having a skill is a must. Do you know anything about programming languages? Being fluent in many languages? You need to have a skill that others are ready to pay for. If you have one of those, then you can consider becoming a digital nomad. 

Do it from anywhere

Not being limited by physical location. You have to perform your skill from anywhere. You should be able for example do freelance programming from a coffee shop in Paris, Madrid, London wherever you want.

This is all you need. You don’t need to pay courses to be a digital nomad. And if you want to be a digital nomad in Thailand, know that this is a great place, since there are a lot of interesting countries in that region such as Vietnam, Bali, Cambodia, Malesia…

Note SIAM: You can find further information in this article: Organize remote workers

How to NOT become a digital nomad

Just as how to become a digital nomad there are two things you should follow if you don’t want to be a digital nomad: not having any skill, not going where you want.

*Here are some typical mistakes that aspiring digital nomads make. 

Don’t try to be a “digital nomad”

Become a website developer, programmer, graphic designer, SEO specialist, copywriter, translator, etc. As we explained above, you need to have a skill that will help you to earn money. The term “digital nomad” is not a term to describe the work you are doing. Indeed, you can have different skills and make money from it. In the end, you need to be good at doing something. And if you can do your work from home, you should be able to work from anywhere with internet

Don’t come to Chiang Mai

This true that Chiang Mai is an awesome city and a great place to live. Go there only if you see yourself living there. Chiang Mai is an affordable city, but nothing is free. So, if you have plans on living there, make your income before. It would be unrealistic to come in Chiang Mai without any source of revenue and expecting to be a digital nomad.  

Don’t go to co-working spaces

If you are more productive in co-working spaces, there is nothing wrong with it. But do it for the good reasons, not because you read somewhere that this is what a digital nomad should do. Why limiting yourself with co-working spaces? Thailand has a lot of nice island and beach locations, but Koh Lanta seems to be the only one digital nomads talk about maybe because it has a co-working space. 

Don’t start a blog

If you start a blog don’t have too much expectations about it, it can take some time to have good viewings. So, if you decide to have a blog, patience should come with it.

Don’t start a YouTube channel

Don’t build to much expectations with your Youtube channel. It is not easy to make money from it. You’ll need a huge audience before starting to make money from it.

Making videos can be useful in some other ways. For example, if you are an online language tutor you could make a series of short video lessons for the language that you teach. This would help you attract new customers. 

Don’t create an info product

One thing you do not want to do is write an e-book about “how to be a digital nomad”, maybe some people will buy it. But is it the better way to get your money? Do you want to be that kind of person?

Better spend your time learning how to code.

In conclusion

Gaining some skills, of course useful ones, will give you better chance to be a digital nomad, and working from the location you want. Without any physical barrier, you’ll be free to travel around.

But this is something that should be done before, travelling first and then thinking about your income would be a disaster. Don’t spend your time by googling about “digital nomad”, be efficient and learn about coding, finance, all which can help you increase your skills.

Moving as a couple? Two heads are definitely better than one.

There is a huge difference between moving into a new place on your own, as a couple or as a family. By moving with someone else, you are able to help each other in finding suitable places to dine, shop and relax that can accommodate to your interests and lifestyle preferences. For additional help regarding your removals to Bangkok you can rely on us for suggestions and recommendations.

There is no doubt that sometimes it takes longer for someone to get used to the idea of staying at a new place. What’s more, if the international move from Thailand was made abruptly or not much preparation was made prior to the move. In cases such as these, working together as a team is the key to ensuring both you and your partner are able to work things out. If one of you are facing difficulties adjusting, then the other has to take the necessary steps to offer assistance.

For those who have yet to find employment, go on the Internet to find employment opportunities within your vicinity. Take into the account that it may take a while before you can land a suitable job, so we highly recommend for you to secure your employment status before you relocate to Thailand. if you are seeking employment at another country, there may be restrictions in terms of your visa. Make sure you are well aware of any other restrictions.

If having children is in the pipeline, start to equip yourself with information relating to childcare, healthcare and education.

Plan, organize and manage your relocation plan

Normally, we recommend our clients to make an appointment with us at least three months before the moving date. This is to ensure we are able to provide a detailed and precise consultation with regards to the quotation and steps involved throughout the moving process. This also allows ample time for you to determine the items to be moved, sold, given away, or stored at any of our storage facilities.

With regards to your finances, find out more about the different types of banking facilities available if you are moving abroad from thailand and what do the banks require from you if you decide to open an account with them. At the same time, notify your local bank and credit card company that you will be away for a certain period of time. Clarify with them whether there will be any additional fees or restrictions for foreign transactions.

Be sure to do the same round of checking with your insurance and tax status. Check whether there will be any changes, penalties or additional charges with regards to your move.

For those with children, we recommend you to find more information from their new schools, especially on what are the documentation needed during registration.

One area of importance is to ensure your passports still have many empty pages and have not expired yet. The exact number of empty pages and expiry date may differ depending on your destination.

If you intend to sell your house, bear in mind it may take weeks and even months before it gets sold. Thus, it is best to plan ahead and engage a property management company to put your house into listing. Alternatively, you can engage the same company to rent out and manage your house during your absence.

Those with cars or any other vehicles, you have the option to make arrangements to sell or keep it elsewhere.

Moving with your pets? Usually, this is not a big problem, however we need you to check with your veterinarian on recommended methods of transporting your pets. Once this is done, relay the information to us so that we can make the best possible arrangements. A point to highlight is that some countries may impose certain restrictions, rules or regulations. Our team will convey to you if there is a need to provide additional documentation, as well as the processes involved.

Finally, ensure all your electronics and mechanics are able to function at your new place. Some countries may require you to use adapters or transformers, so invest in those if necessary. As for your telecommunication providers, the rates for international calls and roaming can be exorbitant. Depending on your length of stay, decide whether getting a new plan would be a better option.

The more you search for, the more options you will have

Sometimes, not everything on the Internet can be fully reliable. A simple way to get a balanced opinion is to seek advice from those who have moved, lived, worked or done business at other countries.

The moment you have decided which country you intend to relocate to, seek out information on what you will need to ensure a smooth move. Besides the Internet, reach out to the country’s embassy or consulate. At the very least, they will be able to provide information regarding the required visas, permits, medical exams, immunizations, and restrictions or taxes on certain items such as pets, vehicles, alcohol and liquid.

When moving into another country, the most important piece of documentation you need to have is your visa. The visa application process can be simple or complicated depending on the country you are moving to. Usually, you will be told to present your birth certificate, passport, medical records and proof of residency during the application process.

An international move is an important step for a teenager – How to help them?

Moving with young children is much simpler than relocating with a teenager. And it’s not just about hormones. To increase your chances of success, follow these 3 tips.


Dialogue and communicate regularly

Teens have “antennas” that allow them to feel the slightest change in their environment. When they feel that something is happening without them being aware, they feel rejected which created in them anxiety and sadness. So do not leave them on the low side. Speak honestly about your intentions without wasting time. Establish a regular dialogue on the progress of your project and the decisions you are going to make.

Plan your move before or after the school year

If possible, move during the summer holidays. Your teenager has certainly developed strong relationships with his schoolmates. And even if internet and social networks could facilitate remote communication, the physical absence of friends will be extremely destabilizing. If you have not been left with the option of setting your departure date, it may be best to have your teenager entrusted to a family or friend until the school year is over.

Organize trips with friends

Encourage your teen to stay in touch with friends after moving by phone, internet, but also by visiting them. Planning even before the move, a stay in your previous city can make the separation less painful. You can also regularly invite his former comrades. Do not hesitate to hold a calendar so that he can see concretely the dates on which his stays are organized.

Finally, be very present during the weeks following the move. Take on yourself and help him cushion the shock of having to leave his home, school and friends … without asking anyone.


Top Five destinations for expat in Thailand

Thailand probably figures among ex-pat most preferable destination to live in, and there is many reasons. This s one of the rare countries where you can find the perfect combination of Warm climate, affordable cost of living, high standard medical structures and comfort.

You can, for sure, feel something different in Thailand. Exotic landscape, typical culture but yet, you do not feel such as in a 3rd World nation. Yet, you can mistake yourself, thinking you are in a western country, but without the problems that follow and with much less expenses.

Thailand offers tasty and delicious typical food, you can go to the cinema for an English-language original or go to the beach whenever you have some time. Moreover, Thai people clearly ranked within most warful and welcoming people on earth. Thais are the kind of people to enjoy and fully live day to day, and it is clearly a nice philosophy of life.

Thailand is rich of a huge range, of beautiful landscapes. It goes from its jagged limestone cliffs, turquoise seas and beach-rimmed islands to mountainous jungle retreats white sand beaches.

For approximately $2,000 per month, a couple can live in a wealthy way in any place of the nation.

Surprisingly, you will often hear from recent expat that integrating the Asian lifestyle is quite quick and easy … Also, if you want to find peace and silence, you can count on the numerous temples…

It is not that easy to find nice places to go here is to help you. That is why we have made you rundown of Thailand’s best location for expat, for any kind of visit, couple, families, by yourself.

1. Hua Hin: Relaxed Seaside Retreat

Once a fishing village, Hua Hin became a beach gateway in 1920, when the Royal Family decided to build a mansion on the shore. Then, step by step, the Bangkok’s elite followed and made of Hua Hin, a wealthy beach destination.

Concerning its location, Hua Hin, is at about two hours and a half by car from the capital. You will, for sure, find many expats, enjoying the tasty weather, and the laid attitude environment.

The city is not only famous just for its beautiful, long and white sand beaches, but aslo for it awesome night market, where you can find quite everything you want.

Once your shopping is all done, you can stop, in one of the seafood restaurant, and eat some dishes, of the day freshest catch.

Or head a few blocks east where you can dine wharf side by candlelight.

Since more than ten years, Hua Hin, welcomed international musicians and some local finest artists, as the city hosted the annual jazz festival, on the beach!!

And since not too long, the area, open itself to winery tourism!! As a matter of fact, Thais are now making wine, and surprisingly, it does not taste too bad.

Hua Hin’s small town feel is truly appreciated from expats. Also, what initially draw people here was the proximity of Bangkok, the weather and affordable cost of living was a good enough point to make them stay.

Concerning the costs of living, International Living Southeast Asia Correspondent Kirsten Raccuia reports that a single expat can live in Hua Hin on a monthly budget of $610, which “includes a weekly massage for $8, health insurance, and a round of golf” as well as “eating out at least twice a day.”, which mean that you can livery very large, for not very much money.

As in many parts of Thailand, there’s local access to quality, affordable medical care. Most expats seek care at the area’s private hospitals, including the recently opened Bangkok Hospital Hua Hin, a satellite center of the well-known hospital located in the capital.

2. Koh Samui: A Tropical Island Haven

When it comes to the ideal beach lifestyle abroad, many expats look to Koh Samui, where the palm-lined beaches, azure ocean, year-round tropical weather, and affordable costs make for ultra-easy living.

Just an hour-and-a-half flight from the Thai capital of Bangkok, this popular spot offers something for everyone, whether you dream of a tranquil seaside retreat or prefer frequent nights out on the town. You can access quality healthcare, where a basic doctor’s visit costs as little as $20, and there’s plenty to keep you busy—from yoga and Pilates to salsa dancing and bridge club—when you’re not soaking up the sun on one of the island’s many beaches.

Expats come to Koh Samui for the sea, sand, and sun, and they stay for an affordable, laid-back lifestyle. Home to over 63,000 people, Samui has been dubbed “Coconut Island” for a good reason—along with tourism and fishing, coconuts form a major part of its economy. Around two million are exported to Bangkok and the Thai mainland each month, most of them picked by specially-trained monkeys. Two million coconuts may sound like a lot, but they are also used to produce coconut oil and coconut cream, essential ingredients in Thai cooking.

And due to Koh Samui’s affordability, it’s easy to enjoy the splendors of the local cuisine. You only need to walk out the front door to find a plethora of mouth-watering local dishes up for grabs at less than $4 apiece.”

3. Bangkok: Modern and Affordable

Bangkok, one a Chinese trading port, located near the Chao Phraya River, has, for a long time, attracted many expats. The city made its history while being a R and R sport for American army serving in Vietnam. Step by step, the capital became a modern and cosmopolitan metropole, offering luxurious palace hotel and skyscraper and world class public transport.

Today, expats flock here for the multicultural vibe and high-on-convenience, easy on-the-wallet living.

The city’s large number of strangers, or farang means there’s no shortage of social clubs and activities for interests as varied as tennis, language study, and theater. Bangkok hosts a large number of the nations best doctors and private hospitals. Local expats appreciate the Surprising affordable costs for top-quality care. For example, you can see a specialist for less than $50.

For less than a dollar, you can dine on a bowl of noodles at some of the best street-food stalls in Asia….or spend $100 or more and indulge in a five-star meal at your pick of the city’s classiest restaurants. Enjoy live music in the city’s pubs or take in views of the skyline from one of many popular rooftop bars. The capital also boasts some of the region’s best shopping, including a multitude of markets, North American-style malls, and boutiques.

Those who prefer a little more elbow room settle in Bangkok’s various suburbs, such as Bang Na and Nonthaburi, both less than 20 miles from the city center.

Due to Thai law restricting the purchase of land and homes in the country, condominiums are a popular choice. A modern, 1,119-square-foot, two-bedroom, fully-furnished condo in Rama III—with stunning views over the Chao Phraya—is listed at $731 a month. If you’re looking for something bigger, you can rent a three-bedroom, three bathroom home with 2,368 square feet near an international school for $984 a month.

A majority of Bangkok’s ex-pats choose to live in the heart of the city, along public transportation routes that ease getting around in what is one of Southeast Asia’s largest cities. Sukhumvit Road, one of the main thoroughfares, is a popular choice for its proximity to the elevated “Skytrain” and the MRT underground. Here you’ll find some of the best condos, restaurants, night spots, and shopping, including a large concentration of professional tailors.

4. Chiang Mai: Mountain Views and a Slower Pace of Life

Located near the foothills of northern Thailand, an hour’s flight from Bangkok, Chiang Mai is popular for those seeking a calmer way of life and a more temperate climate.

As the center of northern Thai, or Lanna, culture, Chiang Mai is home to hundreds of Buddhist temples, with a rich history that dates back some 700 years. The reverence for this history, combined with a mountainside setting, helps give the area its unique feel. A moat still surrounds Chiang Mai’s historic core and the crumbling remains of this once walled city evoke its exotic past.

With an average temperature of around 77 F during the cool season, Chiang Mai sees some of the country’s best weather. And here you have access to all of the modern conveniences and comforts of daily life, at some of the most reasonable prices in Thailand. You’ll find impressive dining options, movie theaters featuring first-run films, western-style malls, as well as a JCI-accredited hospital offering quality, affordable medical care.

Like any modern center, Chiang Mai is not without its challenges. The area’s popularity means overcrowding can be an issue, especially in the Old City. And during the hot season, when rice fields are burned for the coming planting season, the area suffers from reduced air quality.

Many expats live near the city center, and some single expats report living comfortably on as little as $1,000 a month. Studio apartment rentals in this area start at around $300 a month, and can be bought for just over $22,000.

5. Phuket: A Beach Lifestyle with All the Amenities

Nothing quite prepares you for the beauty of Phuket, especially when approaching the region by air…the sparkling, turquoise waters and jungle-topped mountains, the rocky outcrops and white-sand beaches. The country’s largest island is paradise for many expats.

Dubbed the “Pearl of the Andaman,” the island’s surrounding waters are warm and clear and there’s an ever-present breeze. During the dry season daytime temperatures average in the 70s F.

Phuket offers an easygoing lifestyle, or a club-hopping, center-of-the-action one, depending on your preference. For instance, you can go for a swim and a relaxing lunch on quiet Naithon Beach or you can join the buzz in the bar-lined Patong area, where music throbs and cabaret shows continue into the night. And with Thailand’s second-busiest international airport, you can easily catch a flight to a range of destinations, without transiting through Bangkok.

But the biggest draw for many expats is the comfortable, convenient lifestyle. In Phuket you can enjoy some of the best seafood in the south of the country and dine at a range of gourmet restaurants, from sushi to Italian, to Indian. You’ll find grocery stores stocking imported foods, fashion and furniture boutiques, and golf courses galore. Expat clubs’ welcome newcomers and offer everything from cycling to sailing, and access to top-notch medical care is a reality here, at a fraction of the cost of back home.

Today, little trace is left of the impact of the 2004 tsunami, which devastated Phuket and other locations on Thailand’s western coast. Resorts are now back to full capacity, many of which took the opportunity to renovate and upgrade their facilities following the destruction. Since the tragedy, a tsunami warning system has been established in the area to increase safety.

Phuket’s expats live in a variety of towns and villages. The Patong area does earn its reputation as a seedy locale for tourists and “sex-pats,” but that’s just one part of the island. In fact, you’ll find in Phuket a very nice range of “family-friendly” locales like Chalong and the Nai Harn/Rawai area.

But whatever your budget, there’s something for everyone—and couples report living well on around $2,200 a month, all in. A brand new, fully furnished, two-story, two-bedroom townhouse, a 10-minute drive from the beach can be found for as little as $575 a month. Or choose a fully furnished, two-bedroom bungalow with two en-suite bathrooms, a garden, and a terrace for $780.


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