SIAM Relocation is able to provide door-to-door relocation services from Thailand to anywhere in the UK. Whether you require LCL, FCL, or even smaller volumes, we have a solution for you. We can also offer door-to-door air shipments to any location within the Kingdom.

Our strong network at the destination will make sure to ensure a smooth customs clearance, and prompt delivery to your new house.

Customs clearance in United Kingdom

As you probably know it, when you travel from a country to an other with your personal belongings, it is mandatory to go through customs and thus clear your goods. Of course, SIAM Relocation is used to working with customs and can offer you to deal with the custom clearance of your goods.

Customs process on gift & small value

Once a certain value is exceeded, you are subject to customs duties.

Here is a basic pattern of what percentages of duties can be charged depending on the value you want to import.

customs-duty-gift-ukImporting personal effects from Thailand

When importing personal effects to the UK, you have to fill in a Customs Declaration, clearly stating you are importing personal effects. In fact, customs authorities will charge Customs Duty and Import VAT if they consider your shipment as a commercial one.

Once your value exceeds a certain amount, you may have to fill in a C3 “Bringing personal belongings to the United Kingdom from outside the European Union”, proving that the products belong to you.

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We will provide you with this form and you have to return it to the Customs before your shipment reaches the UK territory.

Conditions to obtain tax relief

To be able to obtain a tax relief (if you were charged), you have to be relocating from a Non-EU country, and live in the UK. In this way, you are changing your former location of residence to your new one in the Kingdom.

If you don’t have any place of residence in the Kingdom for now, you can put your goods in a free circulation area and then ask for a retrospective claim. This has to be done within 12 months after arrival in the country.

 Here are the requirements you have to respect:

  • You must have lived in a non-EU country at least one year
  • You must have used and possessed your belongings at least 6 consecutive months
  • You must keep on using your goods in the UK for the next 12 months minimum

SIAM Info: The tax relief isn’t possible for the following goods:

  • alcoholic beverages
  • tobacco and tobacco products
  • commercial vehicles

Info SIAM: You will have to declare your change of residence to local authority.  Click on the following link : Apply for a transfer of residence

What duties and taxes will I pay for my personal effects?

Warning SIAM: It is very hard to determine in advance how much duties and taxes will you pay as it depends on many parameters such: your personal situation, the nature of your personal effects, the method of shipment if you subscribe to an Insurance program… etc

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Customs contact in Thailand


Customs contact in United Kingdom

Oddly enough, UK is the only country among more than 50 that does not allow us to put the UK Customs logo.

Customs process


Remark SIAM: If you have one of the following item, you should check directly with our SIAM Moving consultant. Some of those items are restricted or even totally prohibited, it is important to anticipate such shipment to avoid any problem.

Drug Contreband






















Counterfeit notes

Counterfeit notes













In order to move to United Kingdom, you can choose the way you want. It can be by sea or air. Each one has advantages and drawbacks so our moving consultant will help you determine the most suitable solution for you.


moving by sea freight


Main ports

Port of London

The port of London is one of the main ports in the world, and the Kingdom’s second-biggest, right after Felixstowe. This port is a crucial logistic hub, and we ship the large majority of our shipments to this port when handling relocations to the UK.

Port of Southampton

The Port of Southampton is a must when it comes to sea freight to the Kingdom. It has made a name of itself mainly thanks to the highly-efficient connection to the road and railway networks. In fact, a recently-renovated railway network is directly linked to this port, enabling to transport large loading gauge, and thus any type of containers.

Port of Felixstowe

The Port of Felixstowe is the first container within the Kingdom as far as traffic is concerned. In fact, this port represents 42% of overall containerized trade, making it the 6th busiest port in the Union. Thus, SIAM Relocation has immediately understood how crucial it is to offer quick and efficient services to this port.

Transit times

Bangkok London 31-33 days
Bangkok Southampton 31-33 days
Bangkok Felixtowe 34-36 days
Bangkok Dover 32-34 days
Bangkok Immingham 35-37 days

Note: Moving abroad doesn't have to be stressful and time consuming when you rely on experts. SIAM Relocation has been helping expatriates for over 10 years. Contact us to receive a free quote.

Sea freight rates

Sea freight rates are very variable, depending on many factors. For instance, according to whether you ship a big volume or a small one, you will not choose the same container type.

We advise to choose a FCL (Full Container Load) if you ship more than 15 cubic meters and a LCL (Less than Container Load) if you ship less than 15 cubic meters. Of course, our experts will help you to choose the best solution in order to fit your needs.

*According to your needs, we can provide you with a packaging and/or loading service which also has consequences on the total price. 

Why choose us?

SIAM Relocation provides dedicated services to best respond to your specific needs and has been doing so for many years. Our moving consultants are experts and want the best solution for you.

Remark SIAM: As proof, if you transport small volumes, you should note that SIAM Relocation is the only moving company to have a rate for the first cubic meter. If you want to ship 1 cubic meter of your goods, other companies will charge you 4 cubic meters as it is their starting rate, SIAM Relocation will charge you 1 cubic meter because we seek a fair service and relation.


moving by air freight transport

THAI Airways logo




From Asia, choosing air freight transport to United Kingdom is obviously really common. United Kingdom (mainly London) is not only a maritime hub but also an air one.

Choosing air freight over sea freight always Is the good choice when you only want to ship a small volume of goods. Indeed, sea freight for small volumes includes additional charges like bunding/unbundling charges at port as you have to share your container with other shipments. For this reason, we advise to ship by air if your parcel does not exceed 2 cubic meters.

Main airports

Heathrow Airport (London)

Heathrow is one of the largest airports in Europe (4th busiest). This is the busiest airport in the UK.

*DHL Aviation, Qatar Airways, and all main Cargo Airlines are present in Heathrow.

Thus, it allows us to offer maximum flexibility to our customers once your shipment reaches the Kingdom, because of the various on-site forwarders we can rely on.

Gatwick Airport (London)

Gatwick Airport is also a major place when it comes to importing products into the Kingdom. It is ranked as the 8th busiest airport in the Union.

We will adapt to the destination airport according to your needs in terms of delivery within London, but also the kind of flight you require (express, direct flights, etc.).

Manchester Airport

This airport comes with a World Freight Terminal, able to handle whether cargo freight or cargo carried on regular passenger flights, making Manchester Airport a key hub for importing into the Kingdom.

Transit times

Bangkok Heathrow 3-5 days
Bangkok Gatwick 3-5 days
Bangkok Manchester 3-5 days
Bangkok Bristol 3-5 days
Bangkok Liverpool 3-5 days

*Note that the flight does not include the whole logistics process, some parcel could be stuck in customs for X or Y reason.

Note: Need to ship personal effects internationally? Let our team take care of everything for you. Request a free personalized quote now. We'll send you an estimate in less than 24 hours.


Different budget, different transit times

We firstly strive to adapt our rates to your needs and expectations. Thus, whether you want us to arrange an urgent air freight service, and express shipment, or a regular air cargo, we will adapt our offer to your needs.

In this way, transit times will not be the same depending on the option you choose. In any case, you can rely on your SIAM Expert to forecast as accurately as possible the time needed for your shipment to arrive.

Transit times are not only about flight duration

Flight duration is only one factor affecting the total transit time to be considered.

In fact, you have to take into consideration all the other logistic steps that have to be carried out, such as:

  • Packing
  • Customs clearance
  • Delivery

How much does it cost to move by air freight?

Remark SIAM: Let’s see together how air freight are calculated. The most important aspect that you have to understand is the difference between actual weight and volumetric weight. Once you get it, you can understand your air freight quotations.


*If the volumetric weight is higher than the actual weight of your box, the carrier will quote based on this weight. You can use online chargeable weight calculators to make it easier, now that you understand how it works.

SIAM Relocation has been dealing with relocations for a long time and always with the same perspective: the client comes first. That is why, through years of operations and observations, we decided to create specific offers in order to better fit your needs.

Moving insurance

Even though accidents don’t happen often, there are still some risks of unexpected events when moving to a new country. Being aware of the main risks and which insurance is able to cover them is key to ensuring a hassle-free shipment.

*Our insurance rate (3% of the declared value) covers any regular loss or damage to your shipment.

Insurance is thus not mandatory but highly recommended. Do not take the risk to ship your goods to another continent without having your belongings covered.

Remark SIAM: Ask your SIAM Expert what type of insurance you can select, and which coverage you’ll get for every option.

Packing services

SIAM Relocation is proud to provide you with the best packing services available on the market. We are delighted to be able to adapt to any of your packing requirements. As packing is key to avoiding damage when shipping internationally, we strongly advise you to let professionals handle it for you.

*Do you want to ship fragile items? Choose peace of mind, choose our packing service.

SIAM Plus: We, at SIAM Relocation, offer you to take care of all of your packaging needs. Our technical team can pack whatever you want. Do some objects have rare dimensions? They will pack them for you! You don’t have packing furniture, and so you can’t pack? They will pack for you!

Info SIAM: You want further information about our packing service, feel free to contact our SIAM Moving consultant or check our dedicated page: Packing service

Warehousing service

SIAM Relocation can rely on long-term partnerships in the UK to be able to all services related to storage. In this way, we can provide a complete range of warehousing and delivery services in London, Liverpool, Manchester, and anywhere else in the country.

What makes us special is our ability to respond to any request. Do you need to store goods in a temperature-controlled warehousing facility? Do you need to store perishable goods? SIAM Relocation has a solution for you.

SIAM Plus: Our warehouses are fully secured with alarm systems and 24/7 guard presence. You can place all your trust on us.

In order to adapt our offer to the customer, to his needs but also to his budget, we created three moving packages : from the simple package to the complete package.


*As you can see on the picture, we offer 3 different packages in order to better adapt our services to your budget.

To ensure full transparency and to customize every single quotation, we opt for a case-by-case pricing method. Reach out to your SIAM Expert now. After clarifying your needs and specific requirements, your interlocutor will provide a free and tailored-made quotation.

SIAM info: The Eco Package is what makes us different. Maximum flexibility for minimum prices. To learn more about this service, visit the following page: ECO Package

SIAM Plus: Please note that this information is for guidance only. It is based on our most up-to-date knowledge and experience. Your SIAM moving consultant will analyze and determine the most suitable moving solution, adapting our offer to your needs.


SIAM Relocation - Best price moving company in Thailand !


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