Packing, unpacking, assembling and dismantling for your move

SIAM Relocation offers a full or partial packing and unpacking service for your condo, house or apartment, depending on your needs. We provide specialized packaging materials.

Packing and unpacking for your move

You do not have as much time as you want to pack your belongings before the arrival of the movers? Or maybe it is too physically demanding? No problem, our professional movers will do the work for you. They have developed a great expertise in packaging and are dedicated to ensuring efficiency and speed. Appropriate packaging is necessary to reduce the risk of damage during transport. And that’s not all: to make your move easier, our movers can unpack your items. No more stress with your moving, we take care of everything !

Furniture assembly and room layout

Whether you are an individual or a professional, it can be tricky for you to reassemble your furniture. Indeed, some are more complex to handle or heavy to carry. That is why we offer this service at a good price. Our movers can even think about the layout of your rooms, since they are trained to optimize the efficiency and functionality of all types of layout. This is why Siam Relocation is highly recognized and valued in Thailand for its complete turnkey removal service.

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Packing services at the best price

We can sell or rent many items essential to your upcoming move at very good prices to allow you to be as efficient as possible:

  • Standard boxes: available in two sizes – 2 and 4 cubic feet. The smaller ones are perfect for transporting small heavy objects. 4 cubic foot boxes are ideal for bigger but lighter objects – kitchen items, blanket, etc.
  • “Filière” Boxes: The “filière” box usually has a dimension of 16 x 12 x 10 inches (length x width x height). In this box, you can store all your documents, such as your books or notebooks. The “filière” box is easier to carry and open than standard boxes.
  • Flat boxes: The flat box allows you to carry delicate flat objects. This kind of box is perfect for mirrors, flat televisions (19 to 63 inches) or frames, for example.
  • Wardrobe boxes: The wardrobe box, equipped with rods, allows you to keep your clothes on flat hangers. It can also be used to carry carpets. This very practical type of box is more expensive than standard boxes. Dimensions in general: 24 x 21 x 45 inches;
  • Extended boxes for mirrors, tables, and “frames”: Avoid damaging of your framed arts and pictures by transporting them in these boxes adapted to their dimensions (30 to 34 inches).
  • Mattress Covers: Keep your mattresses, pillows, sofa cushions, etc. away from dust, water infiltration, and bed bugs during the move. All sizes are offered (twin, single, double, large, very large).
  • Bubble wrap and cardboard wrapping paper: protect your fragile objects – such as dishes – with shock-absorbing materials.
  • Adhesive tapes: this is your ally during the move. Do not underestimate its importance and choose the best quality.
  • Blankets:  blankets (80 x 72 inches generally) are the best protection for your furniture in a move. It avoids damages to your furniture by protecting them against scratches. Make sure to install them properly: if your furniture is uncovered, they could be damaged by the rain, for example.
  • Plastic storage box: more practical, stronger, and more resistant than ordinary cardboard boxes, they preserve the goods from water infiltration, moisture, etc. We deliver them to you one week before the move and pick them up a week later.
  • Carpets, straps, sack truck: carpets protect your floors from dirt and scratches. The straps help you lift particularly heavy furniture. The straps avoid many injuries, as they help to reduce physical effort. Otherwise, the sack truck makes it all way easier for you.

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What is a professional packing service?

Our team is as good in packaging your goods as in the organization and management during the move. Our movers will take care to mark up the nature of the boxes’ contents as well as the room of the house in which it is supposed to end up.

As for the removal of furniture, the movers know the right protections for all the components of your furniture. They will protect the furniture according to their characteristics by means of plastic covers or fabric covers. The pieces – nuts, screws, mobile shelves – fragile or modular furniture will be arranged so that they can easily be found on arrival in your new home.

Moving experts at SIAM Relocation will also advise you on the management and movement of your hazardous or explosive products. If necessary, they will direct you to the appropriate recycling center.

However, an accident can occur even if every step of the move has been carried out using the best tools and professional movers. On the day of the move particularly, the risk of injury, damage to a property and accidents is very high.

Insurance will protect you against unexpected events and elements of risk inherent in a move. We are a guaranteed moving company. Its expertise and the moves we make are protected from the financial and legal consequences that can cause an accident.

You can choose between two types of insurance for your move: the agreed value protection and the replacement value protection.

Protection in agreed value: it is a basic insurance and companies often offer it free of charge. Your property is insured at 60 cents per pound;
Protection in new value: its cost is higher, but it insures your property up to $ 10 per pound.

If you wish, you can also contact your financial institution or insurance company to cover the removal.

professional-packing-services for moving

Tips and tricks for your move on the packaging of your goods

Make a list of your assets

By listing your furniture and accessories, you will have a better overall idea of your assets. From this list, you will be able to better determine the supplies you will need: boxes, bags, straps, tape, belts, etc. Providing the necessary equipment will certainly give you a good hand !

Take time to pack your belongings

Packaging goods is a step that can be quite tedious. Start by packing goods that serve you little or that you do not need, such as Christmas decorations. Emptying progressively your home will lighten the work you have to do before the D-day.

Pack your belongings well and identify your boxes

Pay attention to crockery and brittle items, and make sure to pack them properly. Avoid incidents by writing “fragile” on boxes that contain items that can easily break. Besides the brittle objects, writing on each box its contents will save you time. You will not have to constantly open them to see which room they should go to.

Do not wait until the last minute, book now !

Try to be far-sighted and book as early as possible to avoid last minute trouble. We advise you to do so 6 to 12 weeks before the scheduled date of your move. Contact us by phone or email if you would like a free quote.

How much would your move cost with the packing, unpacking, assembling and / or dismantling of your furniture by our experienced movers? To find out, it is essential to evaluate the number of hours required as well as the number of men (two or three). We offer a competitive hourly rate for top-end services in Thailand.


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