Personal effects clearance is a somewhat involved process in Vietnam. To complete this process, assistance from a customs official and an active operator such as FNM Vietnam is required. Due to their ten years of foreign moving experience, this organization provides services for relocation and expatriation in Vietnam. Therefore, FNM Vietnam can handle your move whether Vietnam draws you're going abroador if an individual or business reason motivates to leave there and reside. Get in touch with them for more details tailored to your case regarding migrating, including information on laws, mobility, customs clearance, visas, and expatriation.

FNM Vietnam: The top Ho Chi Minh City-based international relocation company and the country's leading French-speaking mover

relocating vietnam You must take into account the items you will need if you plan to relocate to Vietnam from the nation in which you currently reside. Every relocation is distinct. Several of you just have to bring a bag with the absolute necessities, while others may want to bring all of their recent personal belongings.

The first thing you need to ask yourself is: What kind and how much property do I desire to bring with me? Your furniture, your car, your companion animals... According to the items you'll be moving along with you, different rules will apply. It is advised to be well-informed about it in advance to prevent any misadventures.

It is advised to select a maritime container for an international long-distance move because the containers are very useful for keeping things. This enables you to charge every item inside before having it mailed to your new address without delay.

FNM Vietnam will therefore be able to assist you in best-planning your move. They will carefully examine both your old and new addresses, customize the packaging to your personal belongings, and provide you with advice on customs law. All of this is done to perfectly prepare for your move.

You might must to your personal belongings in Vietnam when you go there. You have the option of choosing to ship your personal belongings in advance before arriving in Vietnam, whether it be for a professional office or residential move.

FNM Vietnam has made a name for itself in the moving industry's uniform

Their intrinsic values drive each of their actions and enable them to push the boundaries of what is possible ever further.


customers need help relocating Being very aware, the company pays close attention to caring for its customers, which practically means carefully listening to them in order to meet their needs and expectations. Additionally, clients are supported throughout this process. They will assign you a qualified consultant who will be on hand to address all of your inquiries. Your advisor we'll be sure to heed your request and provide a clear and convincing response in less than 14 hours, seven days a week.

The progress

Their staff members can provide you with ever-innovative and accommodating services because to the ongoing improvement process that drives the business daily. Your personal items will be moved with the utmost care thanks to their expertise and the high caliber of their packaging materials. FNM Vietnam places a premium on continually developing so that your personal effects are handled by their operating skillfully teams during every stage of your action.

The appeal of their services

Without taking into account your budget, FNM Vietnam will always be able to satisfy you. Their relocation services to and from Vietnam are very competitively priced without sacrificing quality.

SIAM advice : If you want to leave your country to settle in Vietnam. We can help you by taking care of all the necessary steps, especially with regard to customs clearance which is an essential phase of the international move. Don't hesitate to contact our experts.

The FNM Vietnam tips to help you get ready to move

What time of year is ideal to anticipate a move?

The earlier you express your needs, the better your relocation will meet your expectations. As your designated consultant must arrange the potential placement, maritime transportation, and operational teams. Additionally, if you prepare well in advance, you will avoid any pitfalls, find the most appealing prices, and go into your new life with a a comprehensive way. Therefore, it is advised to look for movers at least two and a half months before departure for Vietnam.


How is the cost of transportation determined?

You must calculate the volumetric and raw weight of your personal effects for an air move. The greater of the two values that you have discovered will then be saved and used as the foundation for your expedition. The total cubic volume of your personal effects allows you to calculate the price more simply for a land or sea freight shipment.

How can I move my assets with the highest level of security?

The most delicate part of a move is the packaging. A good conditioning program enables you to safeguard your possessions from any physical constraints that the environment may impose on your personal effects. This is why using professional services enables you to avoid any misfortune that can arise during your move. Additionally, if you don't go via a qualified company to condition your personal effects, your insurance may decline to pay you back for any potential damages caused during your move.

Administrative planning for your medium- or long-term stay in Vietnam

FNM Vietnam offers door-to-door services. They handle all the logistical steps involved in a move, in other words. Everything can be taken into account on your request, from the condition of departure to the landing in your new residence, not to mention delivery, customs clearance, and interim license acquisition. Their responsibility is to support you through every legal step that allows to enter or depart from Vietnam legally.

They will be able to provide you with all the information required for a smooth transition and prevent any mishaps at the time of your relocation thanks to their good relationships with Vietnamese customs authorities.

Our go-to partner for any relocation to Vietnam is FNM Vietnam, thanks to their consistently competitive prices and consistent high-quality services. They will manage your change of country effectively thanks to their worldwide agent network and good working relationships with the Vietnamese customs authorities. All of these reasons lead us to recommend FNM Vietnam for all of your moving needs to or from Vietnam.

International Relocation to Vietnam – Customs clearance

Import of personal effects into Vietnam: Customs regulations

pêcheur vietnam Once in Vietnam, a visitor must make a request for an immigration card at the immigration office, which is most frequently located close to the passport examination area. The immigration card must be completed at this time and stamped by customs officials.

After being stamped, the immigration card is then given to the destination agent, who disposes of the household goods. It is necessary to review the information on the immigration card if the customer needs to leave and return to Vietnam. The client must be in Vietnam at the time of redoubt. To assess the duty and filter out any cultural objects, every shipment is physically inspected. The right ranges from 40% to 70% of the value determined by the customs examination. The highest rate is applied to electrical and electronic products, including household appliances. Only people with diplomatic status are permitted to import rights-free goods.

To be eligible for the right to import as a franchise, offices affiliated with the UN or other ONG must be listed in the "Memorandum of Agreement." Do not mark "embalmed by the owner" on any items (PBO). Every box used for shipping must have the client's name as it appears on their passport.

Diplomatic statute

Foreign diplomats are permitted to enter into rights franchises provided as they do not exceed their allotment for vehicles, alcohol, and electronics.

The Ministry of Culture has the right to inspect books, cassettes, and antiques.

The duty of inspecting shipments at the port of entry is frequently exercised by the douanes. The same limits apply to UN employees, and UN contract employees may be given full rights to the shipment as a whole.

Need for a document

  • Diplomatic franchise
  • Passeport
  • Comprehensive English inventory list
  • A letter of authorization allowing the recipient agent to verify the delivery

Goods Prohibited from Import to Vietnam

  • Controlled chemical products, psychoactive drugs, and antibiotics
  • Pornography, obscenity, and subversive materials of all kinds
  • publications, videos, and politically conscious software
  • Reproductions of materials and videos protected by author's rights, as well as counterfeit goods
  • Weapons, swords, and firepower, including compressed-air weapons, artillery, explosives, and ammunition
  • Peaches, defenses, claws, etc. from any animal on the list of species that are threatened with extinction.
  • Telecom equipment, short-wave radios, parabolic antennas, etc., as well as strategic products.

Animal relocation to Vietnam

Domesticated animals may be imported with license rights. The majority of domesticated animals, including dogs, cats, and birds, are allowed to be imported without a quarantine.

At least five days prior to arrival, copies of the following documents must be given to the destination agent at least five days before arrival. The client is required to be in the country of Vietnam at the redoubt. It is preferable for the companion animal to travel in the aircraft with its owner.

Car relocation to Vietnam

Vehicle moving are being discouraged.

For non-diplomats and returning citizens, the current legal limit is 600 percent. Any and all vehicles must be brand new. The vehicles must be driven left-handed. The motorcycles are strictly limited to those measuring 175 cm3 or less. It takes about a month for the deflation. If one chooses to import a vehicle, it must be shipped separately to prevent delivery delays. A permit to import a new vehicle with right of use may be requested by diplomats and United Nations employees. The approval is based on an assigned import quota. If you want a free car moving quote, contact us today.

Alert SIAM : Importing used vehicles into Vietnam is prohibited.

Required documents

  • Detailed packing list with the chassis and engine numbers included.
  • Commercial Factor
  • Registration of the company in Vietnam
  • A letter of authorization allowing the recipient agent to verify the delivery.

woman vietnam paddy

Things you should know before relocating to Vietnam

Entry and exit emergencies

It is advised to obtain a multiple entry visa. Even if you have a valid visa, your entry into Vietnam may be denied. Vietnamese immigration regulations mandate that foreigners entering Vietnam only carry out the tasks for which their visas have been issued. If you want to change the purpose of your visit, you must get approval from the relevant Vietnamese authority in advance.

If you intend to enter Laos on foot, you need to acquire the specific sort of Vietnamese visa that is attached to your passport.

Information SIAM : In order to enter Laos, travelers must provide proof that they have left Vietnam, which cannot be demonstrated with an adhesive visa. When travelers leave Vietnam, Vietnamese government employees remove their detachable visas from their passports, leaving them without any record of their most recent visit to Vietnam. The Laotian authorities may demand that the traveler return to Vietnam as a result of this circumstance.

Safety and security

The American public is encouraged to sign up for the "intelligent travelers" program in order to stay informed of the most recent security and safety announcements made by the embassy in your area.

Your registration may also enable the Department of State to connect with your family and friends in an emergency.

After traveling in areas close to Vietnam's borders with China, Cambodia, and Laos, some American citizens were detained. There is no warning and these areas are not always marked regarding prohibited movements. You must have at least two copies of your American passport with you. If your passport is not with you, you could face interrogation in several areas of Vietnam.

Report the loss or theft of your American passport to the local police, the American embassy, or the American consulate general if it has been lost or stolen.

To request an additional passport and a Vietnamese exit visa, the neighborhood police must provide you with a police report.


Driving while intoxicated in Vietnam may result in fines, the suspension of your driver's license, or even imprisonment.


There is no cap on the sum in US dollars or other currency can import into or export from Vietnam.

However, you must declare foreign money (including traveler's checks and physical currency) worth more than $7000 USD (or the equivalent) to customs upon arrival and departure. The employees may stop you or demand an adjustment at the entry or exit points and seize your money if you fail to declare the amounts mentioned above.


International standards are not met by Vietnam's medical facilities, and frequently lack supplies and medications.

Outside of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, medical staff may not speak any English at all. Regarding health services, an immediate payment in cash is expected.

For minor illnesses and injuries, the international hospitals in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City can offer adequate care, but more serious issues frequently call for a medical evacuation to Bangkok or Singapore. Some medications that are commonly used are not offered in Vietnam as they are in the United States.

To ensure you have enough medicine during your trip, you must bring it with you. Fumigation of wooden packaging materials: The ISPM15 regulation is enforced by Vietnam for packaging wood materials (WPM). The official webpage can be found here :Vietnamese authorities

SIAM advice : Don't stay in Thailand for longer than three months per trip. Keep your passport in case it is needed if you recently changed it.

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