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SIAM Relocation is an international moving company, with a multilingual team who will adapt to all your needs. We will accompany you in every step of your moving process. Efficient and professional, SIAM Relocation has only the client’s interest in mind.

Also, it’s been a few years now that SIAM Relocation works only with members of FIDI, FAIM and IAM. It a way for us to guarantee the quality of our moving services worldwide. We are not affiliated directly with FIDI and FAIM to allow us some flexibility regarding some specific operations.

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About FIDI

As one of the largest global alliance of professional international moving and relocation companies FIDI regroup over 600 affiliates in more than 100 countries.

This organization proposes multiple services such as delivering comprehensive global mobility information to families, individuals, and companies.

FIDI Affiliates are complying with the FIDI-FAIM quality standards. It is a way for the client to be sure that his belongings will be handled by top-quality movers since they are apart of the FIDI network. Our main purposes are the customer’s trust and satisfaction.

FIDI’s vision & mission

As a federation, FIDI is representing the interests of the companies specialized in international movings and relocations. Members are enterprises acting on behalf of the international mobility industry worldwide. The vision of FIDI is to promote the FIDI Affiliates as the “movers of choice” for international relocation. The mission of FIDI is to develop the best practices to enhance the quality of services of its companies.

FIDI’s commitment to quality

Usually, when the client moves to another country, he is looking for a high-quality service and FIDI is here to guide them. We all know that the last thing you want when you move is a poor service and to collect your belongings damaged by the transport.

The FIDI Global Alliance recognize this claim by improving the FIDI Accredited International Mover (FAIM) Quality Management Programme. This is a certification programme devoted exclusively to the international moving industry. The programme matured by taking ideas from all the global international moving companies.

The FAIM Quality Management Programme

In the FAIM Standards, it is clearly defined the coherent quality requirements which the member companies must conform with. These standards are detailing precise requirements for operations and services to customers. The quality requirements overlay all aspects of an international move, like the services, vehicles of the company, processes, staff training, warehouse services and facilities…

The FAIM Standards are associated with the “FAIM Certification Programme”  to ensure that each FIDI-FAIM always keeps the expected high level of quality. Every FIDI Affiliate’s Head Office must pass through a recurrent assessment, that is independent of their international moving activities. If they eventually fail their evaluation, their contract with FIDI is directly canceled.

The FIDI advantage resides in the fact that they are a top quality global Alliance and they work hard with all their affiliate to ensure greatness of achievement to the clients. For an international customer, choosing a FIDI Affiliate is a synonym of excellence from A to Z.


Being a FIDI member is highly valued, and to ensure that it’s still continuing, all FIDI Affiliates must guarantee to respect high ethical standards.

All FIDI Affiliates agree to sign and to be led by the Charter’s provisions. The Charter covers their employees and any associated third parties proposing services to or on behalf of the FIDI Affiliates.

The Charter is a total part of the FAIM. The procedural and audit requirements will form part of the FAIM Implementation Manual and the Pre-Audit evaluation.

This Charter will be officially incorporated into the FAIM quality standard.

The services of FIDI

Success in today’s competitive international moving industry requires a knowledge of the market, of our associates and of the final client.

For the client, the FIDI International Alliance is proposing a grid of business firm offering the best quality for their global move.

For associates, FIDI assists them in their activity by supplying a range of assistance like:

  • Coaching
  • Occurrence
  • Monetary guarding
  • Data
  • Panel of industry experts
  • Networking possibilities


The FIDI Academy gives a broad choice of specialized training programs related to the industry. FIDI makes training a priority because it has a positive impact on company satisfaction outcome. The FIDI Academy has created a profession path system that identifies and recompenses persons and firms that advertise market understanding.


The annual FIDI conference gathers Associates from all over the planet. Company meetings, networking, and friendly events are part of the program. They reproduce the best opportunities for Associates to meet each other and do business in a cozy ambiance.

Monetary guarding

Helping you to protect your cash flow is essential for FIDI; That’s why FIDI has a Payment Preservation Project (PPP) that helps Associates preserve up to 90% of the value of their bills.

Involvement in the PPP is simple and oblige you to report unpaid bills on time.


Staying knowledgeable about the moving industry and the latest developments at FIDI is one of FIDI’s precedence. FIDI stays in contact with its Associates and other interested parties by various channels and materials; this site is just one of them.

Panel of industry experts

The experts provide advice, suggestions and choices in fields like conflicts between affiliates of FIDI, FAIM objection disputes and other manufacturing issues.

Recognition of quality

Over the years, the FIDI International Alliance has placed itself as the only representative of high global moving quality and destination assistance in the world.

The FIDI International Alliance has led this by developing the FIDI Accredited International Mover (FAIM) quality management plan. It is the most demanded and unique quality certification plan devoted only to the global moving industry. It has been created by acquiring reflections and practices from the best of the international moving firms worldwide.

The quality management plan of FIDI Accredited International Mover

The plan is founded on the “FIDI Accredited International Mover Norm” which incorporates more than two-hundred quality requirements that a firm must conform to. Quality needs wrap all aspects of the service of a global move. They consider all facets like assistances, operations, the formation of the employees, vehicle and building upkeep, moving company equipments…

The FIDI Accredited International Mover Norm is related to the “FIDI Accredited International Mover Certification Plan” created to ensure that every FIDI-FAIM qualified firm maintains this elevated degree of quality every time. Each affiliate of FIDI must undergo a regularly personal evaluation of its international relocation activities. If they regress in their evaluation, they are fired from FIDI.

This severe quality management plan enables FIDI to promise high quality to the final client and to aid the satisfactory outcome of its Associates. In parallel for a FIDI Associate partnered with another FIDI Associate in a distinct country, this means that both companies work according to the identical flawless quality norms.

FIDI-FAIM qualification

The FIDI-FAIM qualification plan requires that global movers periodically perform a personal evaluation of their intercontinental relocation activities through a personal inspection conducted every 3 years.

This guarantees that FIDI firms function according to a common global standard for the management and execution of international moving assistance in a consistent, efficient and quality way. In addition, it supplies a transparent procedure that guarantees high norms.

From the opinion of the customers, a FAIM offers people who move the trust and the means to make the right thing.

FIDI Accredited International Movers are managed by the FIDI Accredited International Mover Coordination Center (FCC) situated at FIDI Headquarters in Brussels.

SIAM Relocation works only with IAM members (International Association of Movers).

About IAM

International Association of Movers ( IAM) is the biggest association in the moving industry. Counting more than 2 000 members, It includes companies which are supplying moving, shipping and logistics services in more than 170 countries. Since 1962, IAM encourages the growth and the success of his members by offering programs, resources, and unequalled possibilities of networking to improve their companies and services.

Code of International Ethics of the Association of Movers ( IAM)

As a partner of several members of the International Association of Movers, we recognize the importance of the ethical principles which guides the work of the moving companies, their suppliers and their staff:

  • We recognize and respect the similarities and the cultural differences between all our collaborators.
  • We’re leading our activities in a responsible and professional way.
  • We’re dealing fairly with all the customers, the members of the association and other commercial entities.
  • We’re adhering to the policies of honesty and integrity according to the recognized principles of business conduct.
  • We are true and sincere in our trade communication.
  • We respect all the legal agreements in which we left, including the agreements with the customers, the Association and the members of the Association.
  • We are paying to our just obligation. We’re trying hard to conform to all the applicable laws and to the governmental regulations.
  • We’re not competing inequitably with the other members. We’re refraining ourselves from any activity which compromises the association or one of his members.

Development of IAM standards

IAM supports the elaboration of common standards for its members and the industry. More exactly, it developed a system which codifies the information of the expeditions of domestic properties and facilitates the exchange of data between the speakers of the industry, as well as the members of the IAM. The IAM makes the effort to make it recognized as a world standard with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

Thanks to this process, IAM identified the necessity of splitting the standard into two parts not to confuse the future users of the standard:

  • Codification of the information of expedition and the contents
  • Electronic exchange of data

What a world standard means for the members of the IAM

IAM will keep working with experts of the constituted workgroup ISO (experts of the industry named by their national standards body) to normalize the codes with the aim of supplying a common language by which all the stakeholders of the industry can communicate. A set normalized of codes means that the employees of your operations can record an inventory in their own language, thanks to the digital code.


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