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Storage services in Bangkok

You may need to store your belongings, SIAM Relocation makes you benefit from storage solutions, both in Thailand and abroad if needed.

Renting your home? Delivery is postponed? Need a long-term storage? Transit? We offer warehousing services all over Thailand and especially in Bangkok.

***Before storage, your goods are carefully packed, put on pallets or wooden box, everything is listed in our database.***

Our warehouses are protected by video surveillance, everything is kept under sealed containers. We supply storage boxes and metal containers of 30 m3 for larger volumes or vehicles. Access is strictly reserved for authorized personnel.

SIAM Relocation has been awarded ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and FAIM-ISO accreditation for shelter from temperature fluctuations and fire hazards, proof of the quality and reliability of its infrastructures.

To widen the range of the storage options we offer, we expanded these services in the whole country, not only in Bangkok.

Through our experience, we realized that customers may need storage service because they can’t ship all their belongings at once , often due to a lack of space. In this case, we provide short term and long-term self-storage service to adapt our offer to your needs. Your satisfaction is our success.

You need price ? You want to know how will it work ? Do not panic ! Our experts are here:



Our Warehouses

SIAM Relocation offer storage for personal effects in secure warehouses around Thailand. Our warehouses are secured by a system of surveillance equipped with cameras, or by a more traditional solution with a guard keeping an eye on your belongings all day long.

We select our warehouses based on multiple conditions:

  • Safe locking systems
  • New alarm systems and 24/7 guard presence
  • Ventilation & humidity
  • Standard treatment against rats, insects and any other pests
  • Regularly controlled

Packing for Storage

In addition to our storage service, we provide professional packing service with high standard policies.

Moreover, items are packed into adapted boxes, fragile furniture are shipped with bubble wrap protection and/or packed into wooden crate if necessary. This process makes all the shipment very safe and help us to avoid issues as damages or lost.

SIAM Advice: The packing material is obviously of the highest quality in order to secure all your belongings. SIAM Relocation has also innovated in the way your items are being packed, to ensure constant improvement. During the move, our team will make a packing list which will be an official document used by local customs. This document will list all items of your move and will help to avoid problems of delay or others.

Storage Management

All belongings are stored by person as one unique parcel regardless of the size of the parcel. The place is sealed from arrival to departure in order to make the place fully private for the customer.

Free Trade Zone

SIAM Relocation provides warehousing service in what we call “Free Trade Zone”. It allows your belongings to arrive at destination but to store all of them in an international zone until you need to deliver them at final destination. Keeping the personal effect in an international zone allow you not to pay immediately duties and taxes, which could be very good point for your cash flow.

Info SIAM: TPARK, one of the leading warehousing providers in Thailand : TPARK Buys 180 rai in Bangkok Free Trade Zone Project

Your dedicated SIAM Expert will verify with you all specific needs in order to avoid any kind of issue.


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