Moving from Thailand

Let us be clear

First thing first, you never know how difficult a relocation from Thailand is, until you have experienced it personally. Your expectations are far from the reality, and without a strong local knowledge of the market, you cannot predict what will happen.

Many things can make your moving experience very frustrating:

  • Thailand Customs officers can be sometimes very versatile,
  • Some moving quotes  are not clear to understand,
  • You hardly make the difference between what’s included or excluded in the price you pay,

Our decade of experience in international relocation taught us that moving internationally has never been an easy process to deal with, particularly from Thailand. Many different protagonists are involved, several steps require a lot of attention, and it seems like there is always a big part of uncertainty regarding what has been achieved and what was required. Beginning with the packing process, then the loading and the warehousing, the customs requirements in the two countries involved, the different transports used between the two places, and the unpacking to finish with, going through all of this without a hitch seems like a masterwork.

Our strengths

Because Thailand culture is very rich and complex, in terms of communication and manners, we firstly focused our development on integrating Thai collaborators in all the critical steps of your moving, including the packing and the customs clearance. Our permanent contact with the Thailand Customs makes us always aware of the legal details and changes in the exporting goods regulation.

Thanks to this we will perfectly know, just by looking at your belongings, what is required to do in order to transfer each of them. We really emphasize transparency, so we will clearly tell you at the very beginning what will be easy to do, what should require special paperwork, what will be expensive to clear…

What we can do

As your goods should arrive at destination without breakage, we’re investing a lot of time and money in the training of our packing teams. Thanks to their hard work and enthusiasm, we’re able to provide state of the art packing for all types of goods, and all dimensions.

If you have a complete house to clear, some furniture and belonging in your condo, or just a few things to put in a few boxes, our professional packing team will always do it for you with involvement. If you need to move a piano, any type of art, heavy and large furniture, tiny and fragile jewelry, a big tv screen, a motorbike or a car, do not be afraid to ask us to handle it, this is an integral part of our proficiency.

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Depending on the total volume and weight of your goods, we can book for the transfer a full container (FCL), 40’ HQ (76 CBM), 40’ (67 CBM) or 20’ (33 CBM) or less than a container (LCL) if you have less than 15 CBM.

Depending on the destination of your goods, we can put the container on a truck, a train or vessel, to send it to your new residence.

If there is a time delay between the time you move and the time your goods should arrive, our personal warehouses allows us to stock your belongings for the needed time, at ultra-competitive prices.

Because the customs clearance is the hotspot of your moving, we decided to build a Thai native team exclusively dedicated to the contact with the Customs and Authority. This ensures us to avoid all misunderstanding, and problems that may exists.

*Thanks to them, we can visualise and master completely the hidden part of the Iceberg called “Customs”. That’s an unneglectable advantage, and it will permit you to remain stress-free when this step is in progress.

Moving to Thailand

We should tell you

As an international mover specialized in Thailand, it is our responsibility to warn you about how difficult a relocation to Thailand can be. You surely don’t realise the complexity of the process until you’re fully immerged in it.

The customs authority here in Thailand is very persnickety on what is entering the country and being far from your goods can be very frustrating when they are screened by unpredictable customs officers. Feeling powerless is one of the worst sensations, no matter the situation you’re in.

Some movers are unscrupulous, as they don’t master all the steps of the process and are not clearly telling what is going on. Our strong local knowledge on the Thai market, our Thai crew, and our constant contact with the local customs and authorities are advantages that minimize tremendously the risks if we handle your relocation. Our quote system will let you know clearly what is included and excluded, and what are the different costs involved.

Our unique power

Thailand is very notorious for its cultural wealth and variety. As a westerner, it is long to understand the manners in communication, and what are truly involving the words that are told. To avoid all misunderstandings, our international team has always been composed of native Thailand staff that are involved in all the important processes of the relocation. From the moment that we receive your packing list, we will tell you what must be done to send your belongings here in Thailand. You will be entirely aware of what you can and cannot make enter the territory of Thailand, what requires extra paperwork, what goods will have heavy import duties…

What is possible

From the moment that your goods are sent from your country, we will detail you what are the next steps coming, how long they will last, and what to expect next.

The customs clearance being the second step that your goods will go through after discharging them from the vessel or plane, our team of Thai/international people will be fully in charge of the contact with the local customs authorities. All misunderstandings and difficulties that can occur will be averted, thanks to them. We are also aware of all the official and unofficial parts involved with the customs, so we can anticipate all the situations that can happen and master it. This odd is not under-estimable, so your calm and tempered nature will not be strained.

*That’s one of the things that all our previous clients appreciated well.

After your goods are cleared, and delivered to your place, another delicate part of your relocation is the unpacking. Our packing/unpacking teams emphasis on the safety of your personal effects when we handle them. We spend hours of training each month, so they are well-prepared and reminded about how to perfectly master this process. No matter what type of goods you’re having, what are their weight and dimensions, don’t hesitate to tell us. We are used to taking care of cars, pianos, tv screens, jewelry… Also, if you’re coming to Thailand a few times after your goods, our modern warehouses will be the ideal place to hold them. Safe & secured by our security team 24/7, and well equipped with CCTV cameras, your goods can stay in a good, clean, and safe atmosphere for the time that you need. We’re owning these warehouses, so we can stock your personal belongings at a competitive price.

Why choose us?

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Our capacities

  • Specialized in international removals in Thailand
  • Local and Worldwide network
  • Dedicated Customs Service
  • Multilingual Team
  • Flexibility in offers
  • Dedicated operational and relocation follow-up
  • Thai staff

What we stand for

  • Reactivity
  • Flexibility
  • Proximity
  • Professionalism
  • Transparency
  • Competitiveness

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