Express shipping

Our Express service, more commonly referred to “Courrier service“, is a very specific shipping solution we are used to propose to customers with small volume (usually below 1 CBM / 200 Kgs depending on the destination). This solution has several advantages including the timing, easy going solution and price for small volume.

Courier Services for Thailand and Overseas

Whatever your needs, SIAM Relocation you will always find. Our range of services satisfy many different needs. We have reactive delivery teams that deliver each of your packages with the utmost care and speed.

How to arrange our courier service?

Once you have contacted us for an express shipping request our teams will take care of everything. You can very well send your package to one of our warehouses, we can also pick them up at a chosen location.

How much are our courier services?

Prices vary according to the destination but also according to the weight of the package. Another impacting factor is the delivery speed chosen for delivery. There are ways to pay less, indeed a withdrawal or removal from one of our warehouses will save you money.

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You have to be careful when you compare the price of deliveries by couriers, you have to have in mind the services that are also provided. For our company we have guaranteed delivery dates and a compensatory insurance of at least 2 000 THB. With these services included you can demand a full refund if your package arrives with long delay or damages.

International Courier Services

We can offer you to send your parcels to many places in the world. With SIAM Relocation you can have a lot of flexibility on your shipments. We have many different partners who bring us experience to send us.

Siam Relocation guarantee

In the event of a problem, for example if your merchandise fails to reach its destination or the delivery time has passed, SIAM Relocation will reimburse you in full or proportionally the cost of transport. You will receive more or less money depending on the selected sending service.


We offer a wide range of choices for the collection of your package or where you want to collect it. Door-to-door service is a service we offer, but it is always possible to pick-up or drop parcels on your own.

Track and trace

If you contact our teams they will be able to inform you of the progress of the transport of your parcel.

Express courier – A step by step process


FAQ – Transport Express

Which countries do Siam Relocation deliver to?

We have no restrictions on the territory. This corresponds to 240 countries covering 99.6% of the world’s population.

What if my item is fragile?

Your items to be transported may be fragile so as to better protect them, be sure to put labels with fragile inscriptions on the side of the cardboard. Thus they will be handled with more precaution by our teams. Some of these items will not be covered in case of damage. You will find all the information on these articles on our site.

What items can’t I send with you?

Some transport can cause problems. Certain goods are delivered according to certain restrictions, so there may be problems with this. Some goods are also prohibited from transit, this corresponds to potentially dangerous products. For some hazardous products we will have to return them or, in some cases, destroy them. So please be warned about what is possible to transport for you with our company.

Can I send more than one item in the same parcel?

Indeed this solution is conceivable, but one must make sure that each object is packed individually.

My parcel was late/damaged/lost, so why I am not eligible for compensation?

You may not be eligible for financial compensation for various reasons. You may be carrying products that do not have this type of compensation or you have been able to pack the package improperly contrary to the required instructions. When it comes to dangerous goods there is no financial compensation possible. Various fragile, perishable and precious items are also excluded from the compensation, including jewellery, antiques or glassware.



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Due to our attractive pricing, many customers trust our services and we thanks them. Stop to overpay the services and save money with our tailored package matching will all type of removals, from small volume to full house, let us find the best and cost-effective option.

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