Moving to Bangkok: cost of living, pros and cons

Moving to Bangkok: cost of living, pros and cons

Do you intend to live abroad in another country? Do you like Bangkok and Thailand’s fascinating culture? Nearly 30 million tourists visited this enormous city, which is home to more than 8 million people, in 2015. Medical travel is a lucrative sector since Bangkok's facilities are well-known and less expensive than those in Western countries. Bangkok serves as Thailand's financial center and is where the bulk of Thai banks are headquartered. Want to learn more about this location before considering moving away? SIAM Relocation gives you all the resources you need.

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Moving to Bangkok: the Pros

cost of living

Living in the biggest city in Thailand has several benefits, especially if you enjoy going out.

Cost of living

The capital of Thailand has a low cost of living. It will only cost you $2.07 to eat in a neighborhood restaurant. The cost of housing is likewise relatively low. The cost of renting has little bearing on the cost in France. However, you should be aware that Bangkok has a much higher cost of living than the rest of the nation.

Outdoors: What to do in Bangkok?

The nightlife in a number of Bangkok neighborhoods is well-known. Party goers will like the wide variety of bars and clubs available.

wat pho

Those who enjoy shopping should also be happy. Bangkok has no shortage of retail establishments. The luxury industry has a strong presence. You can exercise or take advantage of a sizable market on the weekends. In the city, there are lots of gyms.

Here are a few iconic Bangkok locations that shouldn't be missed.

An enormous statue of the lying Buddha is housed in Wat Pho, the biggest temple in the nation.

The Emerald Buddha, one of Thailand's most revered statues, may be found at the Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaew.The Emerald Buddha statue

Jim Thompson's home is a tranquil, traditional Thai teak-wood building with a lovely collection of artwork.

The Chatuchak market is only open on the weekends and offers a wide variety of goods, clothing, and regional cuisine.

The Chao Praya Express is a boat that travels over the Chao Praya river and offers views of Bangkok's scenery.

One of the biggest retail centers in Asia, the MBK Shopping Center has eight floors.

Bangkok's Khao San Road has a vibrant nightlife with a wide variety of bars and clubs.Khao San Road nightlife best attractions bangkok

Enjoy a drink while taking in the view of Bangkok's rooftops from a rooftop bar.rooftops view what to do in bangkok

Bangkok Lady Boys Show is a vibrant dancing performance.

A twenty euro budget is required to watch a Thai boxing match.

The city's two night markets are the Rot Fai Market and the Patpong Night Market.the Rot Fai Market bangkok

The dance performance Siam Niramit represents Thai culture.

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Thai Food

Thai food relocationThai food is flavorful and diverse. There are other, less exotic dishes available for those who do not enjoy Asian food. There are eateries in Bangkok from every country.

The lifestyle

Thai people are renowned for their contagious smiles and tranquil outlook on life.

However, stealing is hardly ever an issue. Bangkok does not experience this ailment, in contrast to other capital cities throughout the world. Without worrying that they will be taken, leave your bags on a table.

Relocating to Bangkok: the Cons

Undoubtedly, there are benefits and drawbacks to residing in Bangkok.


moving to bangkok air pollutionThe issue of pollution is still quite problematic in Bangkok. The capital is indeed very filthy. It is preferable to wear a mask when riding a bicycle or walking. A different location should be used if you have breathing issues.


The amount of noise in the city is absolutely astounding. Bangkok is a city that never stops moving and is constantly occupied. Living in Bangkok can rapidly become quite exhausting and demanding, despite the Thai mentality.

The overall climate

moving to thailand the cons flooding in BangkokIn the city, it is hot. Around 35 °C is the average temperature from March to June. On the other hand, the rainy season lasts from July through October. There is a substantial risk of flooding and the rainstorms are intense.

Winter lasts from November through February, with temperatures between 24 and 28 °C. The tourist season is currently in full swing.

It's good to know that office and public spaces have air conditioning inside. Therefore, it is advisable to cover yourself when going to the store or the movies.

Travelling through the city

crowded roads -no side walks Traveling in Bangkok is challenging. Because there are no sidewalks in the city, pedestrianization is not encouraged. And traveling by car or bus is not more convenient. Bangkok's traffic is incredibly congested and difficult to navigate. There are constantly gridlocks. Be patient in order to go about the Thai capital. The subway or a motorcycle is the best modes of transportation.

However, keep in mind that not all the city is served by the subway and that riding a bicycle can be extremely hazardous.In fact, Thailand has no traffic laws. On the other side, you may find cabs at any time and on every corner of the street.

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A job in Bangkok

The unemployment rate in Thailand was essentially zero in 2015 (0.8%). The manufacturing, healthcare, high-tech, textile, and hospitality sectors use the most foreign workers. In addition, one of the professions in Bangkok that employs the most people is teaching English, notably in international schools. A teacher in these schools makes at least $1300 per month; if you have more experience, your income will be higher. The average monthly income for an expat is between $2,070.65 and $3,105.98 , and the minimum wage is $1,263.27

However, it's important to be aware that several professions in Thaïland, such as those in medicine, handicrafts, accountancy, dressmaking, tour guiding, or hairstyling, are prohibited to foreigners.

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The steps of expatriation to Bangkok

You ultimately decide to relocate to Bangkok. To be expatriated, a few procedures must be finished:

  • The first step is to obtain information from the Thai embassy in France. The rules governing visas do actually alter regularly;To live and work continuously in Thailand, you need both a non-immigrant visa and a work permit. There are numerous visas available depending on your individual and professional situations (worker, expatriate family, student, retiree). If you apply for a work visa, you must show that you have the resources to live comfortably in Thailand.
  • A letter from your company and employment documentation are also required.
  • To open a bank account in Thailand, you'll need your passport, work permit, and proof of residency. Remember that English is not the language used in many contracts. use an interpreter to help!
  • In order to live in Bangkok, families must enroll their children in school. The Lycée Français International de Bangkok offers education for students in kindergarten through grade twelve. There are two more bilingual English-French daycare facilities in Bangkok: the Acacia Center and the P'titsBouts. Another choice is to enrol in one of the 40 foreign schools in Bangkok.

   No one can ignore the unsettling nature of Bangkok. When the expat first arrives in the nation, they could face culture shock. However, the French community plays a significant role and helps you feel less isolated in a big city.

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