avoiding issues with international mower

Avoiding issues with International Mover

In this article we are going to present you how not to have problems with the international moving company. For that, we will guide you to choose a good mover. If you have any questions or if you are looking for a mover, do not hesitate to contact us!

How to find a good mover company?

If you have made several queries to organize your move, you will have to choose the best proposal. But what you need to know is that it is not necessarily the cheapest that should hold your attention.

Detect scams: pay attention to the “cheap”.

The move is an important budget. So if you can avoid spending too much money on the mover, it’s always worth saving. But how can we be certain that the society we are going to choose will provide a quality service? Delays, extra charges, breakages … there are many factors that could make you pay even more expensive.

Siam Relocation can help you locate unreliable movers. Having the possibility of recognizing a possible scam before it falls on you can save you some financial and material problems. But how to anticipate and detect these scams?

5 Frequent cases of scams:

Case 1: A quote without a visit.

If the mover sends you a quote online or by phone without having visited your home, it means that it’s not a good start. Moreover, you should be worried if he tells you that he does not need to come to you to estimate the cost of your move. The documents that you have filled out may be very precise, it does not always give you a precise idea of the time needed to load and unload your furniture and boxes. In addition, the mover could blame you, on the day of the move, not to have told him everything, and ask you for a financial supplement in addition to your previous expenses. In the meantime, nowadays, the technology allows mover company to make a survey through video transmission as Skype.

Case 2: An excessive deposit payment.

Most of the time, the movers ask for the payment of about 30% of the total cost of the move in the form of a deposit. A company that asks you more than 30% is synonymous with worry, however, you may refuse.

Case 3: No evidence of value.

In order to cover the loss, degradation, or theft of the goods to be transported, moving companies are subject to an insurance subscription. As a result, in the event of damage to your property, the compensation arrangements are detailed in a document called “the declaration of value”. Before selecting the company that will handle your move, be sure to check the amounts of compensation provided by your respective insurance and compare them with those of other companies surveyed.

Case 4: A mover without company.

Be sure to work with a moving company that has a sales office in your area. Also, if you call your phone number, there is never anyone to answer you, it’s synonymous with scam. This can be a sign that your mover is not really a professional and that he rents trucks according to the requests he receives, which is not necessarily reassuring!

Case n ° 5: No written quotation or quotation “not at all”

If the mover has not confirmed to you, in writing, the price he has indicated to you by telephone, this is not a good sign. You must request written quotations and read them carefully so that you are aware of all the clauses before you commit. Moreover, if a company sends you a quote far removed from the previous receipts, you can be sure that the move will cost you more in the end. Be careful not to be misled by unrealistic commercial approaches.

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