Moving tips

Siam Relocation provide you some moving tips

Moving to another country may confront you with challenges that you have not thought of before. These can be even more surprising if you go to the other side of the world. In this article, we will give you some tips to make your move easier and cheaper.

Lighten up:

It is not necessarily necessary to encumber you with some imposing effects. Besides the sentimental value, they can have for you, you can easily redeem them (and sometimes cheaper) in your new country. For example, ask yourself the question of bringing your car or old sofa, old clothes, appliances or gas cooker. Your move could be an opportunity for you to renew all your belongings to save on your move.

Daily services:

Before arriving in your country of destination, do not forget to inquire about everyday services that you will necessarily need. What phone plan for me once there? Should I open a new bank account to limit fees? Are there health insurance schemes and mutual insurance schemes? Anticipation is the key to a successful move. It is quite common to omit this kind of benefits as they have become automatic in our daily lives.

Prepare your move:

At first, do not hesitate to contact us to explain your project your expectations and your needs. We will take great pleasure in advising you in your approach.

Then, differentiate the goods you want to bring with you, and those you want to get rid of. Post an ad on the Internet or contact an association for goods you do not need.

Once everything is ready, our movers will take your furniture to your home to begin the journey to your new life. You can also load them yourself in one of our trucks to save some money.

Finally, once we have recovered your furniture, enjoy your trip in total serenity before recovering your new home!