International move with pets

International move with pets

When we move, we bring furniture, photos, kitchen utensils, everything that makes our daily lives. Your animal is also part of your life, so it follows the movement. In a new territory that he will have to make his own, help him find his new brands.

How to organize an international move with animals?

Before the move, when the house is empty

His environment is about to change radically: be careful not to make him lose his bearings by leaving some of his objects in the usual places and making your daily outings at the same hours.

Your pet is moving?

He needs to breathe well, to hydrate himself, and to do his needs. Do not hesitate to multiply the breaks on the road.

He feels lost after moving!

Once there, let him discover his new environment and think of making available objects and smells he recognizes. It may be that he seeks to mark his territory, do not be too strict, he will have to find his new brands.

If he is no longer welcome

It was part of your routine and your habits. If your new living environment is no longer countable with your pet: give it to a friend, take it to a shelter or entrust it to the SPA. Anyway, think of the joys it has brought you: abandonment is not a solution because you will quickly realize that you miss it!

For rent, see with the owner

For rent, especially in the case of furnished, inquire as it may be that your landlord does not allow you to own a pet in your new home. Check beforehand your rights and prohibitions on the lease and the house rules. Also be aware that you will be held responsible for damage caused by your animal friends.


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International Move with fish

During your move, if you own freshwater or saltwater fish it is imperative to keep a good amount and a good quality of water.

To choose the container of his fish

In the case of the transport of fish it is necessary to be equipped with a good aquarium with fish. You can find it in any pet shop or DIY store, it is a plastic container with a foam polystyrene coating. The aquarium must also be large enough to accommodate all the fish you need to transport. If you have too many fish in too small a space it can be very dangerous for them.

Protect the container during the move

When the time of the move arrives put your fish in an insulated bag. Do not hesitate to protect it more than it is necessary to ensure its tightness. You need closed containers so that the slightest shock your fish are not likely to escape the bucket.

Fill the container with water from the aquarium

When transporting never fill the container that will contain you with fresh water coming from the tap. Use the water that was in the aquarium. The water at the top of the aquarium is also of better quality for transport because the bottom is soiled by batteries bad for the health of the fish. The container should be half-filled with water and half full of air as it will need it during transport.

Air during the move

It is quite important to ventilate the container to regenerate the air it contains. If this is not possible try to do it with a hydrogen peroxide pump when the move is very long.

Stop feeding his fish

We must stop feeding the fish two days before the move, it’s like before a trip. Thanks to this method the water will remain clean, note that most fish can spend a week without food.

Do not dispose of unused aquarium water

Keep the water in your aquarium for recycling in the new aquarium. The general rule for this type of transport is not to add more than 20% freshwater to the old water of the aquarium.

Move with your fish in the aquarium

This method is not very recommended. But you may not have the choice, in which case you will have to remove half of the water from the aquarium and the aerator. To close your aquarium use a plastic film to hold water and finally place it in a carton of packaging.

Our other tips for successfully moving your fish

  • All that is plant, snail in your aquarium can be transported in a small bag with water.
  • Provide liquid medicine, available in the pet store, in case of injury to your fish during transport.
  • As soon as you arrive to place your fish directly in the aquarium.
  • Know that some companies are specialized in the transport of animals. Your mover must surely know!

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