International move with children

International move with children

Relocations are sometimes painful times for children. We will in this article give some tips to ease the misfortune of your children.
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Facilitate the removal of children

Organizer a departure party

A last party with all their friends at the same time. With this party, your children will be able to say goodbye to their friends and the people they left in their old city. Avoid organizing this party at the last moment so that it takes place in a good atmosphere rather than in an atmosphere of sadness before departure.

Create a souvenir poster

Keep home memories, photos, videos, it’s important that your children remember their old home. Make a photo poster before the move and hang it in their new room in the new house.

Do not change everything

Children have their own little rhythms and do not like to force the heat exchanger. The move is already a big change for them, it is accompanied by a great challenge. So finding the old habits in the new house will be very important to them.

Help them to re-build

If you have the opportunity to reserve a playroom at the games in the new house. Remember to keep boxes, kids love to play with to make huts. With all these boxes he can do his own new home.

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Your child refuses to move

Having reached the majority, your child does not want to follow you. This saddens you, but you respect his choice, your goal is to help him accept this change despite your own move.

Understand his decision to not move

This is called an unforeseen, neither you nor your child planned this separation. Being at the initiative of this move, and your child being of age, it is difficult for you to force him, himself being at the very beginning of his adult life: beginning of college, friends, and other relationships.

Help him in his approach

Another task that adds to your move. You will need to start thinking about your child’s housing, advise him on everything that awaits him later!

The tasks to do before your move

Do not forget housing insurance for your child, he will need it. It will also be necessary to think of the steps with the “CAF”. Parents must be guarantors of his new home, also to sign the papers. For the change of address, it is enough just to inform the Post office, and the various institutes such as the faculty, the bank, the mobile operator, the employer, etc.

Follow your teenager

Even if he understands the duty and importance of autonomy he may have trouble handling everything. Do not hesitate to talk to him often on the phone or via Skype. Show interest in his new life, reassure him if there is any concern. Creating a blog will allow you to keep in touch with your friends by posting pictures often. If your new place of residence is not too far away feel free to see each other and share meals at least once a week for example.


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Teenage crisis and moving

There is a good chance that your teenager is going through relatively painful times, from the announcement of departure to integration and the newfound stability.

All along, you will need to find ways to motivate him and help him leave his environment and reinvest in a new environment with new relationships.

The announcement of the move

Do not expect your teenager to understand and react with enthusiasm: he will show you his discontent, and will isolate himself. Choose the right time to talk to him, prepare your speech, do not try to convince but explain with understanding. If he is attached to his environment, he will keep you responsible for the upheaval he is going to imagine going through.

The time of acceptance

The situation is not easy for you either, but you must keep this for yourself or your teen may not understand your decision. As for his anger, face, and be patient. Listen to him if he needs to speak, consult him for some decision-making, get him actively involved in the relocation process.

Before moving in

It will take him time to say goodbye to his friends, go out with them in his favorite places. Try to make your teenager realize that moving does not mean that he will lose touch with his previous life: his friendships can last, and he can also practice in his new city, activities and sport that were dear to him.

The first months after moving

You may find the first months difficult because your teenager will go through a period when he will have to find an identity within a group, be accepted in his new school, set new goals. Emphasize your youth, encourage him by trying to open his eyes to the different opportunities available to him, and show him that he can count on you.

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