international schools in Thailand

international schools in Thailand

Settle down in Thailand with children means that you go to have to find them a school. The first decision which you have to take is to know which type of school to put them. You can choose between private schools with a bilingual or English program (let us call these “bilingual schools”), either you could choose a real international school.

International schools in Thailand – How register your child?


Bilingual schools vs international schools

The bilingual schools follow the Thai national program, the majority of the courts being given in English. On the other hand, the international schools follow the program of another national program, as the American or British curricula. They also tend to use the modern teaching methods which accompany these foreign programs, whereas the bilingual schools are held in most of the methods of memorization of routes widely used in the ordinary Thai schools. For that reason, numerous Thai families of superior class will send their children to international schools.

Another important difference is the price: the international schools are going to be more expensive than the bilingual schools. With the higher price, an international school should offer better installations, a better paid and more qualified foreign teaching personnel, and a better preparation so that your child can enter the university in your country of origin.

The international school curricula in Thailand

A number of different programs are taught in international schools in Thailand. They understand: · international High school diploma

  • American
  • Britanique
  • Australian
  • Japanese
  • French
  • German
  • Swiss
  • Singaporean

Besides, a good many of international schools in Thailand are Christian schools and incorporate the education of the Christian values into the curriculum.

Many of these schools were based by missionaries, and so the Christian flavor of the program is strongly stressed. Whom you are Christian, whom you belong to another religion or whom you are non-religious, the religious educational quantity which your child will receive to the school will be something that you want to consider.

Obviously, if you want that your child studies in your country of origin at some point, it will be then advantageous to choose a school with a corresponding structure of the program. Another option is the program of the International High school diploma ( IB), which was developed for the first time in Geneva, in Switzerland in 1968. It is about an educational program internationally recognized conceived to prepare the citizens of the world to pursue their university studies.

Certain international schools in Thailand are strictly primary schools for the pupils until approximately 12 years. Others include the grammar school for the children up to the age of 18 years.

International tuition fees

Tuition fees will be charged either a year, or by quarter. Besides the recurring tuition fees, an international school can have a ” tax of application ” or unique “registration fees”. Verify attentively if there are other costs hidden under the shape of additional costs for textbooks, food, computers, etc.

You can find a list of the international schools below. If you find it a who  seems to correspond to your child, the following stage would consist in contacting directly the school for more information. If you are already in Thailand, I recommend you to visit the school so that you can see the first-hand installations and meet some of the teachers personally. Here is a list of the international schools in Thailand so that you can begin with.

The international schools in Chiang Mai

Here are the international schools in Chiang Mai, listed with their type of program.

  • American Pacific International School– American
  • Chiang Mai International School– American, Christian
  • Christliche Deutsche Schule Chiang Mai– German, Christian
  • Grace International School– American, Christian
  • Hana Christian International Kindergarten– Christian
  • Lanna International School– British
  • Nakornpayap International School– American
  • Prem Tinsulanonda International School– IB

Below: international school in Bangkok

Bangkok is the biggest city in Thailand, the various international school are there, they are ranked by alphabetic list

  • American School of Bangkok– American
  • Anglo Singapore International School– Singaporean
  • Ascot International School– IB
  • Australian International School Bangkok– Australian
  • Bangkok Adventist International School– Christian
  • Bangkok Christian International School– Christian
  • Bangkok Grace International School– American, Christian
  • Bangkok Patana School– British
  • Bangkok Preparatory International School– British
  • Berkeley International School– American
  • BERNIE British International Prep– British
  • Blooming Buds International Kindergarten– British
  • British Columbia International School Bangkok– Canadian (British Columbia)
  • Bright Skies International School Bangkok– British
  • Bromsgrove International School– British
  • Charter International School– British
  • Concordian International School– IB
  • Crescent International School– British, Islamic
  • The First Steps International Pre-School– British
  • Garden International School Bangkok– British
  • Glory Singapore International School– Singaporean, Christian
  • Harrow International School Bangkok– British
  • Heathfield International School– British
  • International Community School– American, Christian
  • International Montessori Center– Montessori
  • International Pioneers School– British
  • IPC International Kindergarten– British
  • Ivy Bound International School– American
  • Josuikan Bangkok International School– Japanese
  • Keerapat International School– American (California)
  • Kensington International Kindergarten– British
  • Kevalee International School– British
  • Kids’ Academy International Pre-School– British
  • Kids Kingdom International Kindergarten– IPC (International Preschool Curriculum)
  • Kincaid International School– British
  • Kinder Bear Academy International Preschool– Montessori
  • Kirakira Kids International Kindergarten– Japanese
  • KIS International School– IB
  • Korean International School of Bangkok– Korean
  • Learning Home International Kindergarten– British
  • Lycée Français International de Bangkok– French
  • Melodies International Kindergarten– Japanese
  • Modern International School Bangkok– British, Sikh
  • Modern Montessori International Pre-School– Montessori
  • Montessori Academy Bangkok International School– Montessori
  • Mothers Pride International School– British
  • Mulberry House International Pre-School– British
  • New Bambino International Kindergarten– Japanese
  • New Sathorn International School– American, Christian
  • NIST International School– IB
  • Pan-Asia International School– American (Massachusetts)
  • Parkplace International Pre-School– British
  • Prep International Kindergarten– Montessori
  • Ramkhamhaeng Advent International School– Christian
  • Rasami British International School– British
  • RC International School– British
  • The Regent’s School Bangkok– British, IB
  • Royce Royal International School– British
  • Ruamrudee International School– American, Christian
  • Andrews International School Bangkok– British, IB
  • Saint John’s International School– British
  • Mark’s International School Bangkok– Australian, Christian
  • Stephen’s International School– British
  • Seeh Phinong International Kindergarten– American
  • Shrewbury International School– British
  • Siam Singapore International School– Singaporean, British
  • Singapore International School of Bangkok– Singaporean, British
  • Talents International Pre-School– American, Christian
  • Thai-Japanese Association School– Japanese
  • The Tiny Seeds International Pre-School– British
  • Traill International School– British
  • Trinity International School– American (California), Christian
  • Wells International School– American, IB

Below: International school based in Phuket

  • British International School, Phuket– British
  • HeadStart International School– British
  • Kajonkiet International School Phuket– British
  • QSI International School of Phuket– American
  • Rawai Progressive International School– Montessori
  • United World College Thailand– IB

Below, international school in Pattaya

Pattaya is a seaside city near Bangkok which is popular with numerous expatriates. As such, it also has several international schools.

  • Regents International School Pattaya– British, IB
  • Andrews International School, Green Valley– British
  • Phoenix Wittaya School– Kindergarten
  • ISE International School– American, IB


Preparing your children for moving

Moving can be a real challenge for a child. Before, during, after, it’s up to you to help them understand the difficulties they will face.

Explain everything before the move

He knows that he will find himself far from his friends, his school and his habits, and that he will have to recreate a universe and rebuild himself elsewhere. For starters, it’s about communicating with your child so that he really understands the reasons for this turmoil.

Make him discover his new city before moving

You will obviously have to sort through while you put your life in a box, however, avoid getting rid of your children’s objects, which will make the connection with their past and help them to find themselves once in the new home. In order not to let him imagine the worst, you can help him accept the change by making him discover his future city, his next “home”, the school that will be his.

Find out about the extra activities offered and about the airy center near your future home. Discuss with him what he would like to do, it will allow him to project himself more positively.

The day of the move

The child must feel fully concerned and must therefore be involved in the tasks that can be accomplished according to his age. See our moving tips according to the age of the children.

After moving

Your child may go through a painful and lacking phase: to help him get over this, make sure he keeps in touch with his old friends, invite them to the new home, go back to your old home.

Why not keep in touch via the family dialogue space of to exchange photos and messages … To make him feel good after the course of the installation, he will have to establish new Friendships in this brand-new environment: canteen, sports, extra-curricular activities will increase opportunities to meet new friends.


International schools in Thailand

Bangkok has about thirty international schools. The vast majority of them offer instruction in English but follow different programs.

There are three teaching systems:

  • American
  • British
  • International

These schools vary in size and cost. Some have been in Thailand for a long time, others are very recent, but all of them, in principle, have the same goal: to make young people aware of an international culture while training them to become responsible minds. Depending on the size of the school, the diversity of nationalities will be more or less important. On average, an international school of 800 students can have up to 40 nationalities.

International schools employ native English teachers who are certified in their home country and most of them hold TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language Certificate). Foreign language teachers are also native to the language they teach.

Classes usually do not exceed 20 students

Students with an inadequate English level may be placed in the English as an additional language (EAL) class until they have caught up. Thus, this additional support may extend over a period of a few months to a whole school year, or even more if necessary. Assistants can also accompany a child throughout his schedule.

Some of these schools place great importance on mother tongues and often offer students the opportunity to continue learning their language. Thus, a French-speaking child will have French lessons in his schedule. Note that native language programs are subject to fees.

Anglo-Saxon and international systems

The Anglo-Saxon and international systems place the child at the center of the learning device, guide and support it. Students are regularly assessed by means of international (IGCSE, IB etc.) and internal exams.

All programs are adapted to Thailand, in order to respect the culture. The teaching of Thai is compulsory for all, with a larger volume of time for children of Thai nationality.

The admission process is simple: after contacting the school, the parents and the child will come to visit. Then, the child will be invited to spend a day at the school, during which time they will evaluate their ability to adapt and their level of English. He will follow the timetable of the class that suits his age. The school will finally make the decision to accept your child, or not.

The admission criteria vary from school to school: some will see the child’s academic ability as the most essential criterion, others will be more flexible and will instead select children according to their potential to adapt. Math and English tests can also assess the level of the child.

The level of English will not be taken into account for children whose registration concerns the nursery school

The cost is often high and can be adjusted by quarter, month, or year. The amount to be expected is about 100,000 baht per quarter for the least expensive and 350,000 baht for the most expensive. It will be necessary to add to that the price of the canteen, the transport if necessary, the extracurricular activities, etc. Registration fees are also payable.


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