Moving personal effects from/to Thailand

The removal of personal belongings. We still feared not finding our belongings after our move … So, you think to keep them with you. But what is the best solution?

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Take them with you

You can choose not to pack them with the rest of your belongings and keep them with you. At least you are sure to find them intact after the move. However, you need to be careful if it’s about valuables. You move out by car, so be careful to hide them, where you risk finding your broken car and stolen items. Be careful, especially if your trip involves a stopover, at the hotel, for example.

Pack them like the rest of your stuff

If you decide to make a box for your personal belongings, avoid putting the list on the cardboard, especially if it is about valuables. If you decide to pack your electronics, take care to protect them, and report to the movers that it is a fragile carton. And most importantly, be sure to fill it completely, to avoid the risk of sagging when loaded.

Make an inventory

If you want to place your belongings with the rest of your business, you are strongly advised to make an inventory. Thus, you will know exactly what you entrust to the movers. For your valuables, you can also ask to insure certain items, separately from the rest.

Taking pictures is also useful. Take pictures of only one item at a time and from different angles if the features of the item warrant it.

Finally, for each object, note its characteristics in a notebook:

  • The model
  • The brand
  • The serial number
  • The general description
  • The date of purchase
  • The purchase price
  • The general value of the property
  • Distinctive marks


How To get perfectly ready for an LCL shipment

When we send a sending LCL (Less than Container Load) for maritime freight, the goods have to be carefully prepared. It is essential to guard the spirit of the differences when you prepare a sending LCL from a sending FCL (Full Container Load). More precisely, provided that the sending(parcel) LCL needs a division of container, you must give a test of more prudence.

The most frequent reason for hurt in the LCL nose of load is insufficient packing. It is important to annotate that certain insurance companies do not supply coverage in this case. This to say, suitable packing and the search the good material is almost a science in yes. This is not a risk that you should cease. The difference between the utilization of the best and more suitable material and the one that can be a bit too big or small is enormous.

If you are an exporter / frequent sender, you already should know the procedure of preparation of a sending LCL. Nevertheless, if you begin to plunge exactly into the world of exports, is here advice: before beginning to look for rates of the expedition of containers, it is advised to know what to wait for and how to prepare correctly a sending LCL.

This says, in this post, we try to clarify the fundamental question of: how can I prepare correctly a sending LCL?

This question is better distributed in several factors to assure the transport of the public safety of your shipment. This includes if your goods contain fragile goods and the total number of boxes. In all that we have these answers, we must reflect this on the packing and the labeling so clearly and precisely like possibly. Certain aspects that it is necessary to take into consideration, understand:



Label clearly every box with the name of the sender, the name of the addressee, the country of destination, the name of the agent of traffic, and the number of reservations.

If it is possible, label these details for every side of the box. This guarantees visibility when the goods are palletized and accumulated in the container. As the container is consolidated, your charge can cross diverse stages of load and of unloading.

Boxes and packaging

Pack all your goods in boxes. Not, neither in suitcases nor bags, or other types of containers. Certain companies sell boxes specially conceived by the export. If you send delicate goods, it is recommended to fulfill first the boxes with bubbles of plastic packing to protect your goods. In addition, every box must be sealed correctly. Guard to the spirit that the boxes can be sensitive to violent movements in the course of the trip in the sea.

Labeling of fragile goods

If you send fragile goods, insure itself of labeling them clearly and visibly on every box that contains fragile goods.

As for the enumeration of the boxes, you can indicate it on the label of the principal box. But we recommend to stick a special “FRAGILE” label on the box. Place it on four sides of the box to assure visibility, whereas the box can be displaced during the process of transport.


Label every box with a number that indicates the position in relation to the total number of boxes. For example, if sending understands 30 boxes, you must label your boxes of the following way: box n° 1 of every 30, box n ° 2 of every 30, box  n° 3 of every 30, etc.

You can include this numeration on the principal label of the box or have written it separately.

Uniform packing

Have your goods uniformly. Avoid having a section that exceeds too highly or has an unbalanced weight. The prices of the expedition are calculated in accordance with the cubic volume of the goods. To have a not uniform distribution might increase your volume and provoke higher costs.

Further information about how to pack by yourself, check our dedicated article: Packing by myself

Labeling of nonstackable pallets

As well as mentioned, you should palletizer correctly your shipment inside the container. It is not strange that palettes are accumulated some on others. Nevertheless, you do not want to provide that your shipment is accumulated, especially if it contains fragile goods. If you want to preserve your dedicated palettes, you must inform about it, your agent of traffic at the moment of the reservation. Also, we recommend labeling it on the boxes – on four sides of every box.


The palleting of the goods, is generally when the goods come to the store. ** If you prefer botching this part from the process of the expedition, ensure itself of using plastic palettes or the wood treated by fumigation. This prevents the risk that the customs authorities to your port of destination reject a shipment due to the breach of the regulation.

Palletizing and shipping volume

To obtain a budget for expedition LCL, you must indicate the total volume of your goods.

In all that you calculated your volume of freight and a reservation happened with your agent of traffic, you should begin to think about the palleting of your goods. Contrary to a sending FCL where the goods can move freely in a container, the container LCL is shared. This means that everything must be perfectly and correctly palletized.

Take note of this with importance because it might concern, your volume of the shipment. The palleting increases a bit the volume, so if your estimation is too tight you run the risk of not bearing supplementary costs in mind. When you measure the volume of your sending(parcel), always it bears used palettes in mind.

Further information about our packing services, check our dedicated page: Packing services.

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Five unavoidable points before you load a container

Wondering about sending goods through the ocean? You already must be having in mind the complexity of the operation. Some of the most important points are paperwork, preparing the packing list, and most of all the customs clearance. But many shipping companies fail in noticing the importance of the appropriate load of the container. This is crucially unavoidable. You might fill the papers well and firmly charge your container with accuracy. But if there is a problem in the container, those other efforts can be thrown into the bean. The forwarders are responsible for packing or unloading the enclosure.

In the following part, we will detail and give you some advice unavoidable to have in mind when loading a container.


One assures that the weight of your load is distributed uniformly on the surface in the soil of your container. In case your weight of the shipment unequally is concentrated, insure itself of distributing the weight with the bed clothes in the soil of the container. A heavy container an extremity and light on other one it can provoke problems of weight if the weight is too much raised on an axis. This also returns the most difficult manipulation to the port and can be dangerous up to sometimes.

To take note not to exceed the useful maximum load of the container. Habitually, the brute maximum mass of a container is of 24 000 kg (52 900 lb) for a dry container of 20 feet and of 30 480 kg (67 200 lb) for a dry container of 40 feet.

You can find the capacity of weight of every container indicated on the door of right. But annotate that this limit of weight is raised generally much more than the limit than the weight authorized on the way. This says, if you load a heavy container, insure yourself of checking the regulations locally.


In time, there are many factors that intervene in the moment of the planning of the date and of an hour of charge. Certain things that it is necessary to guard to the spirit to understand the distance to the port. When a driver takes the container, can it do the time of load? Can it return to the port before it is closed? If the response is negative, prepare itself to pay supplementary expenses in order that the trucker could store the container during the night and for supplementary days of utilization of the frame and possibly even for the supplementary truck to the port.

Cargo packing

Almost all the hurts to the shipment in a full container ensue from insufficient packing or from an incorrect arrangement. The rammer consists not of putting at least in it so many goods as possible. It is important to distribute the weight correctly.

Certain factors that it is necessary to consider understand the weight, the height and the type of shipment. To indicative title, do not place the humid goods over the dry shipment, because you run I am in danger of ruining your dry shipment. In agreement with the theory of gravity, do not also place objects weighed on a lighter shipment to avoid crushing.

Calm your charge with complete certainty, packing your container as narrowly as possible. If you use the dunnage, all the materials of the blockade, fret, and packing must be treated in conformity with the regulations of the country of destination. You also can use girths to tie the shipment on the site. Take note not to put direct pressure on the door of the container. If necessary, a fence uses or a barrier to avoid the pressure.

The packing and the load of the container can seem to be rather explicit. But many people do not understand the movement that can take place inside the container during the trip of a nose.


First, you have the stamp. It is the alone thing on which the people have false ideas and the diversions of a number of stamps take place more than you think about it. The stamp is the responsibility of the senders. Though you could often come to a trucker or to a maritime company to supply the stamp, incumbent in the last instance to the senders of assuring that the number of stamps is indicated correctly on ALL the applicable documents. These principally refer to knowledge (B / L).

A number of sealed incorrect can cause problems with the customs to the destination. This, to your return, can provoke supplementary considerable expenses. Without forgetting the expenses of delay while you wait. A good idea is to assure him of writing the number of the stamp and possibly even of photographing it. Once finished, formless your agent of the traffic of the number of the stamp and assure that appears correctly on it (B / L. In case the numbers do not correspond, put in I contact immediately your maritime company, and it informs them about the situation.


When you choose FCL, the whole space of the container is recommended to use. This means of a corner other one and of a wall to other one. If you do not have enough shipment that it is necessary to cover, it fulfills the empty spaces with dunnage of fret.

As well as for the weight, you also want to distribute your goods uniformly. That is to say that you it should not make all accumulate your shipment up to height in the back half of the container and have distributed them in the soil in the half before.


International move – How to fill your truck?

Some people choose to move without the help of professionals. If this is your case you will have to arrange the arrangement of your business in the vehicle that you rented for the occasion, to have the most space possible.

Where to start … big furniture or cartons?

The loading priority depends on the person who will advise you, there are many ways to see things. Some movers have to put the largest furniture first in the truck so that they are certain to enter the truck. Some people think instead to put the boxes first to make a wall.

You can try both solutions, but know that either solution will also depend on the size of your boxes. If all your cartons are of a relatively similar size, it is probably better to put the furniture first to optimize the space. Attention, do not forget to attach the cartons to not drop all your load.

Distribute the weight of your load

You will also have to think about balancing the weights in the truck so that unloading is as easy as possible. The evenly distributed weight allows you to drive the truck more easily. The best is to put the big boxes on the sides to have the most room to go to the bottom of the truck.

What to do with photo frames and mirrors?

Pay careful attention to anything that is a photo frame that is extremely fragile and that can break easily during a move. Wrap them with bubble wrap or put them between 2 mattresses.

Disassemble the tables

Some furniture occupies a lot of space, the tables are part of it, it is necessary if it is possible to disassemble them and pack them into spare parts. Sometimes it is too difficult to disassemble, or it is not even possible to do it, put it flat in the truck to optimize the space.

Put your sofas in an upright position

As for sofas, it’s another problem, do not leave them horizontally in the truck but put them vertically. The ceiling in the moving trucks is always high enough to put them in this way.

Use your shelves

For the shelves, there are also 2 possibilities, either you disassemble them or if it is not possible use them to store business in the drawers. But do not leave a business, unwrapped or not put in a box, placed on these shelves, you could find them scattered throughout the truck.

Use straps

There is always the possibility that your business will deteriorate during transportation, despite the fact that your business is filling the entire truck. The best solution for this is to protect the cargo with straps during transport. It must be done as and when filling the truck.

The advice we give you is the methods our teams use. You will save time, space, and therefore money.


SIAM Tip: Choosing a good parking for your move Before you even get ready to take out your furniture you have to make sure that your car is within reach of your home, especially if the use of an imposing truck is necessary. Do not hesitate to contact us!

How to proceed with the parking when you have a move ?

Make a declaration two weeks ago with the town hall

You must declare the occupation of your parking lot with your municipality two weeks beforehand. Subsequently, you will be asked for prior authorization if a furniture lift is to be used.

During the move

You will need to ask your movers to install the necessary security perimeter to inform pedestrians of your move. You will also need to share your move with your neighbors who may even if you are lucky, help you move.

When should you start your steps?

You will need to apply for a parking permit 14 days before your move. As for the reservation of the place, the delay will vary from one to three weeks depending on the location.

The place of your truck is no longer available on the day of your move

With the issuance of a parking permit, people wishing to use your place are likely to get their car removed by the pound. You will be able to make a call to the police to have them removed. However, make sure that the car does not belong to one of your neighbors.

Made of appeal to friends…

You can always arrange with friends to reserve your parking with their car while waiting for the movers. You will need to ask the movers in search of your move the length necessary for the location of the truck taking into account sufficient space to facilitate the work of movers.

Cartons box on international move

At the time of the move a question always arises. Will I be able to make all my house in my packing cartons?

Start very early

On trunk often with the time needed to pack his stuff, it can be much longer than expected. You will often find in the cellars the easiest objects to pack. Rooms are also a good way to start. But do not start the day of the car move in the rush, it may be broken. Cartons will not be as well-made and will be less resistant.

Remove “the light”

Review the business you have in your home and ask yourself if you need it to be transported to your new home. The rule is simple, if there is no sentimental value get rid of what has not been used for one or two years. The quote that will be provided by the mover depends on the weight and volume, so it is essential to sort to save money. Feel free to iron in all rooms at least 2 times in time between 2 passes. Use this method to limit the number of items to bring with us. First,do not hesitate to put the objects aside to come back after.

Label relentlessly

One mistake that many people make is to just note on the cardboard its provenance, that is, the coin does not come the objects. You wrote all its content. This really makes things easier when you know each carton when moving. Do not use the term “divers” too much, you may not find yourself.

One piece after another

At the moment of taking action, we advise you to completely finish the packaging of one piece before moving on to the next. Without this method you will have cartons from several parts and the organization will not be optimal once the time of the unloading arrives.

Small boxes in large boxes

Whoever says small objects, says little boxes, it will better protect objects. With all these little boxes, try to put them in larger cartons. Indeed, large cardboard will be much less easy to lose than small cardboard.

Keep the administrative documents with you

The administrative documents to keep must be with you for the move or entrusted to your family to limit the risk of loss.

The valuables

Some valuable items such as jewelry or artwork are not transportable by the movers. In this case, you need to call in specialists.

The last carton

When you arrive in your new apartment or the new house you need in priority some things like bathroom linen, soap, toilet paper, sheets, coffee machine, cups, kitchen utensils, pens and notepad. For this reason, booking the last box for this type of business can make things easier for you. Indicate on this cardboard that it is the one to load last in the truck.

Take inventory

Make a detailed list of everything that will be loaded into the moving truck. Indeed, ask someone from the family to check on arrival each object arriving in the house. Sometimes it happens that your things are out of the truck before being delivered, often during a move abroad. Note also possible cartons that may have been damaged during transport.

Invest in plastic storage

Objects that will go in the attic or garage prefer to be put in plastic boxes rather than cartons boxes. Thanks to this trick, you avoid having other objects to unpack. Garbage bags (very strong) are also a good solution for storing stuffed animals or other soft objects. It’s more economical.

SIAM Tip : It may be that for some people during their move, they do not take all their furniture. This can be explained by the fact that maybe your apartment is smaller than the previous one. If you do not want to take your surplus to the landfill, here are some tips for storing your belongings. Do not hesitate to contact us!

Self storage furniture during a move

The Garage or the cellar?

This is one of the most economical options but it is not feasible for everyone. The place in your new home to store your furniture does not always exist. Another advice, is if you store your products yourself, protect the goods so that moisture does not permanently damage. So we recommend this solution when you know that it will be done in a short time.

The mini warehouses

Mini warehouses are also available for individuals who wish to store some of their belongings. You can find them from commercial vehicle rental, moving or storage companies.

Mobile storage

This is the latest model in terms of transportation, it is a truck that will deposit at the bottom of your door an empty container. You did all the work upstream and once it filled your business, a truck comes back and will store all your belongings. This solution is relatively economical but will not allow you to have access to your property. But this may still be a very good compromise.

Use a furniture storage company (commercial information)

We want to offer and guide as many people as possible to find the best solution for furniture storage.

That’s why we have created a varied offer for furniture repositories in most French regions. We also offer the services described below:

  • Easy and fast service: we offer an online quote, everything can be done from home.
  • Free and without commitment: The quote that we will make you is free and without commitment
  • Savings at the click of a button: Possibility to compare the price of furniture storage
  • All practical information on the furniture storage and storage: to advise you as best as possible and guide you in the many meanders of the move we write full of practical information: tips, glossary, practical records on furniture storage, storage, moving, packaging, volume calculation, storage price example.

How to prepare your meal during your international move ?

When you move, you must have a meal, and you may have many mouths to feed what is more work that you want to avoid. In order to make you satisfied and to have the mind focused on the essentials we offer you some tips as follows:

The day before the move

To avoid having to take out your kitchen utensils on D-Day, prepare cold dishes the day before the move: terrines, tabbouleh, salads, chips, quiches, cheeses, fruits, vary the pleasures. Other items to add without fail to your shopping list: coffee and drinks, essential throughout the day.

The morning of the move

Bread will be useful for the morning but also for all other meals. A coffee at the beginning of the day or a sweet drink and toast or biscuits will allow you to be in good shape all day. The latter may be long, you will have to take some time to nibble and regain strength to hold until the evening.


You will obviously be very hungry and dream of a good dish in sauce and a dessert “greedy”. Unfortunately, it will be more advisable to opt for a buffet: it is convenient, fast, and allows everyone to eat his fill. Another solution, the delivery of pizzas: place an order, wait about an hour, and it’s ready to eat.

Drinks for a successful move!

Water: This Will allow you to stay hydrated all day, it is naturally the drink to be preferred during an effort, however its low energy contributions.

Coffee: Here is the ideal drink for energy, so you do not run out of it all day, by providing enough thermos you will be good all day long.

Sweet drinks such as fruit juice or sodas will delight the greediest of you.

Alcoholic beverages: must be prohibited because of the effects provoked such as the tiredness or the effect of “legs cut”

Eating during the move: be efficient and practical

For your meal, be practical do not clutter the silverware, a simple tablecloth and disposable cutlery and paper towels will do the trick, you can then throw them directly in the trash bag. Bring aluminum or plastic wrapping to keep leftovers and take them to your new home. Also, think about watching your watch: we ring the bell and we go back!


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