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From the moving quotation to the expatriation

Reread the bill of his mover

It is never very pleasant and yet you will have to adjust the bill according to the services provided by the moving company. To get as well prepared as possible, you will find some tips that will help you know what to expect!

Invoice removal: the information concerning you

On the invoice, you will be able to read your details as well as the references of the signed order or quote number written. The mover must also indicate the details and nature of the services and their location and amount. It may happen that there is over-billing on certain items so be careful Normally, the mover must have informed you of any overruns. If they were consistent, he surely made you sign additional quotes.

The indications concerning the mover

With regard to the moving company, the invoice must include the mandatory information, ie the identity of the company, its address, its registration number in the commercial register, its NAF or APE code, and finally its Siret number. This information is essential because it could be useful to you in case of recourse or litigation.


Moving: Unexpected amounts

If you find additional invoiced amounts, make sure to check their origin and if these amounts correspond to a real benefit. It can be insurance, parking authorization, or services included in the main estimate.

How to pay for a move

As a general rule, it should be known that the settlement of a move is made by the payment of a deposit upon signature of the estimate and the balance of the settlement immediately the move completed. These deposits generally represent 30% of the amount of the move. Their payment commits you to the choice of the mover and their amount is not usually returned to you in case you change your mind. You can then ask the company for a paid invoice and recover it after the payment.

You can give a financial reward to the movers if you feel that the service provided was up to your expectations.


Moving: costs to remember

To avoid crumbling under a mountain of bills to settle, the best thing to do is to anticipate your possible expenses by listing and evaluating their costs.
Do not forget to anticipate the expenses that will take place before, during and after your move, the costs are many, better not to forget!
Payment of the deposit to the mover
In practices found at the majority of movers, you will have to pay a deposit of 30%, this deposit is intended to formalize the collaboration and commitment between you and the company providing the service.


You have to pay the taxes of your old home the taxes for your old residence. If your property tax payments are monthly, please contact the treasury accountant closest to your new place of residence with the details of the cash flow related to your old home for which you had taken out a monthly payment contract. In case you are not paid, you will pay the taxes of your new home the taxes related to your new home.
To calculate the amount of taxes, you will need to contact the tax office in your new home.


The agency fees, and the amount of the deposit requested by your landlord

As part of a rental, the amount of the deposit represents 1 month of rent to which you will have to add the payment of the first rent.
Regarding the agency fees, they are calculated according to the surface of the housing sold, and in some cases, they represent 1 to 2 months of rent

The hidden costs of a move

  • Administrative costs related to the cancellation and reopening of telephone lines, electricity, Internet access provider …
  • The cost of the transfer of mail to your new place of residence
  • Purchases of new equipment related to a larger area, household appliances …


When is the right time for an international move?

Many things to think about, phone calls to make, big planning to manage: all the reasons that would make you regret having enjoyed improvising your move. A little anticipation and the choice of the right period for the D-Day, that is (almost) all it takes !

When to move?

The summer period remains the time of the year most popular for a move. Week starts and middles of the months too! To avoid these periods, do not organize your departure during the school holidays and even less in the months of July and August. During the week, please note that availability is higher.

The time to be expected before the big day of the move

In the so-called period of calculation, a reasonable month of time, because you obviously have a large number of formalities to perform, professional, administrative, or family. If you move in peak periods, it is longer.

The time of the quote

Plan in advance that you will be asked for quotes if you want to get an idea of the market price. Rather than make an estimate over the phone, you can meet a consultant who will set the conditions for your move.


And how much does a move cost?

The cost of your move depends on several criteria. Before making an estimate, the movers will first ask you some questions:

  • The distance between your arrival point and your starting point
  • The volume in m3 to move.
  • The chosen formula: economic (packaging, unpacking at your expense) or all-inclusive.

To change the region can represent a cost of 4,000 euros.

Save in connection with your moving date

During the high season, from mid-June to mid-September, the most requested period, prices are 30 to 40% higher than during the rest of the year. Using a less congested period, you can save between 20% and 25% and enjoy more flexibility in service.

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The different tools at your disposal for your move

There are some tools that you will need to prepare for your move and thus ensure smooth transportation, installation and packaging.

Tools for packaging

First and foremost you will need to obtain packaging cartons by first choosing the necessary dimensions. Then, it is essential to acquire adhesive in order to be able to close them properly. You will also need to bring bubble wrap or old cloth or towels that will serve to keep your items in the box or pack your fragile dishes. Finally, have a marker to record and identify each carton.

Carry your boxes during the move

To transport your furniture and your cartons more easily, opt for the rental of a devil that you can rent in specialized companies. For your furniture, make sure they are well protected with blankets or polystyrene if you have them. Finally, to preserve your food, think about getting coolers.

The little things needed for your move

You will probably be confronted with small damages on the day of your move, so do not hesitate to bring towels. Also wear gloves to limit the risk of injury. Do not forget to bring a health care kit that is not enough. Also take with you garbage bags as the waste may be numerous. Finally, always keep a roll of toilet paper and a bottle of water.

How to choose your moving truck?

There are several criteria to consider before choosing your moving truck. Indeed, their dimensions are very variable and their conditions of use. Knowing the different solutions will save you time and money.

Which truck to choose?

The dimensions of the truck to rent varies in m3 and it is up to you to judge the necessary capacity for your furniture and your cartons. There are trucks of small capacity, 7 to 10 cbm, which is equivalent to a studio of about 30 m² or about sixty cartons. Large trucks range from 11 to 22 m² and can hold the equivalent of 80 cartons.


A move at what price?

Prices vary greatly depending on the rental company of the moving truck and the proposed vehicles. Most of them offer to make quotes online, this is the best way to make sure you get the best price. Be careful to specify the number of kilometers covered.

Moving services and more

Among the rental companies, some will offer you additional services: the help of movers, the driver of the truck, a place of storage, gas costs supported … This is not systematic but it is you can find the best option to save some money. Again, before choosing, consider asking for a quote. This will allow you to compare different offers.

To move without return?

All car rental companies do not offer it, but you may only be able to purchase a truck rental for the “outbound” journey of your move. In fact, you will not have to bring the truck back to the rental company or pay the cost of return. So save time and money.

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