Your Package is stuck in Thai customs This is how to solve it

Your Package is stuck in Thai customs? This is how to solve it

You have recently shipped personal belongings (suitcases, clothes, accessories, etc.) or household items (furniture, appliances, etc.) by express delivery to Thailand, but they got stuck at customs

Whether you used Fedex, TNT, UPS or DHL, you certainly did not receive any explanation, except to search "ชิปปิ้งสนามบินสุวรรณภูมิ" on the internet. In this article, we will explain the most common causes and give you the solutions to solve the problem.

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How do I know if my package is stuck in customs?

If you are reading this article, you are either certain that the package is stuck in Thai customs or you suspect that this is the reason. To make sure that this is the reason why your package has not yet arrived at its destination, here are the steps to follow:

1. Check your package tracking

You should be able to track your package online using the tracking number provided by the shipper or your carrier. If your package is stuck in customs, there should be a notification in your package tracking such as "stuck in customs", "stuck in customs" or "held in customs".

For example, people who shipped to Thailand with Fedex, received this message:


Please select an option that is most convenient for you below;

Option 1: An alternated broker. You can find an alternate broker by google website (Keyword : ชิปปิ้งสนามบินสุวรรณภูมิ)

Option 2: Reject this parcel to abandon by Thai Customs (Thai Customs not allow to return package to sender, so they will abandon this shipment only


2. Contact the sender

If you do not see any blocking notifications in your package tracking, you should contact the sender to inquire about the status of your package. 

3. Contact the customs authorities

If you are unable to get a response from the shipper or if you have reason to believe that your package has been blocked at customs, you should contact the Thai customs authorities. You should be able to find the contact information for the customs authorities online or by contacting your carrier's customer service department.

Why is my package being held at customs?

There are several reasons why a shipment may be blocked at Thai customs. Here are some examples:

  • Prohibited or illegal content: Thailand has strict laws about what can be imported or exported from the country. If a package contains prohibited or illegal items, it may be blocked at customs.
  • Misdeclaration: If you have not properly declared the contents of your package or have omitted some important information, it may be blocked at customs.
  • Lack of documentation: If you have not provided the necessary documents for the import or export of your package, it may be blocked at customs.
  • Unpaid customs duty: If you are required to pay customs duty on your package and have not done so, it may be blocked at customs.
  • Security concerns: If customs authorities believe that your package poses a risk to national security or the public, it may be blocked at customs.

Note that each case is unique and the reasons why a package may be blocked at customs may vary.

How to retrieve a parcel stuck at Thai customs?

Shippers such as Fedex, TNT, UPS or DHL usually do not have direct contact with customs and therefore will not be able to help you. While the customs authorities will not give you a satisfactory answer on how to get it back or how to solve the problem. 

Unless you go there in person, we recommend that you contact a local customs agent

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