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10 tips to save money on your move

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How to save money for a move house?

10 advises for saving money

You want to move to another region? This can easily cost more than € 4000… but here are some advises for a move:

How much does it cost to move?

  • Several factors are to be taken into account when moving internationally, the main ones are : The distance: the cost of your move will naturally be higher if your distance to travel is longer.  The volume to be moved: The more boxes you have, the more volume and weight you will have to transport. This can significantly increase the price. The destination of departure and arrival: The better your country will be frequented and the more roads will be used, the more competitive and less expensive the moving offers will be. If your destination is less served, it is likely that your move will be more expensive.  

    Transportation used: For an international move, air freight is the most expensive solution, but also the fastest, as opposed to sea freight which is the most economical solution, but with a much longer duration. 


Tip # 1: Set your move date to save money

During the weak season, from mid-June to mid-September, when demand is highest, prices are 30-40% higher than during the rest of the year. By choosing the low season period, you can save between 20% and 25% and benefit from a more flexible service.

Tip # 2: Move only useful things

It is often difficult to separate from certain things, be it from a material, symbolic or psychological point of view, but we advise you to donate or sell what you no longer need, you will save on transportation! Similarly, do not carry the equipment you have planned to replace once in your new home. If you have a lot of “stock”, consider organizing a sale of storeroom type or garage sale.

Tip # 3: find accommodation during the move.

Your move may take several months, so it is possible that your future accommodation will not be available to you right away … If you are a student, the cheapest will be to stay in hostels. If not, try to find a room with the inhabitant, it is economical and you can meet nice people!

Tip # 4: store your furniture and equipment in self-storage.

If you need to store some of your furniture or business, the most economical solution will be self-storage: you will only need to put your belongings in cartons boxes, transport your furniture and organize your storage space. The company only deals with the provision of boxes and handling equipment, as well as their supervision.

Tip # 5: organize the menu of the days before the move

See what you have left and set the menu of the weeks before the move to gradually empty your cupboards and your freezer. Taking it in advance, you will have consumed your food before the day of your move and you will avoid wasting or wasting your food.

Tip # 6: Use a hub to move your car

A hub is a terminal where cars are loaded, unloaded and transferred. If you bring your car to one of these hubs, you will save the journey between the terminal and your home.

Tip # 7: Ask the former owner or former tenant not to close the “energy” contracts

To avoid having to pay the costs of opening contracts for heating, water or gas, try to arrange with the previous occupant: ask him not to put an end to the previous contracts and to do only one statement. Opening a contract will cost more than a transfer.

Tip # 8: Try to rent your utility vehicle only one way

This will save you having to bring your rental car back to its original destination, therefore your move will cost you less.

Tip # 9: Get moving cartons

The most economical will be to ask directly from the merchants of your city, indeed it can represent a certain cost to buy them new. For big boxes, ask the stores of equipment of the house, for the smallest sizes, privilege the booksellers or stores of cultural products.

Tip #10: decrease your invoice relocation by taking advantage of financial aid

Organizations such as CAF offer bonuses in specific situations, for example if the move occurs at the birth of the 3rd child. Mobili-Pass assistance can also provide you with significant financial assistance. Finally, your employer can take care of all or part of your move.


Some additional tips

  • Differentiate your boxes by sticking stickers according to the room. This will make it easier for you to move into your future property.
  • Leave your clothes on your hangers and protect them in a garbage bag.
  • Rent a hand truck for your bulky appliances. Don't bother trying to transport your dishwasher with a person knowing that renting a hand truck costs 10 € a day.
  • Moving during the week, when traffic is lighter than on weekends, can save you time.
  • Do not hesitate to rent a parking space in front of your home if it is located in town, it will allow you to park without hindrance.
  • Make handles in your boxes in order to have holds and be able to move them more quickly.
  • Save your boxes by transporting your soft objects in plastic bags such as your stuffed animals or your cushions.
  • Sell items you don't want to keep at a yard sale, by placing ads on second hand sites or through an auction.
  • Borrow the tools you need for your move from friends and family, such as blankets to protect your furniture or straps to secure your boxes.

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