Moving and Living in the Philippines: a Guide for Expats

An increasing number of foreigners chose the Philippines for their expatriation, to invest, work or retire. The Philippines has numerous advantages, its welcoming population is one of the reasons people selected this destination.ย 

The Philippines is a country archipelago that counts more than 7000 islands with fantastic flora and fauna, amazing landscapes, and numerous paradise beaches.ย 

The lively and rich culture is due to the different influences, which allow people to enjoy the vibrant nightlife and a delicious and variated gastronomy. You can afford a comfortable life thanks to the moderate living cost in the country.ย 

The Philippines is the 5th Southeast Asiaโ€™s economy and benefits from its geographical privilege and its economic dynamism, which offers great opportunities to investors and workers from the entire world.

We can say that the Philippines can satisfy various profiles, even if, obviously, to launch itself into such an adventure requires being attentive and taking precautions.

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