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How to transfer Thai car ownership ?

How to transfer the ownership of a vehicle to your name in Thailand ? When you buy a motorcycle or a car in Thailand, you have to transfer the property of the vehicle to your name. Listen to nobody who tells you that it cannot not be made or tries to dissuade you to do it. It is not difficult to make if you have all which you need. The transfer of title must be made to the office of the ground transport.

International schools in Bangkok

International schools in Thailand Bangkok has about thirty international schools. The vast majority of them offer instruction in English but follow different programs. There are three teaching systems: American British International These schools vary in size and cost. Some have been in Thailand for a long time, others are very recent, but all of them, in principle, have the same goal: to make young people aware of an international culture while training them to become responsible minds. Depending on the size of the school, the diversity

Moving to Thailand

Moving advices Thailand is a well known destination for expatriation, its geographical diversity,  climate and culture make Thailand the perfect place to move. If you are retired, expatriate, student or just in love with the country of smile, do not rush in your steps and pay attention to all aspect of your removal. Before making this decision and booking your ticket, make sure you entrust your belongings to professionals who are physically present in Thailand. Moving to the Kingdom of Siam