International move & Temporary housing

Moving and temporary housing

It is always difficult to live a move when your family does not accompany you from the beginning. A key question is: where will I live for these two, three, four months before my family arrives?

Living with the inhabitant

You have a soul of an adventurer, and like to be in contact with others? This solution is for you. It has, in addition, the advantage of being cheap.

Sleeping at homestay will also allow you to collect good addresses and tips of all kinds … You will then become an expert in your new city when all your family will disembark!


This solution is mainly intended for “young people”.

Youth hotels are a good way to meet people. A shared kitchen is available. You can prepare your own meals. Rooms very cheap, it is still necessary to inquire before, to not have a bad surprise, or make bad meetings … Youth hostels are, in general, present in any city in the world!

Bed and breakfast and lodgings

Often far from the city center, they will make you discover the hinterland, the typical cuisine of your new region. The owners will also be good advice to help you during your move. This is still a short-term solution since renting a bed and breakfast or a cottage does not exceed a month, in general. In addition, you do not always can cook your meals.

The apartments’ hotels

The temporary solution the least temporary. With this mid-apartment, mid-hotel, you can have a studio or a furnished apartment, according to your needs. Renting an apartment is certainly quite expensive but offers you a minimum of comfort and stability to organize the arrival of the rest of your family.

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International & Ecological move

How to make an ecological move?

If you want to move with the least possible impact on the environment, you will need advice to respect your philosophy during your move.

You will have to organize this move according to the rules of 3RV.

Reduce waste before moving

You need to minimize your waste by calculating your cardboard needs so you do not buy too much. Use bags or suitcases that you already have. You will have to limit as much as possible the purchase of dangerous products. You can do it once installed in your new home. Prefer to use sheets or linen rather than bubble wrap to protect fragile items.

Reuse objects

To provide you with cardboard, ask your loved ones or in supermarkets if they already have in possession to avoid any unnecessary purchase. If you want to get rid of your old furniture or old clothes, turn to associations like Emmaûs, who will be able to recover them. You can also sell them in flea markets, sellers, or empty attic but avoid leaving them in the street, they might not find an owner.

Recycle items

If you want to transform one of your rubbish into a decoration or give it value by giving it a use, you only need a little imagination or you just need to go to decoration sites. Be careful not to dispose of dangerous products, the municipality can take care of them for you or give you the addresses of the nearby garbage dump.

Valuing and reusing products

Recovery is not the only way to recover waste, as there is also composting. We advise you to buy a composter after you move or to make one.


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SIAM Relocation - Best price moving company in Thailand !

Due to our attractive pricing, many customers trust our services and we thanks them. Stop to overpay the services and save money with our tailored package matching will all type of removals, from small volume to full house, let us find the best and cost-effective option.

Communication is important, that's why we strive to discuss through the most suitable way for you !

Long international move

An international move over several months

Managing a move over a long period of time is always complicated. It takes a lot of organization, time, and especially good advice to succeed this step without problem. Here are some answers to guide you in this long process.

Where to live during your move?

If your move is over a period of several months, it is likely that your next home is not immediately available … Do not panic if it is the case because there are different solutions to this problem

  • B & Bs and lodges: sites like,, or will help you find a homestay for rent.
  • You will find a place to live in a hostel in case you are a student.
  • Another solution is available to you, the hotel's apartment that can accommodate you if you are hurrying by time and want to be hosted in the city of your new home.

Where to store furniture during a move?

You have found accommodation, but you don’t know what to do with your furniture … The use of furniture storage will keep your goods safe.

There are two types of storage: in hangar, or container. The duration of the storage can vary depending on what you want for a few days, several months, or even years. However, once your goods are stored, you will not be able to have access to them for the duration of the storage. If you prefer to have access to your furniture when you want, there is the solution to “self-storage”. You take care of carting, transporting and organizing your storage space. Moving equipment and commercial vehicle rental offers are often proposed. The company only deals with the provision of boxes and handling equipment, as well as their supervision. The security of your property is ensured 24/7.

Compare the rates

Once your type of furniture storage selected, you must evaluate the need for storage of your furniture and finally compare the prices of several providers because the differences are sometimes important. Do not forget to add to the basic rate the price of the insurance, and possibly the administration fees and related services.

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SIAM Relocation - Best price moving company in Thailand !

Due to our attractive pricing, many customers trust our services and we thanks them. Stop to overpay the services and save money with our tailored package matching will all type of removals, from small volume to full house, let us find the best and cost-effective option.

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Moving to a big city

Having an international move in a big city like Bangkok

When you go to a house in town it is not always easy to transport all your belongings. We must therefore have a minimum of organization so that everything takes place for the better.

Make the trip in advance

When you ask a mover to make your move you will have to rent a truck it is strongly recommended to have the route in mind to avoid any unpleasant surprises. Plan possible traffic conditions that could disrupt transportation. With these precautions, you will have an idea of ​​the transport time and this will reduce your stress.

Narrow and dangerous roads or streets are also to be avoided. Essential advice for the day of your move is to provide parking near your home. The space must be large enough to clear the truck’s belongings. Beware some places must be reserved in the town hall before.

Reserve the elevators

When you move into a building you have to make contact with the caretaker of it, indeed certain rules are to be respected during a move. Sometimes a courier is even needed to prove that you are moving well that day.

The easiest way to move into a building is when it has 2 elevators. This will allow you to block for your personal use. Do not hesitate to notify by leaving a message in their mailbox.

Measure the dimensions of your furniture.

Sometimes you do not consider the size of your furniture and when you put them in the elevator you realize that it does not pass. If the problem happens to you, you should dismantle everything to get them up the stairs. We advise you to do the disassembling when you are at home before the move rather than speed once down your new apartment. The possibility of using freight elevators is also possible.

On the stairs, be careful not to damage the walls and your furniture. Put some bubble wrap as a precaution in the corners of the furniture.

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SIAM Relocation - Best price moving company in Thailand !

Due to our attractive pricing, many customers trust our services and we thanks them. Stop to overpay the services and save money with our tailored package matching will all type of removals, from small volume to full house, let us find the best and cost-effective option.

Communication is important, that's why we strive to discuss through the most suitable way for you !

Moving specific items

How to move plants?

Plants are not the first thing you think about when you’re about to move. We think they will find a place in the truck or in the back of the car.

Take care of your plants, not to mishandle them.

First of all, it is good to remember that, unlike furniture or objects, plants are alive and therefore very fragile. They may be damaged very easily during transport or later on due to invisible injuries that you will discover after the move. But the evil is done, they will not survive.

If you own plants, it is wise to think about how you will move them. The transport phase must be as quick and painless for them as possible. And as the majority of the insurance offered by moving companies do not cover plant damage, it’s up to you to organize yourself and take the necessary precautions.

Note that if you move abroad, some carriers do not support plants or sometimes with certain restrictions. Talk to your movers to see what is happening.

Preparations before moving

To prevent your plants from decaying in the days following your installation, you must prepare well before the move. Start by putting large rigid boxes aside to protect them from shocks. Do not wait until the last moment because you may have difficulty finding “shoe to their feet”!

A few weeks before the move, cut, treat, and feed your plants so that they are on top of their health when the time comes. If you have inevitably brittle stone pots, repot your plants in plastic pots, it’s a lot less risky. Also take the time to check that your pots are cracked. A cracked pot is more likely to break during transport and thus damage the roots. Make sure the pots are not too big for the plant to prevent it from moving and getting damaged.

The day of the move

On D-Day (or the day before if you think you will not have enough time), make sure none of the plants are full of water. Then put them in the plastic boxes you have set aside. Cue them with a little bubble wrap or craft paper to hold them firmly. If you do not have enough boxes, wrap them in large rubbish bags, taking care that there is enough air to breathe.

Move the plants from the garden

If you have decided to “transplant” some small shrubs or plants from your garden, wait until the last moment to dislodge them. Ideally, arrange to do it on the day of the move. Start by digging up the plant making sure to keep a clump of soil around its roots. Then wrap it in a plastic bag after making sure the soil is not too dry. Make the package airtight by enclosing your plant, this will retain moisture.

If you do not want to leave a fallow garden to new owners, you can always choose the solution to take cuttings with you. Put them in a wet paper bag or cotton. This should protect them for a few days.

The days following the move

You do not need to replant your outdoor plants right away; you probably will not have time for that. You can just dig a quick hole in your new garden and put them inside. Cover their roots with old clothes if the weather is winter and give them some water. You can then “forget” them for a while until you have time to plant them properly.

Take the houseplants out of their boxes as soon as you can and put them in a quiet corner (a room where there is not too much traffic), while you put away your new home.

Last tip: keep an eye on your plants in the weeks following your move. Make sure the soil is not dry and give them a little attention every day.


How to move with animals?

Although you have already thought of many things for the welfare of the animal during the move, because of  instinct you need to redouble attention.

Consult your veterinarian before moving

Regardless of whether the move is by air or road, you will need to take the time to prepare, as you did when examining the movers.

You must first consult your veterinarian, especially for a move by air, indeed a health certificate will be requested by the airlines during the trip. In the same way for a trip by car it is better to consult the veterinarian because your future destination can present certain health risks proper to the regions as for the mosquitoes infected areas  for example. It is also recommended that your pet has a tattoo.

Follow some tips during the move

If you decide to keep your pet with you during the move, here are some tips to avoid incidents:

  • Ask your vet for a copy of her health record and keep it with you.
  • Avoid sedatives, especially if you are flying.
  • Put him a travel identification tag. This change will make your pet confused, he will have abnormal reactions, especially cats. So write down on this identification tag: the name of your pet, your name and full address, your phone number, and your new address.
  • Make sure to bring all the necessary things to your pet, as you will do for yours: water, food bowl, bedding, grooming equipment, medication … Also think about taking a small stock of the usual animal’s food, indeed you may not find it in your new city. A sudden change in food may cause digestive problems.

Be well informed if you move abroad.

If you are moving abroad, check the laws relating to the importation of animals into the country. Especially if you go to the United States, where the rules are very strict about animals (complete health record, possible quarantine, …), and which vary from one state to another.


How to manage the move of frozen foods?

At the time of the move, it would be better not to have any more frozen products because it is not advisable to refreeze products that have been previously removed from their place of conservation.

What to discard before moving?

Most products will not be able to travel with you. However, you can make bread that can be refrozen and some defrosted and cooked food, subject to precautions of hygiene and speed. To move them, it will be necessary to find a way to preserve all this until the destination: the insulated bags or the coolers can be a solution, provided to travel small distances over short durations. You can also opt for a good meal of departure.

Leave the food in the freezer during the move?

To avoid! During transport, it may drain water or moisture, which will damage your food but especially the rest of your property housed too close to the freezer. It is unlikely that the insurer will then understand and compensate you for the damage.

And the movers?

Attention, movers are likely to tell you that they are not supposed to take care of your fresh and frozen products. Indeed, even if they wished, they could not find a solution “hygienic” guaranteeing the preservation of your food.

Prefer to anticipate

See what you have left and set the menu for the weeks before the move to gradually empty your closets and freezer with good meals. By taking it in advance, you will have consumed your food before the big day and you will avoid any loss or waste.

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Due to our attractive pricing, many customers trust our services and we thanks them. Stop to overpay the services and save money with our tailored package matching will all type of removals, from small volume to full house, let us find the best and cost-effective option.

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Moving personal effects from/to Thailand

The removal of his personal belongings

We still fear not to find his belongings after his move … So, you think to keep them with you. But what is the best solution?

Take them with you

You can choose not to pack them with the rest of your belongings and keep them with you. At least you are sure to find them intact after the move. However, you need to be careful if it’s about valuables. You move out by car, so be careful to hide them, where you risk finding your broken car and stolen items. Be careful, especially if your trip involves a stopover, at the hotel for example.

Pack them like the rest of your stuff

If you choose to make a box for your personal belongings, avoid putting the list on the cardboard, especially if it is about valuables. If you decide to pack your electronics, take care to protect them, and report to the movers that it is a fragile carton. And most importantly, be sure to fill it completely, to avoid the risk of sagging when loaded.

Make an inventory

If you want to place your belongings with the rest of your business, you are strongly advised to make an inventory. Thus, you will know exactly what you entrust to the movers. For your valuables, you can also ask to insure certain items, separately from the rest.

Taking pictures is also useful. Take pictures of only one item at a time and from different angles if the features of the item warrant it.

Finally, for each object, note its characteristics in a notebook:

  • The model
  • The brand
  • The serial number
  • The general description
  • The date of purchase
  • The purchase price
  • The general value of the property
  • Distinctive marks


How To get perfectly ready for an LCL shipment

When we send a sending LCL (Less than Container Load) for maritime freight, the goods have to be carefully prepared. It is essential to guard the spirit of the differences when you prepare a sending LCL from a sending FCL (Full Container Load). More precisely, provided that the sending(parcel) LCL needs a division of container, you must give a test of more prudence.

The most frequent reason for hurts in the LCL nose of load is an insufficient packing. It is important to annotate that certain insurance companies do not supply coverage in this case. This to say, a suitable packing and the search the good material is almost a science in yes. This is not a risk that you should seize. The difference between the utilization of the best and more suitable material and the one that can be a bit too much big or small it is enormous.

If you are an exporter / frequent sender, you already should know the procedure of preparation of a sending LCL. Nevertheless, if you begin to plunge exactly in the world of the exports, is here advice: before beginning to look for rates of the expedition of containers, it is advised to know what to wait and how to prepare correctly a sending LCL.

This says, in this post, we try to clarify the fundamental question of: how can I prepare correctly a sending LCL?

This question is better distributed in several factors to assure the transport of the public safety of your shipment. This includes if your goods contain fragile goods and the total number of boxes. In all that we have these answers, we must reflect this on the packing and the labeling so clearly and precisely like possibly. Certain aspects that it is necessary to take in consideration understand:


  1. Labeling

Label clearly every box with the name of the sender, the name of the addressee, the country of destination, the name of the agent of traffic, and the number of reservations.

If it is possible, label these details for every side of the box. This guarantees visibility when the goods are palletized and accumulated in the container. As the container is consolidated your load can cross diverse stages of load and of unload.

  1. Boxes and packaging

Pack all your goods inboxes. Not neither in suitcases, nor in bags or another type of container. Certain companies sell boxes specially conceived by the export. If you send delicate goods, it is recommended to fulfill first the boxes by bubbles of plastic packing to protect your goods. In addition, every box must be sealed correctly. Guard to the spirit that the boxes can be sensitive to violent movements in the course of the trip in the sea.

  1. Labeling of fragile goods

If you send fragile goods, insure itself of labeling them clearly and visibly on every box that contains fragile goods.

As the enumeration of the boxes, you can indicate it on the label of the principal box. But we recommend to him to stick a special “FRAGILE” label on the box. Place it on four sides of the box to assure the visibility whereas his box can be displaced during the process of transport.

  1. Numeration

Label every box with a number that indicates the position in relation to the total number of boxes. For example, if) sending understands 30 boxes, you must label your boxes of the following way: box n° 1 of every 30, box n ° 2 of every 30, box  n° 3 of every 30, etc.

You can include this numeration on the principal label of the box or have written it separately.

  1. Uniform packing

Have your goods uniformly and uniformly. Avoid to have a section that it exceeds too highly or has an unbalanced weight. The prices of the expedition are calculated in accordance with the cubic volume of the goods. To have a not uniform distribution might increase your volume and provoke higher costs.

Further information about how to pack by yourself, check our dedicated article: Packing by myself

  1. Labeling of nonstackable pallets

As well as mentioned, you should palletizer correctly your shipment inside the container. It is not strange that palettes are accumulated some on others. Nevertheless, you do not want to provide that your shipment is accumulated, especially if it contains fragile goods. If you want to preserve your depilated palettes, you must inform about it, your agent of traffic at the moment of the reservation. Also we recommend to label it on the boxes – on four sides of every box.

  1. Self-palletizing

The palleting of the goods generally when the goods come to the store. ** If you prefer botching this part from the process of the expedition, ensure itself of using plastic palettes or the wood treated by fumigation. This prevents the risk that the customs authorities to your port of destination reject a shipment due to the breach of the regulation.

  1. Palletizing and shipping volume

To obtain a budget of expedition LCL, you must indicate the total volume of your goods.

In all that you calculated your volume of freight and a reservation happened with your agent of traffic, you should begin to think about the palleting of your goods. Contrary to a sending FCL where the goods can move freely in a container, the container LCL is shared. This means that everything must be perfectly and correctly palletized.

Take note of this with the importance because it might concern, your volume of shipment. The palleting increases a bit the volume, so if your estimation is too tight you run the risk of not bearing supplementary costs in mind. When you measure the volume of your sending(parcel), always it bears used palettes in mind.

Further information about our packing services, check our dedicated page: Packing services.

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Five unavoidable points before you load a container

Wondering of sending goods through ocean? You already must be having in mind the complexity of the operation. Some of the most important points are paperwork, preparing the packing list and must of all the customs clearance. But many of shipping companies fail in noticing the importance of the appropriate load of the container. This is crucially unavoidable. You might fill the papers well and firmly load your container with accuracy. But if there is a problem in the container, those other efforts can be thrown in the bean. The forwarders are responsible for the packing or unload the enclosure.

In the following part, we will detail and give you some advice unavoidable to have in mind when loading a container.


One assures that the weight of your load is distributed uniformly on the surface in the soil of your container. In case your weight of the shipment unequally is concentrated, insure itself of distributing the weight with the bed clothes in the soil of the container. A heavy container an extremity and light on other one it can provoke problems of weight if the weight is too much raised on an axis. This also returns the most difficult manipulation to the port and can be dangerous up to sometimes.

To take note not to exceed the useful maximum load of the container. Habitually, the brute maximum mass of a container is of 24 000 kg (52 900 lb) for a dry container of 20 feet and of 30 480 kg (67 200 lb) for a dry container of 40 feet.

You can find the capacity of weight of every container indicated on the door of right. But annotate that this limit of weight is raised generally much more than the limit than weight authorized on the way. This says, if you load a heavy container, insure itself of checking the regulations local.


In the time, there are many factors who intervene in the moment of the planning of a date and of an hour of load. Certain things that it is necessary to guard to the spirit understand the distance to the port. When a driver takes the container, can it do the time of load? Can it return to the port before it is closed? If the response is negative, prepare itself to pay supplementary expenses in order that the trucker could store the container during the night and for supplementary days of utilization of the frame and possibly even for the supplementary truck to the port.

Cargo packing

Almost all the hurts to the shipment in a full container ensue from an insufficient packing or from an incorrect arrangement. The rammer consists not of putting at least in it so many goods as possibly. It is important to distribute the weight correctly.

Certain factors that it is necessary to consider understand the weight, the height and the type of shipment. To indicative title, do not place the humid goods over the dry shipment, because you run I am in danger of ruining your dry shipment. In agreement with the theory of the gravity, do not also place objects weighed on a lighter shipment to avoid the crushing.

Calm your load with complete certainty packing your container so narrowly as possibly. If you use of the dunnage, all the materials of blockade, of fret and of packing must be treated in conformity with the regulations of the country of destination. You also can use girths to tie the shipment in site. Take note not to put direct pressure on the door of the container. If necessary, a fence uses or a barrier to avoid the pressure.

The packing and the load of the container can seem to be rather explicit. But many people do not understand the movement who can take place inside the container during the trip of a nose.


First, you have the stamp. It is the alone thing on which the people have false ideas and the diversions of number of stamps take place more than you thinks about it. The stamp is the responsibility of the senders. Though you could come often to a trucker or to a maritime company to supply the stamp, incumbe in last instance to the senders of assuring that the number of stamp is indicated correctly on ALL the applicable documents. These principally refer to the knowledge (B / L).

A number of sealed incorrect can cause problems with the customs to the destination. This, to your return, can provoke supplementary considerable expenses. Without forgetting the expenses of delay whereas you wait. A good idea is to assure him of writing the number of the stamp and possibly even of photographing it. Once finished, formless your agent of traffic of the number of the stamp and assure that appears correctly on it (B / L. In case the numbers do not correspond, put in I contact immediately your maritime company and it inform them about the situation.


When you choose FCL, the whole space of the container is recommended to use. This means of a corner other one and of a wall to other one. If you do not have enough shipment that it is necessary to cover, it fulfills the empty spaces with dunnage of fret.

As well as for the weight, you also want to distribute your goods uniformly. That is to say that you it should not make all accumulate your shipment up to height in the back half of the container and have distributed them in the soil in the half before.


International move – How to fill your truck?

Some people choose to move without the help of professionals. If this is your case you will have to arrange the arrangement of your business in the vehicle that you rented for the occasion, to have the most space possible.

Where to start … big furniture or cartons?

The loading priority depends on the person who will advise you, there are many ways to see things. Some movers have to put the largest furniture first in the truck so that they are certain to enter the truck. Some people think instead to put the boxes first to make a wall.

You can try both solutions but know that either solution will also depend on the size of your boxes. If all your cartons are of a relatively similar size, it is probably better to put the furniture first to optimize the space. Attention do not forget to attach the cartons to not drop all your load.

Distribute the weight of your load

You will also have to think about balancing the weights in the truck so that unloading is as easy as possible. The evenly distributed weight will allow you to drive the truck more easily. The best is to put the big boxes on the sides so as to have the most room to go to the bottom of the truck.

What to do with photo frames and mirrors?

Pay careful attention to anything that is photo frame that is extremely fragile and that can break easily during a move. Wrap them with bubble wrap or put them between 2 mattresses.

Disassemble the tables

Some furniture occupy a lot of space, the tables are part of it, it is necessary if it is possible to disassemble them and pack them into spare parts. Sometimes it is too difficult to disassemble or it is not even possible to do it, put it flat in the truck to optimize the space.

Put your sofas in an upright position

As for sofas it’s another problem, do not leave them horizontally in the truck but put them vertically. The ceiling in the moving trucks is always high enough to put them in this way.

Use your shelves

For the shelves there are also 2 possibilities, either you disassemble them or if it is not possible use them to store business in the drawers. But do not leave a business, unwrapped or not put in a box, placed on these shelves, you could find them scattered throughout the truck.

Use straps

There is always the possibility that your business will deteriorate during transportation despite the fact that your business is filling the entire truck. The best solution for this is to protect the cargo with straps during transport. It must be done as and when filling the truck.

The advice we give you is the methods our teams use. You will save time, space and therefore money.


Cartons boxes on international move : the guide

At the time of the move a question always arises. Will I be able to make all my house in my packing cartons?

1- Start very early

On trunk often with the time needed to pack his stuff, it can be much longer than expected. You will often find in the cellars the easiest objects to pack. Rooms are also a good way to start. But do not start the day of the car move in the rush it may be broken. Cartons will not be as well made and will be less resistant.

2- Remove “the light”

Review the business you have in your home and ask yourself if you need to be transported to your new home. The rule is simple, if there is no sentimental value get rid of what has not been used for one or two. The quote that will be provided by the mover depends on the weight and volume, so it is essential to sort to save money. Feel free to iron in all rooms at least 2 times in time between 2 passes. Use this method to limit the number of items to bring with us. First do not hesitate to put the objects aside to come back after.

3- Label relentlessly

One mistake that many people make is to just note on the cardboard its provenance, that is, the coin does not come the objects. You wrote all its content. This really makes things easier when you know each carton when moving. Do not use the term “divers” too much, you may not find yourself.

4- One piece after another

At the moment of taking action, we advise you to completely finish the packaging of one piece before moving on to the next. Without this method you will have cartons from several different parts and the organization will not be optimal once the time of the unloading arrives.

5- Small boxes in large boxes

Whoever says small objects, says little boxes, it will better protect objects. With all these little boxes, try to put them in larger cartons. Indeed, a large cardboard will be much less easy to lose than a small cardboard.

6- Keep the administrative documents with you

The administrative documents to keep must be with you for the move or entrusted to your family to limit the risk of loss.

7- The valuables

Some valuable items such as jewelery or artwork are not transportable by the movers. In this case you need to call in specialists.

8- The last carton

When you arrive in your new apartment or new house you need in priority some things like: bathroom linen, soap, toilet paper, sheets, coffee machine, cups, kitchen utensils, pens and notepad .. C For this reason, booking the last box for this type of business can make things easier for you. Indicate on this cardboard that it is the one to load last in the truck

9- Take inventory

Make a detailed list of everything that will be loaded into the moving truck. Indeed, ask someone from the family to check on arrival each object arriving in the house. Sometimes it happens that your things are out of the truck before being delivered, often during a move abroad. Note also possible cartons that may have been damaged during transport.

10- Invest in plastic storage

Objects that will go in the attic or garage prefer to put in plastic boxes rather than cartons boxes. Thanks to this trick you avoid to have other objects to unpack. Garbage bags (very strong) are also a good solution for storing stuffed animals or other soft objects. It’s more economical.

How to prepare your meal during your international move ?

When you move, you must have a meal, and you may have many mouths to feed what is more work that you want to avoid. In order to make you satisfied and to have the mind focused on the essentials we offer you some tips as follows:

The day before the move

To avoid having to take out your kitchen utensils on D-Day, prepare cold dishes the day before the move: terrines, tabbouleh, salads, chips, quiches, cheeses, fruits, vary the pleasures. Other items to add without fail on your shopping list: coffee and drinks, essential throughout the day.

To avoid having to take out your kitchen utensils on D-Day, first prepare cold dishes on the eve of the move: such as terrines, salads, quiches, cheese, fruit, chips or ink. tabbouleh. Also, be sure not to miss some coffees and drinks that will be useful during this operation.

The morning of the move

Bread will be useful for the morning but also for all other meals. A coffee at the beginning of the day or a sweet drink and toast or biscuits will allow you to be in good shape all day. The latter may be long, you will have to take some time to nibble and regain strength to hold until the evening.


You will obviously be very hungry and dream of a good dish in sauce and a dessert “greedy”. Unfortunately, it will be more advisable to opt for a buffet: it is convenient, fast and allows everyone to eat his fill. Another solution, the delivery of pizzas: place an order, wait about an hour, and it’s ready to eat.

Drinks for a successful move!

Water: Will allow you to stay hydrated all day, it is naturally the drink to be preferred during an effort, however its low energy contributions.

Coffee: Here is the ideal drink for energy so you do not run out of it all day, by providing enough thermos you will be good all day long.

Sweet drinks such as fruit juice or sodas will delight the greediest of you.

Alcoholic beverages: must be prohibited because of the effects provoked such as the tiredness or the effect of “legs cut”

Eating during the move: be efficient and practical

For your meal, be practical do not clutter the silverware, a simple tablecloth and disposable cutlery and paper towels will do the trick, you can then throw them directly in the trash bag. Bring aluminum or plastic wrapping to keep leftovers and take them to your new home. also think about watching your watch: we ring the bell and we go back!


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Tips for corporate move

Top 10 Corporate relocation tips

Corporate relocation can be challenging, regardless of the situation in which you are: a relocating professional, a department, a business moving an employee. While moving, you can encounter many difficulties such as, time, budget, regulations and local laws. But don’t worry, here are some tips to help you during the whole process which can be quite tiring. 

  1. Have a Plan

No corporate relocation will go smoothly, so have a fixed schedule. Be organized before the move date (at least one month in advance).

  1. Compare Relocation Companies

Beforehand, do some research about the relocation companies. Choose those proposing mixed services, with a good price, and of course a good reputation.

  1. Travel Documents

If the relocation involves international travel for your company’s employees, you should be sure that all travel documents are in hand. This includes passports, visas, and any other paperwork necessary to leave the host country and return home when the job is done.

  1. Ongoing Reporting

Moving organizers should ensure that managers and decision-makers are kept in the loop throughout the relocation via ongoing reporting.

  1. Relocation Assistance

If you’re a relocating professional, don’t hesitate to ask your employer for assistance. They can propose some relocating package to you, additional time off, funding for your move, assistance for housing, and more.

  1. New Employee Assistance

If you hire a new employee who is moving to the area of the company, it would be best to work with a partner who can offer you guidance services, management-related solutions, expense management, but also help your employee to be.

  1. Temporary Housing

If you are a traveling professional, or a business with employees who travel for business needs, accommodation and housing becomes a priority. Therefore it is in your best interest to work with a company that can give you temporary assistance or corporate housing for your staff.

  1. Document Management

Take advantage of your move to get rid of all unnecessary documents and files. Lighten up!

  1. Tax Deduction

For professionals who are traveling or moving, you can save some money thanks to the expenses related to the move that can be tax-deductible.

  1. International Relocation

In case you’re sending employees abroad, it will be better to work with a corporate relocation company with years of experience in international relocation.

Corporate relocation can be challenging, but with a good partner, this is something that will be easier.

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SIAM Relocation - Best price moving company in Thailand !

Due to our attractive pricing, many customers trust our services and we thanks them. Stop to overpay the services and save money with our tailored package matching will all type of removals, from small volume to full house, let us find the best and cost-effective option.

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Cleaning house during a move

Big cleaning before moving

When making your accommodation, when you rent, you must return it in a good condition, the one where you found it.


  • Do not leave anything in the refrigerator and clean inside as well as outside.
  • Defrost your freezer
  • The interior and exterior of your cabinets must be clean, do not forget the work plan.
  • Do not forget to pyrolyze your oven
  • Do not neglect the appearance of your appliances (microwave, dishwasher, etc …). Sponge on it.


  • The washbasin in the bathroom must be perfectly clean, as well as the shower and toilet. Do not hesitate to rub very strongly areas with visible tasks.
  • Dust must be made on all shelves


  •  The floors must be all clean, vacuum or sweep is essential
  • -Wash the mop on the tiled areas and remove the stains on your carpet.


  • There are some techniques to clean your walls. We advise you to take a soft glove or sponge with some laundry to remove any traces on the wall. A test is essential for a small area of ​​the wall to know if the paint will resist this treatment.
  • Remove anything that may have remained on the wall, nail, screw, hook, or paste to fix. You will have to cover the eventual hole left by these objects.
  • The windows must be cleaned as well as all the outlines.


  • It is necessary that all the bulbs of your home function and that it does not miss
  • Empty garbage cans
  • Don’t forget to take a photo of each piece, indeed it avoids disputes with the owner

cleaning house international move

Cleaning his new home

As if the packing cartons and the loading of the moving van have not already taken you too much time and energy! Now you have to tackle the leaching of your new home.

Moving in a new home

If you move into a house or apartment that has just been built or renovated, you may have thought that the cleaning session will not take much time. Think again! There is often a lot of “construction” dust and sometimes even unpleasant odors emanating from wall coverings (paint or wallpaper glue).

Start by wiping all high surfaces such as kitchen worktops, cabinet shelves, window sills … with a damp sponge or cloth. Be ready to repeat the operation several times, dust can come back after a first pass.

For possible odor problems, circulate the air as much as possible inside your home by opening the windows and doors or even if necessary by using fans.

Regarding the flooring, the procedure will depend on their characteristics: maintenance product for your tiles, foam or soap for your carpets and varnish or wax for your floors.

Moving in an old housing

If you are not bothered by the smell of fresh paint, the residue or stains left by the previous tenant or owner can make you feel bad and make you feel not really at home. The bathroom and the kitchen are particularly problematic. These two pieces are not always as impeccable in terms of hygiene as they should. Clean up everything you can before unpacking your things: what is done will not be done. For the most resistant residues, stay eco-friendly using baking soda.

If you inherit tasks on your carpet or inadvertently do it during your move, follow these tips:

  • Avoid letting the stain dry so that it does not become irremediably fixed,
  • Try to absorb or minimize the spilled product with a spoon, knife, sponge or cloth,
  • Do not rub the task especially thinking that it will disappear. On the contrary, you risk aggravating the damage,
  • Apply the stain remover recommended by the manufacturer with a clean white cloth,
  • Absorb the liquid by pressing until you do not see any marks on your cloth,
  • Dry without rubbing with another cloth.

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SIAM Relocation - Best price moving company in Thailand !

Due to our attractive pricing, many customers trust our services and we thanks them. Stop to overpay the services and save money with our tailored package matching will all type of removals, from small volume to full house, let us find the best and cost-effective option.

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From the moving quotation to the expatriation

Reread the bill of his mover

It is never very pleasant and yet you will have to adjust the bill according to the services provided by the moving company. To get as well prepared as possible, you will find some tips that will help you know what to expect!

Invoice removal: the information concerning you

On the invoice, you will be able to read your details as well as the references of the signed order or quote number written. The mover must also indicate the details and nature of the services and their location and amount. It may happen that there is over-billing on certain items so be careful Normally, the mover must have informed you of any overruns. If they were consistent, he surely made you sign additional quotes.

The indications concerning the mover

With regard to the moving company, the invoice must include the mandatory information, ie the identity of the company, its address, its registration number in the commercial register, its NAF or APE code, and finally its Siret number. This information is essential because it could be useful to you in case of recourse or litigation.

Moving: Unexpected amounts

If you find additional invoiced amounts, make sure to check their origin and if these amounts correspond to a real benefit. It can be insurance, parking authorization, or services included in the main estimate.

How to pay for a move

As a general rule, it should be known that the settlement of a move is made by the payment of a deposit upon signature of the estimate and the balance of the settlement immediately the move completed. These deposits generally represent 30% of the amount of the move. Their payment commits you to the choice of the mover and their amount is not usually returned to you in case you change your mind. You can then ask the company for a paid invoice and recover it after the payment.

You can give a financial reward to the movers if you feel that the service provided was up to your expectations.


Moving: costs to remember

To avoid crumbling under a mountain of bills to settle, the best thing to do is to anticipate your possible expenses by listing and evaluating their costs.
Do not forget to anticipate the expenses that will take place before, during and after your move, the costs are many, better not to forget!
Payment of the deposit to the mover
In practices found at the majority of movers, you will have to pay a deposit of 30%, this deposit is intended to formalize the collaboration and commitment between you and the company providing the service.


You have to pay the taxes of your old home the taxes for your old residence.
If your property tax payments are monthly, please contact the treasury accountant closest to your new place of residence with the details of the cash flow related to your old home for which you had taken out a monthly payment contract.
In case you are not paid, you will pay the taxes of your new home the taxes related to your new home.
To calculate the amount of taxes, you will need to contact the tax office in your new home.

The agency fees, and the amount of the deposit requested by your landlord

As part of a rental, the amount of the deposit represents 1 month of rent to which you will have to add the payment of the first rent.
Regarding the agency fees, they are calculated according to the surface of the housing sold, and in some cases, they represent 1 to 2 months of rent

The hidden costs of a move

  • Administrative costs related to the cancellation and reopening of telephone lines, electricity, Internet access provider …
  • The cost of the transfer of mail to your new place of residence
  • Purchases of new equipment related to a larger area, household appliances …


When is the right time for an international move?

Many things to think about, phone calls to make, big planning to manage: all the reasons that would make you regret having enjoyed improvising your move. A little anticipation and the choice of the right period for the D-Day, that is (almost) all it takes !

When to move?

The summer period remains the time of the year most popular for a move. Week starts and middles of the months too! To avoid these periods, do not organize your departure during the school holidays and even less in the months of July and August. During the week, please note that availability is higher.

The time to be expected before the big day of the move

In the so-called period of calculation, a reasonable month of time, because you obviously have a large number of formalities to perform, professional, administrative, or family. If you move in peak periods, it is longer.

The time of the quote

Plan in advance that you will be asked for quotes if you want to get an idea of the market price. Rather than make an estimate over the phone, you can meet a consultant who will set the conditions for your move.

And how much does a move cost?

The cost of your move depends on several criteria. Before making an estimate, the movers will first ask you some questions:

  • The distance between your arrival point and your starting point
  • The volume in m3 to move.
  • The chosen formula: economic (packaging, unpacking at your expense) or all-inclusive.

To change the region can represent a cost of 4,000 euros.

Save in connection with your moving date

During the high season, from mid-June to mid-September, the most requested period, prices are 30 to 40% higher than during the rest of the year. Using a less congested period, you can save between 20% and 25% and enjoy more flexibility in service.

How to choose your moving truck?

There are several criteria to consider before choosing your moving truck. Indeed, their dimensions are very variable and their conditions of use. Knowing the different solutions will save you time and money.

Which truck to choose?

The dimensions of the truck to rent varies in m3 and it is up to you to judge the necessary capacity for your furniture and your cartons. There are trucks of small capacity, 7 to 10 cbm, which is equivalent to a studio of about 30 m² or about sixty cartons. Large trucks range from 11 to 22 m² and can hold the equivalent of 80 cartons.

A move at what price?

Prices vary greatly depending on the rental company of the moving truck and the proposed vehicles. Most of them offer to make quotes online, this is the best way to make sure you get the best price. Be careful to specify the number of kilometers covered.

Moving services and more

Among the rental companies, some will offer you additional services: the help of movers, the driver of the truck, a place of storage, gas costs supported … This is not systematic but it is you can find the best option to save some money. Again, before choosing, consider asking for a quote. This will allow you to compare different offers.

To move without return?

All car rental companies do not offer it, but you may only be able to purchase a truck rental for the “outbound” journey of your move. In fact, you will not have to bring the truck back to the rental company or pay the cost of return. So save time and money.

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SIAM Relocation - Best price moving company in Thailand !

Due to our attractive pricing, many customers trust our services and we thanks them. Stop to overpay the services and save money with our tailored package matching will all type of removals, from small volume to full house, let us find the best and cost-effective option.

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Moving guide | From departure to arrival

How to sort items before the move?

You no longer need it, you will not have the place, you want to change … So many reasons that can push you to get rid of some of your furniture and personal effects Objects, clothing and furniture useless to move.

If you have objects or furniture to throw, it is not a question of giving up on the spot because they will not necessarily be appreciated by the future inhabitants and it is certainly not for them to get rid of it! So, either you offer them to some of your loved ones, or you think the poorest by taking the time to bring them to a charity (as Emmaus for example). You can also organize a sale type storage, you just need to inquire with your municipality for permits and terms. You also have the possibility to organize an auction. Your first step will be to use a notary. More information on the website of the Chambre des Notaires.

Built-in furniture: difficult to move. Most of the time, houses are sold or rented with built-in furniture. If you are a tenant, they do not appeal to you, so you have to give them back. If you are an owner, you are obviously free to go with them but they will certainly be difficult to pick up. In addition, you risk damaging them and making them unusable. Perhaps it would be better to propose to the future occupant of your home to buy them back. Make sure that you take care of the disconnections because the movers are not required to take care of them. As for bulbs or small luminaries, it is rare that they are transported to their new home.

Before your arrival

If you move into rented accommodation, you must check whether furniture or appliances are included or not. Leaving the premises, you will see what are the equipment already on-site and those to bring with you. If you change the lighting, be sure to keep the original fixtures and put them back in place when you leave the area. Check what you really care to keep, sentimental attachment can sometimes outweigh the utility!

Upon your arrival

As you move in, you risk falling on books, games, or other objects that are not yours; put them aside, and then return them to their owners.


How to prepare your home appliance for the move?

There are some things you need to do when you want to move your appliances. This is especially important for products that need water in their operation.

Actions before the move

You have to prepare for moving your home appliances by emptying all the contents of your refrigerator and defrosting the freezer. Do not forget to dry your products to avoid the smell after transport. To avoid the rush during the move take the time to clean up your products in advance. For white household appliances clean with bleach and prefer white vinegar for stainless steel products.

Anticipate disconnections

Do not forget to unplug all your electrical appliances because the movers are not required to do so. If you have a washing machine or a dishwasher make sure that they are completely dry before transport. You will need to remove the outlets and outlets. If you want to transport your oven empty the grids and the contents of the oven drawer, to have the method to follow use the instructions of your oven.

Secure your devices before moving

You may have older or older appliances that can be dangerous depending on their condition. To give you an example, in a washing machine the tub must be stabilized with sockets that you had to purchase. And so as not to lose any parts, but all the hoses in the machine. You must be informed about the transport precautions of each of your machines.

Loading in the moving truck

When loading your moving truck, first put appliances in. Indeed, their rectangular shapes will better optimize the space of the truck.

If damage there is … after the move

Often excluded from insurance coverage, electrical damage is possible. The only damages that are included, are the apparent damage when it is proven that they come from the moving operations.

Once the move is completed

It is often advisable to let your appliances sit at least 24 hours after transport. As you are told in the article above, electrical damage is not included in the insurance.

And the food then?

If you still have some food left in your old house you will not have the opportunity to transport them in the truck to your new home. With the remains of these foods it is better to have a meal during the moving day to thank your friends who help you and the movers.

moving electronic furnitures

How to move your small valuables?

If you are about to move, you need to ask yourself what you are going to do with your jewelry, paperwork or money. To avoid taking risks, follow these tips.

Inform taxes of change of address

  • Be careful when discussing the location of your valuables. Fewer people will know, the more the secret will be well kept.
  • List all your items. Take a picture of them, indicate on the back of each photo their value, and if possible staple the purchase invoice. Check that your items are well insured and that the insurance is still valid.
  • If you do not change your region, it would be ideal to deposit your items in the safe in a safe during the period of the move and recover them later.
  • For more cumbersome valuables such as paintings, it is better to give them to your friends or family during the move.
  • Never leave original documents under the responsibility of the movers. They could mislead them.
  • If you have a small safe, do not use it. Although it is very robust, it could be stolen or put away during the move and opened later.
  • If you decide to put less valuable items in packaging boxes, protect them against any risk of deterioration: high temperature, fire, prolonged contact with water and especially grinding due to the weight of another box.

And remember, the fewer things you have to move, the faster your installation will be. Take advantage of your move to sort and sell or “abandon” some items stored for a very long time in your cellar.


Tips – How to reassemble your furniture after an international move

Relocations are often long and exhausting, but this is only one step in the process of moving house. Then you have to put all your furniture back together. Some moving companies offer this service, but does it really interesting?

And if we talked a little about dismantling furniture

It may be that you yourself bear the costs of dismantling furniture that will reduce your bill to the mover. In the following article you will find some tips.

The smaller pieces of furniture do not have to be disassembled on when you can make them go through the door or that you can carry them easily.

If you have to dismantle the furniture, reassembly will be simpler if you indicate the respective positions of each element. A reconstruction plan can also be an idea. But during a move you must remove all the doors of your house or apartment, the furniture will pass better. When dismantling a piece of furniture you must start with the drawers otherwise you may end up with a pile of wood from this piece of furniture!

When your furniture is finally removed, do not forget to keep and group the screws in a small bag. One bag per piece of furniture is essential to not be mistaken and to reverse everything. Mix your screws and it’s certain that you end up with furniture impossible to mount!

In which situations entrusted the disassembly and reassembly of its furniture

If you move abroad the movers will not necessarily be the same at the beginning and the end. That’s why we advise you to put the furniture up yourself. Indeed, for the simplest furniture they will have no particular problems, but for the most “complicated” furniture, they will give up quickly and force things by breaking even some furniture.

If you have the same movers at the beginning and at the end of the moving process, you can very well entrust them with this task. The price of your move will be impacted but do not hesitate to request a quote for this service. It is also possible to request this service on only some furniture, the heaviest and most delicate. Moreover with the insurance of movers you are covered on the possible breakage of your furniture.

Some tips for reassembly

If you followed our previous advice then you must have a plan for reassembling your furniture. Consult it and get all the necessary material. Begin the reassembly by following the steps:

  • we start with the structure while remaining on the ground,
  • we insert the shelves always on the ground,
  • we put the furniture back up,
  • we reinstate the doors and drawers.

Finally, if you have a small handyman skill and a little time it will not be a problem, if it is not the case, entrust this task to the movers.


Disassemble your furniture before moving

When you make a quote estimate for your move you will be able to benefit for the optional dismantling and reassembly service. You can of course choose to do it yourself, in any case it will be necessary for you to know what to disassemble or not.

Disassembly post-move, ok but what?

All your furniture may not deserve to be dismantled and reassembled indefinitely, and would probably not support it. If some of your furniture can be moved safely, transport it as it is, without disassembling it; antique furniture, for example, does not support dismantling and reassembling.

Do you fancy yourself?

If you decide to dismantle some furniture yourself, consider preserving the screws, for example by storing them in a small bag that you attach or tap into a drawer. Look carefully at the way you do the disassembly keeping in mind that you will also have to put the same furniture together.

Space to predict?

If you are going to dismantle important pieces of furniture, first of all plan for a suitable place to move.

Weaknesses to indicate

If it is the movers who take care of the dismantling of your furniture, remember to indicate the weaknesses, collages, cracks that would have been formerly done. So, you will limit the extra damage. They are in principle obliged to indicate their weaknesses, but we must remain vigilant.


Carton boxes for your international move

You have to organize yourself to find everything when you’ll settle down. In order to not forget any object, make sure to organize yourself for the packing of your goods.

The material to be provided during a move

You will need boxes in quantity during your move. Be sure to pack them with strong and thick adhesive tapes. The use of bubble wrap, foam or corrugated cardboard will be required to pack your most fragile items. In order to find you in this mountain of boxes and cardboard uniforms, marker or labels will help you to identify the contents

Room after room during the move

Make it easier for you to move by numbering your boxes and indicating the room where the content comes from. By packing your stuff piece by piece, you will avoid mixing items from different pieces in one carton.

Marker in hand

You can also note the name of the room from which the object comes from in the box and add a description of what’s in this room. Annotate “Fragile” on each side of the box on each carton containing fragile items.

Inside the moving carton

Your cartons will be shaken during the move: to prevent the content to move too much, fill them compactly. Be careful, you have to be able to lift them: avoid putting heavy things on it, alternate with light objects or clothes, and especially make sure that the heavier objects are always at the bottom of your boxes.

Last-minute cards on the day of the move

Some things are still hanging around but you do not really know which boxes to put them in: keep a few empty boxes “holdall” to put the items that drag and those that you use every day. You will probably have to unpack them first when you arrive.


How to move dangerous products?

When you want to move dangerous products, it is important to know the rules of transport for each family of products. Indeed handling dangerous products is a delicate operation that requires very important safety rules.

What are the RDD?

RDD is grouped into four categories: corrosive, flammable, explosive, and toxic. Painting, batteries, gasoline, corrosive gardening products, glue, pool products for example.

Moving dangerous products during a move?

It is necessary to handle dangerous products with great care because they are in most cases dangerous for the environment. When transporting the perfect location is in the back in strong boxes. It is still necessary to pay attention to the fact that these products remain stable in the cartons. It is also obviously forbidden to smoke during their handling.

Special cases of gas and mercury

If you move a gas such as propane, your vehicle must be well maintained. Also be careful that the product is tight and held upright. If you carry mercury, it must be placed in a sealed and covered with water to prevent fumes.

When you have to move gases such as propane, the management of the vehicle must be irreproachable. If you carry mercury you must be ensured that the gas is in a tightly sealed package.

Management of dangerous products on arrival

They will have to be put in a new storage area. It is best to keep them in their original packaging and buy only what you need in order to not create an accumulation of these dangerous products. They should be kept in a cool, dry and ventilated place. The gases must be kept outdoors throughout the year.

How to get rid of these RDD before moving?

It is not necessary to let these products hang around because the municipalities have instructions to recover them. Town halls also often set up a recycling service for dangerous products, it is necessary to contact them in order to know the different modalities of the service.

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