Expatriation guide

International move of frozen foods

How to manage the move of frozen foods ? At the time of the move, it would be better not to have any more frozen products because it is not advisable to refreeze products that have been previously removed from their place of conservation. What to discard before moving? Most products will not be able to travel with you. However, you can take bread that can be refrozen and some defrosted and cooked food, subject to precautions of hygiene and speed. To move

After your international move

Refocus on your home You are separated from your spouse, you are experiencing financial problems or you have lost a loved one, so many reasons you do not like to move. It is reluctantly, but this is not the time to falter and you must look to the future by trying to accept what you are forced. A beautiful nest, brand new after your move Since you have to rebuild a new environment, as much as it looks like you. Ask me for

International move – Animals

Moving with animals Although you have already thought of many things for the welfare of the animal during the move, because of  instinct you need to redouble attention. Consult your veterinarian before moving Regardless of whether the move is by air or road, you will need to take the time to prepare, as you did when examining the movers. You must first consult your veterinarian, especially for a move by air, indeed a health certificate will be requested by the airlines during the trip.

Déménagement et colocation

Déménager dans une colocation Choisir sans réfléchir la première colocation que vous voyez n’est pas la bonne solution. Il vaut mieux, même si vous êtes pressé, prendre votre temps afin que vous puissiez profiter d’un logement qui correspond à vos critères.” Qui choisir pour sa colocation Le choix de vivre avec une personne qui vous est proche n’en est pas forcément un bon. Il vous faut réfléchir à comment vous pourriez cohabiter afin d’éviter d’abîmer votre relation. Il est parfois plus judicieux de

International Move – Factors to consider

What factors to consider when moving? You have made the choice to move. Are you still hesitating? We will try to help you make the right decision and make a real success of your move. There are many types of moves and they are not experienced in the same way. If you move to a new home near your previous place of residence then things are usually relatively simple. Aside from a problem with the moving company you’ve been using or a disappointment

Moving at the right time

When is the right time for an international move ? Many things to think about, phone calls to make, big planning to manage: all the reasons that would make you regret having enjoyed improvising your move. A little anticipation and the choice of the right period for the D-Day, that is (almost) all it takes ! When to move ? The summer period remains the time of the year most popular for a move. Week starts and middles of the months too! To

Choosing your moving insurance

How to choose your moving insurance We often hear the expression prevention is better than cure but it is just as true during a move. The declaration of value to be made before any move. The statement of value to be completed at the time of establishing the contact with the supplier, this represents an estimate of the value of your property. This procedure is required. Once the document has been signed, the flyer assumes responsibility and compensation for any damage to your

Stay positive during an international move

How to stay positive during an international move ? Moving is always an important and stressful step in a life. It can be very tiring. Sometimes it happens that when you move your life changes completely. New environment new friends etc … Despite the fact that you have chosen to leave your old home you will surely encounter periods of stress. This may cause you to question the real reasons for the move. A study conducted by psychologists even shows that moving

International move with children

Facilitate the removal of children Relocations are sometimes painful times for children. We will in this article give some tips to ease the misfortune of your children. Organizer a departure party A last party with all their friends at the same time. With this party your children will be able to say goodbye to their friends and the people they left in their old city. Avoid organizing this party at the last moment so that it takes place in a good atmosphere rather

Moving to a big city

Having an international move in a big city like Bangkok When you go to a house in town it is not always easy to transport all your belongings. We must therefore have a minimum of organization so that everything takes place for the better. Make the trip in advance When you ask a mover to make your move you will have to rent a truck it is strongly recommended to have the route in mind to avoid any unpleasant surprises. Plan possible traffic