Moving tips

Moving with children

Your child refuses to move Having reached the majority, your child does not want to follow you. This saddens you, but you respect his choice, your goal is to help him accept this change despite your own move. Understand his decision to not move This is called an unforeseen, neither you nor your child planned this separation. Being at the initiative of this move, and your child being of age, it is difficult for you to force him, himself being at the very

Pain and international move

How to avoid a painful move ? Top athlete or novice in efforts? The fight will be the same: moving is to be considered as a sports activity if you want to avoid aches and other physical problems. This includes warm-ups and stretches. Before the move …warm-ups! Some parts of your body are to be pampered if you do not want to hurt yourself! Start by warming up. Wake your neck, then move on to your arms, move your fingers, wrists, elbows to

Post moving damage

How to avoid damage during your move ? If furniture, objects, appliances are damaged after your move, you may in some cases get compensation. This is not guaranteed, and it depends on the contracts you have taken out. Common parts of the building, furniture, private property, losses, know that you are not systematically protected. Choose your mover well It is possible that your home multi-risk policy covers the damage in case of moving. If this is not the case, when the moving company sends

Additional cost international move

Moving: the costs to remember To avoid crumbling under a mountain of bills to settle, the best thing to do is to anticipate your possible expenses by listing and evaluating their costs.
Do not forget to anticipate the expenses that will take place before, during and after your move, the costs are many, better not to forget!
Payment of the deposit to the mover
In practices found at the majority of movers, you will have to pay a deposit of 30%, this deposit is

Read well the quotation from the mover

Reread the bill of his mover It is never very pleasant and yet you will have to adjust the bill according to the services provided by the moving company. To get as well prepared as possible, you will find some tips that will help you know what to expect! Invoice removal: the information concerning you On the invoice, you will be able to read your details as well as the references of the signed order or quote number written. The mover must also

Help on International move

Who to call to help you move D-Day approaches, and all your friends are parading one after the other … But do not panic, many solutions exist to save the day! Paid solutions are available to you, from professional movers looking for secondary jobs to everyday workers. If you move in the summer, hurry because these people are not available. If you move in the winter, do not be afraid to negotiate published rates. Moving help companies Believe it or not, more and more

International move & Temporary housing

Moving and temporary housing It is always difficult to live a move when your family does not accompany you from the beginning. A key question is: where will I live for these two, three, four months before my family arrives? Living with the inhabitant You have a soul of adventurer, and like to be in contact with others? This solution is for you. It has, in addition, the advantage of being cheap. Sleeping at homestay will also allow you to collect good addresses and

Moving tools

The different tools at your disposal for your move There are some tools that you will need to prepare for your move and thus ensure smooth transportation, installation and packaging. Tools for packaging First and foremost you will need to obtain packaging cartons by first choosing the necessary dimensions. Then, it is essential to acquire adhesive in order to be able to close them properly. You will also need to bring bubble wrap or old cloth or towels that will serve to keep

Self storage and international move

Storing furniture during a move It may be that for some people during their move, they do not take all their furniture. This can be explained by the fact that maybe your apartment is smaller than the previous one. If you do not want to take your surplus to the landfill, here are some tips for storing your belongings. The Garage or the cellar? This is one of the most economical options but it is not feasible for everyone. The place in your

International and Ecologic move

How to make an ecologic move ? If you want to move with the least possible impact on the environment, you will need advices to respect your philosophy during your move. You will have to organize this move according to the rules of 3RV. Reduce waste before moving You need to minimize your waste by calculating your cardboard needs so you do not buy too much. Use bags or suitcases that you already have. You will have to limit as much as possible the