Expatriation guide

Guide to expat job in Thailand

Siam-Relocation Useful Guide to Expats Job in Siam Nation Thailand is such a nice place to live that naturally there are many people who do not want to wait until they retire to move here. However, the labor market is not completely open to foreigners. Working in Thailand legally as an expatriate needs a work permit, correct visas, and the Thai government placed restrictions on the types of jobs available to foreigners. Well, when you look for lists of jobs,

International schools in Thailand

International schools in Thailand – How register your child ? PLEASE NOTE: WE DO NOT SUPPLY THESE SERVICES, THESE COMMENTS ARE INFORMATIVE Settle down in Thailand with children means that you go to have to find them a school. The first decision which you have to take is to know which type of school to put them. You can choose between private schools with a bilingual or English program (let us call these “bilingual schools”), either you could choose a real international

Why working in Thailand ?

Why working in Thailand could be the best decision of your life ? In the past, people choose more and more the way of the independent work. Thanks to the power of the Internet. More and more Web developers, programmers and graphic designers choose to move completely and to make a new house in their dream location. For many, the Thailand, with its hot climate, its white sand beaches and its relaxed culture, is a paradisiac house. Here is some of

Thai culture for beginners

Ultimate Guide to Thai Culture One of the main things you should do before moving to Thailand is learning a little bit about Thai culture, learn about the behaviors. Many aspects of life might be deferent from what you used to know. Taking a step to learn more about their culture can help you make the transition smoother. Three main reasons to learn about the culture are: to avoid offending people, be able to make friends easier, be able to understand more easily what you see

Visa in Thailand

How to get a visa in Thailand ? Thailand is one of your favorite destinations. You have planned a stay? or maybe even live there? The question of the visa is then one of your concern … We will help you to understand which will be most adapted to your situation. We represent siamrelocation.com, a company established in the international moving and specialized on Thailand. We offer a dedicated and personalized service to each of our clients. We work with only mindset

Expatriate to Thailand

Expatriation in Thailand: 10 key steps To expatriate is not easy. An expatriation requires many steps to perform and you should not forget anything, at the risk of biting your fingers! Be careful of the lack of organization. In the case of some expatriates, it is the company that hires them that takes care of most of the formalities. In other cases, it will be up to the protagonist to take care of it. Here are some steps to linger on,

Flatsharing in Thailand

How to find a roommate on Bangkok? Decided to embark on the adventure Bangkokoise to study, your internship or to work? You want to find a roommate, to save money, not to be alone or to meet more easily, but you ask yourself a lot of questions? This is good, because today it is on the roommate that we will focus, giving you some tips and precautions to take to find your Grail. If colocation is a common way of life in

Moving abroad

Moving abroad with Siam Relocation It is going to be about crossing borders, being in an unknown country, changing habits. In order not to feel completely lost once on the spot, a good preparation is essential, and it would be better also to recover a maximum of practical information on your future country. Move with a help from work Assistance and compensation can be provided by your current or future employer if you move for work. To find out more, do some research about

Moving with trouble teenagers

Teenage crisis and moving There is a good chance that your teenager is going through relatively painful times, from the announcement of departure to integration and the newfound stability. All along, you will need to find ways to motivate him and help him leave his environment and reinvest in a new environment with new relationships. The announcement of the move Do not expect your teenager to understand and react with enthusiasm: he will show you his discontent, and will isolate himself. Choose the right

Moving your car

International move and car One of the solutions that comes naturally to you is to sell your car and buy another one in your new city. But fortunately this radical solution is not the only one possible and movers can take care of your car if you want to keep it: Option # 1: move your car by train. This service is not always very economical but the we offer the service “auto-train”, here is its method of operation: 1- You drop your car,